Apex Legends players can return to Kings Canyon this weekend

Respawn is taking Apex Legends players back in time this weekend by bringing back the game's original Kings Canyon map for a limited period. One of the best things about live service games like Apex Legends is that they keep things fresh with regular updates that herald new challenges, items and even maps. Long live Kings CanyonSo those that have missed the Kings Canyon map will be glad to know that for a limited period, between February 21 and February 24, it's returning to Apex Legends in its

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Corporate satire in games isn’t funny anymore

To those who believed that videogames can't be funny, 2019 proved them wrong. Meanwhile, Journey to the Savage Planet's jests rubbed me up the wrong way, in precisely the same way. As a result this satire just bounces harmlessly off its targets; it no longer has bite, and therefore, it isn't funny. Corporate satire in videogames is missing something: hope. Satire needn't be throwaway slapstick like 2019's not-golf game, and the anti-social goose game.

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Better Call Saul co-creator says that “worlds collide” in season 5

Better Call Saul season 5 starts this weekend, and we're primed to return to Albuquerque's darkest corners. Speaking to EW, series co-creator Peter Gould described Better Call Saul season 5 as the point where "worlds collide," referring to the stories of Jonathan Banksd's Mike Ehrmantraut and Bob Odenkirk's eponymous Saul. "The fuse has been lit in the previous four seasons, and season 5 is where the explosion happens," he said. This is the season where worlds collide." Better Call Saul season 5

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Apex Legends is bringing back its original map for the weekend

Kings Canyon was the first, and during the first two seasons, only map in Apex Legends. It went through a number of changes over those seasons, but the start of season 3 brought a brand-new map to fight on called World's Edge, and that was that for Kings Canyon. 😎Starting tomorrow through Feb 24, in addition to World's Edge, Season 1 Kings Canyon will also be available to play. 20, 2020This won't be the first time Kings Canyon has returned to Apex Legends—it wa

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Kings Canyon is back in Apex Legends (but only for the weekend)

Apex Legends is bringing Kings Canyon back into the fray, but for a short time only. 😎Starting tomorrow through Feb 24, in addition to World's Edge, Season 1 Kings Canyon will also be available to play. Ranked play will remain solely on World's Edge, but halfway through Season 4: Assimilation it will swap over to Kings Canyon, resetting everyone's ranks. Kings Canyon has changed dramatically since its debut, with the addition of flying creatures and leviathans in Season 2 that destroyed sections

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Subnautica: Below Zero now lets you explore a shipwreck and make new fishy friends

A new early access update for Subnautica: Below Zero has appeared, dropping the wreckage of a crashed ship into the massive ocean. I'm not sure if that's my favourite addition the Lost Ship update brings, though. They're Below Zero's version of the main game's cuddlefish. Unknown Worlds also notes that the Lost Ship update will be your last chance to play through the current version of Below Zero's story. With the next update, a new story will appear, so make sure to finish up the old one soon.

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Get up to 60% off the world’s best antivirus with this Bitdefender deal

That's why downloading and installing the best antivirus software is as important now as it always has been. According to our security software testing, the world's best antivirus at the moment is Bitdefender. See this antivirus deal from our #1 provider:Check out our best antivirus guide to see Bitdefender's biggest competitionWhy is Bitdefender the best antivirus? Below are our top five reasons for why we consider this antivirus software to be simple the best. Affordable: Despite its lofty pos

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Two of the world’s best VPN providers are battling things out with these ace VPN deals

We know that birthday celebrations aren't typically marked with VPN deals, but we suppose its no surprise that this exactly how NordVPN and IPVanish are celebrating theirs. With IPVanish, for $47.88 or the equivalent of $3.99 a month you'd be getting one year's worth of its VPN service and a year's access to SugarSync cloud storage absolutely FREE. Now if you select NordVPN instead, you'd be paying $125.64 for three years worth of the service! Scroll down to see both deals in full, or why not al

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Discounts on The Outer Worlds, Cowboy Bebop, and PS4 Pro lead Presidents Day Weekend deals

Presidents Day weekend is mostly known for mattress deals, but we've found some gaming deals to take advantage of as you enjoy this three-day weekend. Amazon is celebrating Anime Month with a sale on anime titles distributed by Funimation. The Blu-ray collection of the popular space Western anime Cowboy Bebop is down to an all-time low price of $17.99. The sale is live across multiple platforms, including the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam. Finally, deals site Woot

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At nearly $20K, the world’s most powerful laptop makes the MacBook Pro look cheap

The most powerful laptop in the world right now is not exactly a looker - but if you're in the market for the fastest and the most capable notebook on the planet, looks are probably not a priority. Meet the Eurocom Sky X4C - it's not as pretty or portable as the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro, but it's a significantly more powerful option if you don't mind the extra heft and weight. These are the best business laptops on the marketCheck out our list of the best rugged laptopsWe curated the best mobil

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