Buffett to face big crowd as Berkshire grows bigger

As the United States adapts to the presidency of Donald Trump and faces rising tensions abroad, Berkshire Hathaway shareholders will descend on Omaha, Nebraska this weekend seeking reassurance, from Warren Buffett. Buffett, 86, and vice chairman Charlie Munger, 93, will answer five hours of questions at Saturday's annual meeting. Many say it reinforces their views about investing and Berkshire, even if it remains unclear how much new they learn. "But you're not going to learn a lot about Berkshi

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CES Webcast and Xbox Chat Details Announced

**************************** MEDIAALERT: JANUARY 4, 2001 **************************** CESWEBCAST AND XBOX CHAT DETAILS ANNOUNCED Microsofttoday announced details for their upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES)keynote webcast and Xbox chat, taking place this Saturday, January 6, 2001. Toview the webcast, gamers are encouraged to visit Xbox.com at approximately9:15am PST, click the link for the webcast, and sit back and enjoy the show! In conjunction with the webcast, JAllard, General Manager o

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