This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming

Dishonored 1 received a skill challenge pack, a fairly good piece of DLC and then a very good piece of DLC. My PC high of this week, then, instead applies to console gaming—but given the blue hedgehog is en route to desktops I reckon it’s all good. I say this as someone whose console career began with the first Sonic way back in 1991, and as someone who is therefore blinded by nostalgia. Come for the cow anecdote and despair, stay for the PC that looks like an oversized model of dubstep, if it w

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Xbox One X ‘Project Scorpio Edition’ could be on the way

Microsoft might be readying a special Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, if leaks on two German retail websites are to be believed. Project Scorpio, you may remember, was the codename of the Xbox One X before it was called that, so this new version appears to be a nod to those origins. The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition looks to feature a blacked-out controller with 'Project Scorpio' running down the middle in an electric green font. If Microsoft announces the Project Scorpio Edition during

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See a full level of sci-fi action game Echo being played

These echoes learn and mimic your behavior, but only the things you do in the light—and they can only "learn" during blackouts. Yes, it sounds weird (which I tend to see as a plus), but the new gameplay trailer released today by developer Ultra Ultra helps make a little more sense of it all. It starts off looking like a fairly conventional third-person stealth game, with plenty of dodging behind pillars and creeping along low walls. That quickly sparks a blackout, as the computer controlling the

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Why Game of Thrones’ endgame is just the real world, post-Brexit, with additional dragons

A few years ago, around the time of season 3 , I was talking to a friend about Game of Thrones. Well in broad strokes, Game of Thrones has been playing with some tried-and-true narrative tropes for a long time. 15 amazing fan theories for Game of Thrones season 7Defined against this historical sense of normal, the protagonist is eventually called to action. The generational cross-over we currently find ourselves observing in the real world often seems potent with the same tensions as Thrones. A

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5 reasons iPhone 8 AR will be an augmented reality game changer

iPhones are everywhere, so AR will be everywhereThe iPhone 8 will bring with it iOS 11 , and with iOS 11 will come Apple’s AR. Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, believes it will be “ the largest AR platform in the world ,” which will lure AR developers en masse. This is the clearest signal that Apple is going all in on AR with the iPhone 8. Today, Apple Pay lets users navigate the purchasing of items, and soon Apple AR may let them navigate the rest of their

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This iOS 11 feature swiftly disables Touch ID on the iPhone

iOS 11 public beta has been available since June, but there are still surprise features cropping up, including a newly spotted one that temporarily disables Touch ID. This pulls up the option to place an emergency call (the Emergency SOS feature), but it also locks up Touch ID. iOS 11 is a game-changer for Touch ID. pic.twitter.com/uvWbM04lykAugust 17, 2017As a refresher, Touch ID works by scanning your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone or iPad. However, there are times you may want to quickly a

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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground sells more than 7 million copies

If you're a gamer, then it's impossible for you at this point to have not heard about PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or as it's commonly referred, PUBG. According to SteamSpy Data, the game has sold over 7 million copies. It was reported back in June, the game had sold 4 million copies, by July, it had crossed both 5 and 6 million. The game's sales are accelerating very quickly and it's incredible to think that it's sold nearly 3 million in about a month and a half, where it took nearly four mon

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Quake-inspired FPS Dusk’s first episode is available now

The retro-FPS Dusk, as we said in our preview earlier this week, is "not shy about its Quake-and-Doom inspiration." It's fast, bloody, loud (Brutal Doom composer Andrew Hulshult created the soundtrack), and looks (and plays) like it fell out a rupture in the space-time continuum that leads directly back to 1994. It is also, with very little fanfare, now available for pre-purchase on Steam. Dusk, like Doom, will ultimately offer 33 levels spread over three episodes, the first of which, "The Footh

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Subsurface Circular review: “A robot mass murder mystery”

But that’s just what Subsurface Circular asks of you. And I do mean brainchild, because Subsurface Circular is just a little bit brilliant. (Image: © Mike Bithell Games)Interestingly, there’s no spoken dialogue in Subsurface Circular aside from the intermittent station announcements from the tannoy. The subsurface circular is full of more mysteries and enigmas than it initially suggests. In fact, the only thing that really annoys me about Subsurface Circular is how self-reflexive it is.

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Bing dong: Microsoft search engine serves up ri-dick-ulous sand shlong

Today Bing, you can serve all our search needs. Microsoft's engine usually plays second fiddle to Google's search juggernaut, but it's landed itself an unintentional banger of a homepage image today. Look more closely...Yep, as eagle-eyed Redditor's spotted, that aerial Bing shot is hiding a Trojan-sized sand sculpture of a dick. Going by the height of the shot, and the relative size of the beachgoers nearby, that's a good seven foot long schlong. Either way, good job Microsoft – you've probably

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