PC gaming in China: Everything you need to know about the world’s biggest PC games industry

China's PC games industry is the largest in the world. The entire US games industry, including PC, mobile, and console games, generated only $30.4 billion in revenue in 2018—China's PC gaming scene alone is equal to about half of that. For whatever reason, PC games were omitted from that ban, so gamers had no choice but to play games on PCs. Over 1,000 new games have been approved by the SAPP since December, 2018, and China's PC games industry is projected to bounce back and keep on growing. Bec

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Ubisoft isn’t planning to go back to smaller games

Even as open worlds become ever more common, Ubisoft remains the publisher most closely related to the genre. Syndicate, the last single-city Assassin's Creed, clocked in at around 30, or half that if you just did the story. Technically, yes, there are story arcs in Odyssey that are roughly the size of other games, but they're not complete, standalone experiences. But it's not just the size of the maps that makes Ubisoft's more recent games such intimidating time sinks—it's their density. If you

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Report: The Witcher could arrive in December, according to deleted Netflix post

The Witcher, a new Netflix streaming television series, could arrive on Dec. 17. The date was posted, and promptly deleted, by the official Netflix Netherlands account, but not before being spotted by the team at Redanian Intelligence. Netflix’s series will be an adaptation of the original Andrzej Sapkowski novels that formed the basis for CD Projekt’s long-running video game series. According to early reports, much of the narrative in the program will be based on The Last Wish, the first series

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Cube World’s developer opens up about the voxel-based RPG’s long silence

Yesterday, Cube World developer Wolfram von Funck announced that the voxel-based action RPG would be launching on Steam after almost a half-decade of silence. Since the announcement, von Funck has published a personal post on the old Cube World development blog explaining the reason behind his silence since mid-2014. “As some of you might remember, we got DDoS'ed as soon as we opened the shop,” von Funck explains. I never told anyone about it, and I don't want to go into the details, but I'm dea

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World’s largest hard drive coming “within months”

Western Digital looks set to be first hard disk manufacturer to hit the 20TB barrier later this year with the release of the new Ultrastar DC HD650 hard disk drive within the next few months. The HD650 is likely to pack at least 256MB of cache, if not more. The news comes almost four years after WD's subsidiary (HGST) unveiled the first 10TB drive . Western Digital has yet to confirm pricing and whether these drives will be available in the channel. With the fourth quarter of the year well under

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42% Off The World’s End + Hot Fuzz + Shaun of the Dead Trilogy 4K Ultra HD Set

Amazon has heavily discounted The World’s End + Hot Fuzz + Shaun of the Dead Trilogy 4K Ultra HD Set. The bundle, which also comes with the Blu-Ray And Digital versions of all three movies, are currently on sale at 42 percent off. If you are interested, you can check out the discounts with the following links:The World’s End + Hot Fuzz + Shaun of the Dead Trilogy 4K Ultra HD Set is coming out on Sept. 10, 2019, in the U.S. region. Share This:Disclosure: The content in this post may contain affil

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The Outer Worlds has a ‘yes-man’ and her name is ADA

At PAX West last weekend, three writers from Obsidian Entertainment sat down on a panel to discuss how they brought the characters of the upcoming The Outer Worlds to life. In The Outer Worlds, you'll hop around planets on a ship inauspiciously called The Unreliable with the help of an AI called the Autonomous Digital Astrogator, or ADA for short. Over the course of The Outer Worlds, ADA continues with that goal, adjusting elements of her personality while interacting with you, the protagonist.

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Bitdefender is offering 60% off the world’s best antivirus software

We have scrutinised, reviewed and tested all antivirus software out there and Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is our all-round top choice. Bitdefender's 3 top antivirus agents at your service:Check out our best antivirus guide to see Bitdefender's biggest competitionWhy is Bitdefender the best antivirus? Anonymity: All of its antivirus software seeks to ensure you remain anonymous online, also offering file encryption, firewall and anti-spam perks. Affordable: Despite its lofty position in our b

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Follow-up to surreal jazz adventure The Norwood Suite in development

It’s a delightfully surreal space, full of mystery and surprise." The Norwood Suite's creator Cosmo D is currently working on a follow-up called Tales from Off-Peak City. Another first-person adventure set in the same world as The Norwood Suite and Cosmo's previous game Off-Peak, this one's about a pizzeria in Off-Peak City run by an ex-saxophone player whose instrument you covet. "Your pursuit will set off a chain of events across the neighborhood, taking you deep into the hidden worlds and pri

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The Outer Worlds’ new teaser guarantees* homes and jobs for the off-work colony, Halcyon

Just as PAX West was coming to a close, Obsidian dropped a new propaganda-flavoured teaser for its upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds . Between the lies and propaganda, however, you can also get a peek at some of The Outer Worlds' colourful environments, the people that , and the wildlife that roams the land, too. Prosperity and adventure awaits on Terra 2, Monarch, and other exciting locations across the Halcyon colony. The character you decide to become will determine how your story on the Halcyon

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