How to use an Xbox One controller on PC

So with that being said, just how do you connect your Xbox One controller to your PC? And if you need it, here is our guide to the best gaming PC options in 2018. If you’re using Xbox Chat Headsets, the number of pads you can connect drops to four. If you’re using Xbox Stereo headsets, you can only connect two pads at any one time. Windows 10 will allow you to hook up eight wireless controllers, dropping to four if you’re using Xbox Chat Headsets, and just two if you have Xbox Stereo Headsets pl

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A defense of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s tired faces and cat-squid loverboys

My Mass Effect: Andromeda save file stared back at me. Mass Effect: Andromeda was set to be a soft reboot for the series after the original trilogy wrapped in 2012. All the foundations from previous Mass Effects are there, plus some new wrinkles to keep players engaged. And Mass Effect: Andromeda has both of those in spades. We've got several guides to help you out, including where to find the missing Arks, a loyalty missions walkthrough, and a collection of all the Mass Effect: Andromeda glyph

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F1 2018 review: a wonderful recreation of what we see on TV every weekend

Last year's F1 2017 was arguably the best F1 game Codemasters had ever made, and a strong contender for best F1 console game of all time. Spoiler alert: F1 2018 is a racing game. Thankfully, F1 2018 delivers on that front with a driving experience that balances hardcore simulation with pick-up-and-play accessibility. It all contributes to perhaps the most realistic-looking F1 game we've ever seen - some of the preview screens genuinely looked like stills from TV broadcasts. By contrast, F1 2018

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Surveillance state thriller Orwell is free until Saturday on the Humble Store

Orwell is a game about life in a surveillance state, where people are tracked through digital footprints analyzed by massive computer networks and a handful of human analysts—you know, like today. Getting to the point of all this, it's also free for the next couple of days on the Humble Store. Just hit the Orwell store page, click the "add to cart" button, and then rock the "checkout" button, unless you want to do some more shopping before you wrap up. Either way, once you've finished up you'll

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Indie Megabooth’s 20-minute highlight reel helps you pick your next obsession

The Indie Megabooth has grown to become a fixture at the annual PAX conventions all around the United States. But no single Megabooth is quite as mega as the one that gets thrown up at PAX West in Seattle, Washington, each year. Today, the Indie Megabooth crew released a massive, nearly 20-minute-long trailer including clips from every title, including participants in the tabletop category. Whether you’re headed to the convention or not, it’s an excellent sampling of the latest efforts by indie

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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project’s solo mode features more than 100 diabolical puzzles

Hearthstone mission designer Giovanni Scarpati sat down for a new fireside chat today to talk about the Puzzle Labs, a series of singleplayer challenges coming to the game's latest expansion, The Boomsday Project. If you're able to finish them all, you'll earn a one-on-one with Dr. Boom himself, in particularly challenging puzzles across all four categories. card back—and of course the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from a job well done. The Puzzle Labs goes live on August

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This is just too WTF to ignore: Marvel is hiring a butt double for Avengers 4

A recent casting call shows they’re looking for a body and butt double. They want someone to (possibly, judging by the listing) be a stand-in for Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson – with an emphasis on their backside. It sure sounds like a Black Widow double to me. Her turn in Avengers: Infinity War was pretty low-key compared to some of the other MCU heroes. Here's everything to do with the Avengers: Infinity War ending (and 9 other questions we have).

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Google Coach may be an AI assistant to help you get fit with your Wear OS watch

Google Fit doesn't seem to be working well enough for Google's liking in Wear OS watches, so the company is rumored to be working on an updated assistant for fitness that comes with AI inside. A new leak from sources speaking to Android Police claims the updated version will may be called Google Coach - that name could change before launch - and it's set to leverage the company's AI capabilities into advice for individual users. For example, Google Coach will be able to take your previous fitnes

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This Patriot Memory Rage 2 128GB flash drive is just $36 for today only

If you're looking to replace a few older USB drives, or to make a dedicated Windows/Linux install drive, this is the deal for you. The 128GB Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage 2 is just $35.99 on Newegg right now, a drop of ~$5 from the usual price. According to our Best flash drive guide, it achieved a read rate of 373.6 MB/s and writes of 151.8 MB/s. This is a Newegg 'Shell shocker' deal, so it's only live for today. You can buy the Supersonic Rage 2 from Newegg.

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Steam users are being hunted by Monster Hunter: World notifications

The PC port of Monster Hunter: World has a few quirks. But one of the game's strangest habits still remains: Steam won't stop telling players their friends are playing Monster Hunter. While you're playing Monster Hunter: World, Steam constantly sends out notifications to your friends which are usually reserved for when you start playing a game. If you're playing Monster Hunter: World yourself, the notification spam can cover the item wheel in the corner of the screen. But clearly people are: the

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