What did you play last week?

Tom Hatfield played Six Ages, a fantasy clan management sim that's also kind of a text adventure. Andy Kelly played The Fisherman: The Fishing Planet, a fishing sim that I'm sure the ad copy has already said has "depth". What it's also got are other players, sharing the same lakes as everybody chills out and reels in catch after catch. I've never played any of the Fishing Planet games, so the idea of basically a fishing MMO sounds wild to me. Its ending had me glued to the screen, but then that'

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Borderlands 3: Here Are the Most Requested Changes by Fans

One month and one week in, Borderlands 3 is in an interesting place. Overall, people like Borderlands 3, but it’s clear the game launched in less-than-optimal fashion. There’s a lot fans have been clamoring for Gearbox Software to add to or change about the game, and Gearbox seems to understand that and is trying to improve it. advertisingRELATED: Borderlands 3: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game NeedsOutside of gameplay changes, fans are also asking Gearbox to fix various bugs causing incorrect info

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Fortnite’s newest glitch launches players out of a dumpster, into the sky

Hiding in a Dumpster in Fortnite is inadvisable for the time being, because of a bug that launches players out of the bin and into the stratosphere. In the video, the player’s character disappears in a puff of smoke and ascends into orbit. An Epic Games community manager popped into the Reddit thread to acknowledge the glitch and say a report had been filed. The “dementor” bug seems to have arrived with the Fortnite Chapter 2 update that came earlier this week. We’re keeping a running list of th

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Destiny 2’s new armor system is getting a few important tweaks

Bungie's weekly blog post series—This Week at Bungie—is often dense with information, and this week's This Week is definitely one of those times. One of the nicest incoming additions is a tab in Collections for armor mods. You'll also be able to see which ones you have left to find and what you'll need to do to acquire them. Bungie says it's also working on broad-category mods for ammo capacity, but those still need a bit more time in the oven. Also beginning next season, Bungie will be easing t

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Observer and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare are free on the Epic Store

Throw-It-At-You Thursday is once again upon us, which means it's time to pop 'round to the Epic Games Store to get our latest fix of free stuff. This week is a two-fer, featuring Bloober Team's cyberpunk horror game Observer, and Remedy's supernatural creepo-thriller Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Observer is an interesting game because it was generally quite well received—the Xbox One edition has an 86 aggregate score on Metacritic—yet we didn't much care for it. Or maybe you're like me, and y

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The Red Dead Redemption 2 PC gameplay trailer is the prettiest thing you’ll see all week

Rockstar has released a brand new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, and it will take your breath away. Turns out the fictionalized American West looks even better in 4K 60fps, even if it's slowly being overtaken by civilization. Red Dead Redemption 2's protagonist, Arthur Morgan, narrates the trailer and laments the loss of the Wild West as haunting music plays in the background. Turns out enhanced textures, improved lighting, and an upgraded draw distance do the world of Red Dead 2 justi

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Fallout 76 private servers are coming next week

Fallout 76' s Wastelanders update may be delayed until 2020, but the good news is the game's private servers are coming next week. The official arrival of the long-anticipated private servers was revealed in an October 17 announcement on the official Fallout page , along with the caveat that you'll have to pay for them. "We're happy to announce our work on the service for private servers is complete and will be launching next week!" Bethesda originally said that private servers would be added to

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Okami will return, says game developer who loves to troll

If you believe game director Hideki Kamiya — now with PlatinumGames — the answer is yes. Kamiya, clearly teasing us all, gives the thumbs up and simply says, “Really.”“Okami is going to be back,” Nakamura tweeted. “We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. We want to make Okami sequel and fans are looking forward to it too. After all, Nakamura is looking for a new gig after leaving Ghostwire Tokyto studio Tango Gameworks.

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Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Oct. 18-21

If you played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly Exotic item merchant. TelestoTelesto is a returning exotic from Destiny, added back in during Curse of Osiris. Shards’ Exotic perk is Sharp Edges, which refunds Super energy depending on how many blades you hit with Blade Barrage. Their exotic perk, Linear Actuators, increases your sprint speed and causes your next melee after sprinting to chain damage to nearby foes. Their exotic perk, Strange Protractor, increases your sprint spee

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Fortnite fans say chapter 2 is a huge grind

Fortnite Chapter 2 debuted earlier this week, and the refresh brought with it a number of changes, including a brand new map. On social media, Fortnite aficionados are complaining about how long it’s taking to make progress in the battle pass. Of course, you could always purchase tiers and bypass the grind ... but players don’t like feeling as if they’re being forced to do so. The Fortnite Twitter account, which at one point said the words “less grind,” has a good number of replies where people

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