See how God of War was made with Raising Kratos, a feature-length documentary coming soon from Sony

Just a week after we got a potential God of War sequel tease in a new PS4 theme, we have our first peek at a feature-length documentary that follows years of work on the 2018 reboot. After three years in the making, Raising Kratos is coming "very soon" to the PlayStation YouTube channel for God of War fans around the world to enjoy. Sony says the documentary was made with 400 hours of behind-the-scenes footage, from the development floor at Santa Monica Studio, to the performance capture stage,

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Rocksteady Studios DC Game ‘Outlaws’ to Be Announced This Week?

Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios has been working on its new game for some time and according to a new rumor, it may be ready to reveal it this week. Some are connecting this leak to an earlier leak that Rocksteady Studios is making a Suicide Squad game. The different announcement dates cast doubt on these being the same game, both from Rocksteady Studios, but the Outlaws image for April 26 may have been created before the June 4 marketing plan was written. The legitimacy of the Outlaw

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This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming

Stories about PC gaming's small, passionate communities playing mostly-forgotten games are absolutely my favorite, and this is a good one. Pirates of the Burning Sea's developer kept shrinking and shrinking until there was only one left, and man, that is some dedication. Samuel Roberts: Ashina is deadSekiro is the first From Software game I've ever played properly. I haven't played Avalanche's open world driving and fighting RPG since I reviewed in 2015, but it still looks great and the post-apo

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More than 1,200 accounts banned for cheating in Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games gave bans to more than 1,200 Fortnite accounts and revoked cash prizes that more than 200 players had won following Epic’s investigations of cheating in the first week of Fortnite’s World Cup Online Open. Nine prize winners lost their money for sharing accounts, and one winner’s earnings were vacated for teaming. After the first week of solo-play qualifiers ended, two players — including one who qualified for the World Cup — were accused of cheating. “Unsportsmanlike conduct from part

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Destiny 2: Xur Exotic Armor, Weapon, and Recommendations for April 19

Here’s where Destiny 2 players can find Xur, details on the latest Invitation of the Nine quest, as well as what exotic items are on offer for the weekend of April 19, 2019. This weekend, players can find Xur in the European Dead Zone. Complete strike “Strange Terrain”Class ArmorTaking cues from last week, Xur has once again brought only year one exotic gear. With similar utility to the Gwisin Vest and Shards of Galanor, the Raiden Flux is a must have armor piece. Mad Scientist allows this weapo

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Destiny 2 Xur location and items, April 19-22

If you played Destiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly Exotic item merchant. The Wardcliff CoilThe Wardcliff Coil is one of the most fun and unique guns in Destiny 2. Its first exotic perk is Mad Scientist, which causes the Wardcliff Coil to fire a volley of rockets. This week’s roll:Slot 1: Unflinching bow aim, unflinching fusion rifle aim, unflinching kinetic aimSlot 2: Scout rifle reserves, special ammo finderThis is a great Exotic with a decent roll. This week’s roll:Slot 1: Unflinc

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Fortnite Season 8 Week 8 Secret Banner Location Revealed

Fortnite season 8 week 8 is here, which means two things. First, season 8 of Epic Games’ wildly popular battle royale is almost over, and secondly, there is also a new secret banner to collect. Following the newly established trend of the past few loading screens, hints for Fortnite season 8 week 8’s secret banner location are more difficult to decipher than they were at the beginning of the season. Fortnite players will want to drop on the frozen lake at those coordinates and find the season 8

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The best Nintendo Switch release week in months has MK11, Cuphead, more

This week, Nintendo unloads a dump truck full of promising new games onto the Switch. The titles span big franchise entries like Mortal Kombat 11, colorful indies like Katana Zero, and massive content updates like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s 3.0 update. Capcom released the original Dragon’s Dogma in 2012 to mixed reviews. I had a chance to play a large chunk of Katana Zero as a judge for the Independent Games Festival. Here’s the full list of games launching this week on the Nintendo Switch eSh

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Warhammer: Chaosbane’s beta is back for another week

The second beta period for the rootin’, tootin’, dungeon-lootin’ Warhammer: Chaosbane is underway now through April 24 at 4 a.m. EDT, with two more characters added to the tryout and a new part of the realm to explore. The beta is available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC via Steam, and Xbox One. The closed beta is available to anyone who has preordered the game (any edition), which will launch June 4. The new characters players may take for a spin are the Dwarf slayer (heavy-damage tank) and Wood

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis DLC starts next week with Episode One: Fields of Elysium

The first episode of Assassin's Creed Odyssey 's Fate of Atlantis DLC is coming on Tuesday, April 23, Ubisoft announced today. Episode One: Fields of Elysium will whisk players to Elysium and set up the DLC's mythology-fueled storyline ahead of Episode Two: Torment of Hades and Episode Three: Judgment of Atlantis, which will arrive later this year. If you need some help with that, here's how to level up fast in Assassin's Creed Odyssey . However, if you just want to jump straight into the DLC, y

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