GOG updates its pool of mystery games for their Piñata Madness sale

This weekend, over on GOG, the DRM-free digital games retailer is having a different kind of sale called Piñata Madness. However, in the interest of increasing your odds, GOG has added some new games to the stockpile of 100+ mystery games. If you don't feel like taking a chance, there are other games on sale this weekend as well including Darkest Dungeon, Shadow Warrior 2, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. These games are, however, a little bit more expensive, but at least you'll know what you're gettin

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Your mom’s favorite soccer player David Beckham stars in PES 2018

PES, the soccer game also known as "not FIFA, the other one" has signed up some star power for PES 2018. David Beckham, husband to Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer and father to a brood of Instagram stars, has joined the roster. Fans will get to experience five "eras" of Beckham, from his start in the UK to his appearances in Spain, Italy, and the USA. If you're not a soccer fan, just know that Beckham is as big a celebrity as the sport gets. PES 2018 will be released on September 12 for PS4,

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s launch trailer is full of explosions, treasure, and drama

Just a few days left until the standalone Uncharted 4 spin-off, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy can discover the untapped paradise of your PS4 hard drive. To celebrate the game's impending launch, Sony and Naughty Dog have released one final trailer - and it's got all the beautiful locales, deadly traps, exciting set pieces, and expertly-crafted drama you've come to expect from the series. There’s a depth there that just hasn’t existed before, both for the heroines and other characters including new

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Best gear for back to school 2017

"Back to school" might sound like a daunting prospect, but one bonus is that you get to take advantage of Back to School sales. Webcam: Logitech C920The Logitech C920 webcam has been the best in its class for a long time now. For the price, it’s the best quality you can get, and it has a nice flexible camera head too. Keyboard: Das Keyboard 4 ProfessionalBack to school probably means back to typing for a lot of people, and a good keyboard will make all the difference if you’re going to be writin

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Save on system memory for desktops and laptops with these deals

No, 640K of memory is nowhere near enough, at least for a modern gaming PC. If you're short on system memory and want to give your gaming rig an upgrade, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here are the ones that are marked down as part of Newegg's Gold Tag sale:Those are for the desktop and are all DDR4 memory kits. Newegg is also selling a couple of discounted SO-DIMM DDR3 (not DDR4) memory kits for laptops and certain small form factor systems. They include:All of these deals are valid

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Survey finds vast majority of Americans are clueless about net neutrality

(Image: © Flickr via Arbeitskreis Vorratsdaten)The Federal Communications Commission is on the verge of tearing down net neutrality rules that were put in place by the previous administration. However the biggest reason net neutrality rules are in danger might be due to a lack of understanding of what exactly net neutrality is. Given the extensive media coverage, most people have probably heard of net neutrality, even if they don't know what it is. And according to a new survey, the majority of

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Save on the entire Dawn of War franchise this weekend

The Dawn of War series of Warhammer 40,000 games has been popular for many years now, and right now is the perfect time to jump in if you've been holding off. Over on the Humble Store you can save money on the entire Dawn of War franchise this weekend. If you're just looking for the more recent game, there's a 25 percent discount on Dawn of War III. Or, if you're looking for a massive chunk of the old stuff, the Dawn of War Franchise Pack includes the first two base games and a ton of DLC, and y

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The LG G6 is cheap (and free) at some US carriers

If you live in the US, it’s now more affordable than ever to pick up LG’s latest flagship, the LG G6. At Sprint, you can snag the LG G6 for just $20 per month (down from $29), which takes the final cost for the nearly bezel-free smartphone down to $480. Check out that deal at Sprint right hereIf you’re with T-Mobile, opting for the G6 costs roughly the same. Buying an LG G6 or the LG V20 through the magenta carrier will net you the opportunity to earn an additional G6 or V20 for free after rebat

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Aarrr wgh ggwaaah! That’s Wookiee speak for “check out this set pic of the Han Solo movie”

Ron Howard sure likes his behind-the-scenes pics. Since he was signed on as the replacement director for the (still untitled) Han Solo movie, he's tweeted out everything from what is definitely, maybe Lando's wardrobe to water bottles and street signs. Are those… Disney Infinity figures of Han and Chewie on Howard's desk? Oh suuuure, Disney, go ahead and cancel those wonderful figures for the rest of us and keep 'em all for yourself. You're a real lucky duck, Ron Howard.

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[Watch] Kingdom Come: Deliverance releases new story-driven trailer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the open world RPG that completely eliminates fantastical elements from the equation, has released an all-new story trailer in preparation for Gamescom 2017. Here's the trailer:Kingdom Come: Deliverance will feature one of the deepest melee combat systems ever created. Players can attack (and be attacked) in up to 30 different places with three different types of damage, each specializing in attacking different types of armor. If you're interested in checking out more

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