Fallout 4 is on sale for $15 this weekend on Steam: 10/21/2017

It's another Steam weekend sale update, and now that paychecks have been freshly cashed it's time to look around at what we can spend those hard earned dollars on. The headliner for this weekend's slate of Steam sales is Fallout 4, which gets its lowest Steam price yet at $15. As always, here's a look at some of the weekend's best deals on Steam. In other Steam news, players can also tryout both PAYDAY 2 and Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide for free over the next week. As always, if you want to

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Half-Life 2 mod adds locations, characters and plot points that never saw the light of day

A Half-Life 2 mod released this week adds locations, characters and story beats that Valve cut from the original game. Dark Interval takes all the tidbits of information we know about drafts of the genre-defining FPS and stitches them together into a standalone game. The development team have filled in some of the gaps too, adding their own original work. "Dark Interval doesn't include original levels found in the 'leaked' version of Half-Life 2, and instead features brand new maps which were bu

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Watch Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic in the Worlds 2017 quarterfinals here

Now, in the third series, China’s Royal Never Give Up will take on Europe’s Fnatic, in another instance of an underdog taking on one of the tournament’s top teams. For Fnatic, the Group Stage was a little more complicated. After a horrendous 0-3 showing in the first week, Fnatic fought back, through two tiebreaker games, to escape the group with a 4-4 record after week two. But upsets are starting to feel more and more likely as this tournament progresses, so maybe Fnatic’s miracle run isn’t qui

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This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming

Tom Senior: Raid readyHey, Destiny 2 is out on PC next week! Bungie have some of the finest artists in the business, and their universe deserves to be showcased on a PC monitor at silly resolutions. Bungie has announced the precise launch times in multiple timezones, and laid out plans to switch on the raid one week later. Philippa Warr: Worlds deliveringThe cress seeds of League of Legends have sprouted all over the moist paper towel of October. No matter how many vomiting wax people from the h

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Destiny 2: PC Launch Calendar, Known Issues and workarounds

Before you jump to Destiny 2 when it launches next week, you should be aware of all of the known issues, the launch schedule and initial workarounds for known issues. Destiny 2 is set to launch on PC on October 24th at 1 PM EST/10 AM PST - 4 AM the next day, on October 25th, in Austrailia. Beyond the launch, here's the break down of what will be in the game at launch and when the rest will be releasing. Before going hunting online for solutions to issues, always remember to attempt closing out o

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Starbreeze is hosting a free week of PAYDAY 2 on Steam

Well, PC players can do it for free for nine whole in PAYDAY 2 on Steam! Overkill Software and mother company Starbreeze Studios decided to give PC players something fun to do over the upcoming days, completely free of charge! Similarly to how Fatshark deiced to launch a rather long free period of Vermintide last Tuesday, Overkill and Starbreeze have now made PAYDAY 2 free, and likewise to Vermintide, once those days are up the game will be removed from your library and you'll have to purchase.

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Bungie suspends Trial of Nine for Two Weeks because of an Emote Glitch

A few days ago Bungie removed a purchasable emote called "Bureaucratic Walk," which was essentially the "silly" walk made famous by John Cleese in the Monty Python sketch Ministry of Silly Walks. The main issue is that some players were using the emote glitch in the crucible mode, Trials of Nine, to leave the playable area and gain an advantage. As such, Bungie took the Trials of Nine offline for two weeks and plans to re-release it, with a fix, during the first week of November. Hopefully, once

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The even better Nokia 3310 3G is coming to the US next week

There was a lot of love for the new Nokia 3310 last year, but none of that came from the US, where the 2.5G phone didn't work on American networks. Enter the Nokia 3310 3G. That's great news if you want a long-lasting, durable phone that doesn't cost a lot and, maybe most importantly, plays Snake 2 on its 2.4-inch color screen. Nokia 3310 3G price in the US is $59.99, which is cheaper than any Android phone you'll find on sale, outside of a few Amazon Prime phone deals. Note: the Nokia 3310 3G b

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Destiny 2: Xur location, weapons and armour Oct 20-27th. Should you buy Sweet Business?

What guns and armour is Xur selling this week, and is any of it worth buying? It's a good week if you want Sweet Business, as that's the gun this week and it's a good, if unsubtle kinetic auto rifle. Check out the video for more info on each item Xur's selling, and to see Sweet Business in action. Should you buy Sweet Business? Sweet Business is an unsubtle but handy gun to have.

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Destiny 2 Patch Fixes Raid Key Bug

The latest patch for Destiny 2 fixes an issue that caused keys earned during the Leviathan raid to disappear upon each weekly reset. Raid keys disappearing under those circumstances were unintended, and the solution Bungie put into place to fix it was to nix the removal of raid keys entirely. Raid Keys, for those that might not be familiar or are waiting for PC, drop at the end of each minor raid encounter (Pools, Gardens, Gauntlet) and offer access to a random chest within the Underbelly of the

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