Metro Exodus is bigger than 2033 and Last Light combined

4A Games has said previously that Metro Exodus will be more open than the previous games in the Metro series, but it won't be a completely open world like that of Stalker. For one thing, individual levels in Exodus will be much larger than anything seen in the previous games. The biggest outdoor level in Last Light was roughly "200 meters to 100 meters," Prokhorov said,. That means everything from weapons, attachments, and other loot, to "frozen stories" that reveal more about the game world and

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Co-op survival game Generation Zero gets a gameplay trailer

Avalanche studios has released a meaty video showing off the systems behind its new cooperative survival game Generation Zero. Generation Zero was announced at this year’s E3. Beyond that basic outline, however, little else about the game was discussed. It seems rather tacked on, and aside from some of the character’s clothing, there’s little about the video that lends Generation Zero that specific sense of time. Generation Zero is due out net year, so hopefully it won’t be long before that happ

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ARM declares war on Intel in the battle for laptop processors

ARM has come out with some fighting talk when it comes to how its processors stack up against Intel’s in the world of laptop CPUs. In a processor roadmap shared in a press release on the topic of ‘accelerating laptop performance’, ARM said it’s expecting to deliver performance improvements of 15% year-on-year going through to 2020. However, as Engadget (which spotted this) points out, ARM is obviously fudging things slightly here by not offering a comparison with Intel’s latest 8th-gen family of

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F1 2018 review: a wonderful recreation of what we see on TV every weekend

Last year's F1 2017 was arguably the best F1 game Codemasters had ever made, and a strong contender for best F1 console game of all time. Spoiler alert: F1 2018 is a racing game. Thankfully, F1 2018 delivers on that front with a driving experience that balances hardcore simulation with pick-up-and-play accessibility. It all contributes to perhaps the most realistic-looking F1 game we've ever seen - some of the preview screens genuinely looked like stills from TV broadcasts. By contrast, F1 2018

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‘Garbage town builder’ Flotsam mixes survival and city building in new trailer

Flotsam is part city sim and part survival game. It's set in a never-ending ocean, so you have to build your town from driftwood, flotsam and whatever garbage floats by in the waves. Hence the nickname, "The Happy-Go-Lucky Garbage Town Builder." You also need to support and oversee the citizens of your garbage town, your "drifters," by providing food and water and putting them to work. They can collect rainwater, hunt for fish, or scoop up more building materials caught in the tide.

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Roguelike FPS Polygod leaves Early Access tomorrow

Polygod is a randomly-generated roguelike FPS about a Faceless One, a legendary assassin with one arm who must prove himself to the seven deities by fighting through their arenas and defeating their Holy Champions in order to ascend to godhood. It features a colorful, minimalist visual style and a "brutal difficulty curve," and after nearly two years on Steam Early Access it will go into full release tomorrow. And it is as difficult as billed: I played the Early Access release last year and it k

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Intel teases its own discrete GPU ahead of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 launch

Intel set up a new Twitter account for its graphics division and its introductory tweet teases a discrete GPU that's scheduled to arrive in 2020. It's probably not a coincidence that Intel timed its tweet just days ahead of Nvidia's upcoming GeForce RTX launch, which is expected to take place on Monday, August 20, a day ahead of Gamescom 2018. Intel's current HD Graphics 630 solution by contrast checks in at 23 EUs (Execution Units), each with 8 shader cores, for a total of 184 cores. That's a h

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World of Goo dev’s new game launches next week

7 Billion Humans, the new game from World of Goo creators Tomorrow Corporation, will launch next Thursday. By the looks of things, 7 Billion Humans is also a programming puzzle solver, but there are some key differences. Where Human Resource machine used Assembly as the basis for its programming language, 7 Billion Humans uses a bespoke language written by the developers. 7 Billion Humans is also much larger than its predecessor, offering 60 unique puzzles, three times as many as Human Resource

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Torchlight Frontiers dev diary reveals more info on the MMO sequel

Perfect World has released the first dev diary for Torchlight Frontiers, which introduces its new developer Echtra Games and provides some more information about how the game’s MMO format will work. Echtra games was founded two years ago by Max Schaefer, who previously founded Runic Entertainment and headed both Torchlight and its sequel. After providing a tour of Echtra’s new studio, the video goes on to provide more detail about Torchlight Frontiers, which has attracted some scepticism due to

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World of Warcraft: Tony Hawk’s Pro Snaker Is A Must Watch

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now, which means players have a ton to do in the MMO’s new content. Despite that, some players are just pretending to be skateboarding while in snake form just for kicks…A quest in World of Warcraft’s new desert zone, Vol’dun, transforms players into a giant snake and has them investigate a small area. Check out the video right here:The World of Warcraft subreddit mods have relaxed their policies this week, which has led to a lot of bizarre post

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