Ni No Kuni is being made into a movie

The JRPG series Ni No Kuni is being made into an animated movie by Level-5, and will release in Japan this summer. It's being directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, who as well as working on both Ni No Kuni games has directed several shorts and commercials for Studio Ghibli. Composer Joe Hisaishi is another familiar name for Ghibli fans, having scored movies including Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. It will apparently tell a new story in the Ni No Kuni setting, about a boy named Yu (voiced by Kento

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Huawei says it’ll show off a foldable 5G phone at MWC 2019

Huawei has confirmed that it will show off the world's first 5G smartphone with a foldable screen at MWC 2019 at the end of February. This isn't the first time we've heard about Huawei's foldable phone plans, as rumors first surfaced back in July 2018, with suggestions that it will also be a 5G device revealed in October 2018. However, this is the first time we've had official confirmation from the China-based manufacturer that it will show off the 5G foldable phone, and there's not long to wait

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Here’s all the Overwatch Lunar New Year skins

Ring in the Year of the Pig!Overwatch’s Lunar New Year festivities start now.🎆 🏮 https://t.co/8dHWTDqH6N pic.twitter.com/Y0FUPCBqM9January 24, 2019Overwatch's seasonal Lunar New Year event is officially underway. This year we're celebrating Year of the Pig, and the in-game event brings with it eight new skins: six legendaries and two epics, for the likes of Reinhardt, Brigitte, Tracer, and more. As in years past, the Lunar New Year skins lean heavily on Chinese history, folklore, and mythology.

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The history behind the 2019 Overwatch Lunar New Year skins

At the beginning of the story, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu (Reinhardt’s 2019 Lunar New Year skin) pledge to become sworn brothers. But before he went back to them, he did one last bloody favor for Cao Cao: decapitating and delivering the head of his enemy. Impressed by this and Guan Yu’s unwavering loyalty to his friends, Cao Cao let him go. Guan Yu continues to be revered today in Buddhist and Taoist cultures, honored for his bravery and loyalty. Along with these skins, last year’s Lunar New Year ski

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Overwatch Reveals Year of the Pig Skins for Torbjorn and Reinhardt

The latest skins revealed for the Year of the Pig Lunar New Year event are for Torbjorn and Reinhardt. Overwatch Lunar New Year begins January 24. pic.twitter.com/QzGshNCW33 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) January 22, 2019Similarly, Reinhardt’s Guan Yu skin also makes the character look much younger than usual. Share your wisdom on Capture the Flag traditions as GUAN YU REINHARDT. Overwatch Lunar New Year begins January 24. pic.twitter.com/cHdGpq5sex — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) January 21, 2019Zha

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Huawei 5G folding phone could take on the Samsung Galaxy X in 2019

First rumored back in July, Huawei has taken its first public step towards its foldable phone future, with company CEO Richard Yu confirming development of a bendy handset at its Mate 20 launch event this week, as reported by Digital Trends. "We are working on foldable phones,” Yu stated to select international media attending the event. "Foldable 5G phones.”Huawei has spoken about the potential of foldable handsets and its plans for 5G phones in the past, however, this is first time the Chinese

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Total War: Three Kingdoms release date announced

Total War: Three Kingdoms has a release date: March 7 2019. Preorders are up, and they come with the Yellow Turban Rebellion pack. The collector's edition comes with, ah yes, a "weighty resin statue of the legendary hero Guan Yu". Meanwhile the limited edition comes with the limited edition case, double-sided map and the Warlord poster. The Yellow Turban rebellion pack that comes with pre-orders unlocks three playable warlords for the grand campaign.

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Jump Force adds four more characters, gets early 2019 release date

Bandai Namco has announced that four new playable characters have been added to the Jump Force roster, as well as four original story characters, created by Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama. The four new characters, shown in the video above, are Killua and Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter, and Yusuke and Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho. The story characters, created specifically for Jump Force by Akira Toriyama, cover multiple roles and are showcased in the video below. A season pass for the game will releas

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Huawei Watch 3 is in the works, but the company wants to improve AI first

Huawei has been relatively quiet in the wearables space in 2018, and while it did announce the Huawei Watch 2 2018 edition for the Chinese market earlier this year we've yet to learn about the Huawei Watch 3. At a briefing during IFA 2018, Yu said "We want to make bigger improvements and make the experience much better than today. We want to make the smartwatch more useful, more intimate, more functional, and with much longer battery life." Yu also said he hopes that one day the company will be

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Huawei P30 confirmed by CEO

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu has name checked the Huawei P30 during an interview at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. When quizzed in a group interview about Huawei's recent impressive sales performance, Yu gave a lengthy response where he said "Mate 20 will be even better [than the P20 Pro]… and next year the P30 will be even better." Huawei's next major launch will be the Mate 20 in the next couple of months, with the Huawei P30 not expected to arrive until February 2019 at the earliest - and thanks to Y

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