Epic on pulling Metro Exodus from Steam: ‘We don’t want to do that ever again’

When Epic announced that Metro Exodus would be a year-long Epic Store exclusive, it was close to release and had already been taking pre-orders on Steam. A panel of Epic Store leaders were asked during an Epic Store Q&A at GDC 2019 today if, given how much rage the move caused, they'd ever do something like that again. Steve Allison, head of the Epic Games Store, responded immediately: "We don't want to do that ever again." Epic says that Metro Exodus sold pretty well despite the anger, but Alli

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Turns out VR works on chimps too, and they react just like us humans

Well, I have the answer to a question you’ve probably never, ever asked: yes, VR does work on monkeys. And turns out they love it. It looks like the chimp in question is playing a balloon-popping game, which Myrtle Beach Safari posted to Imgur way back in 2016. The primates have the intelligence of the average two-year-old child, so if you wanted to replicate this experiment instead of asking a zookeeper some suspicious questions about the availability of chimps you can always use a toddler. We

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Generation Zero is a quirky take on guerrilla warfare, patience and co-op play required

According to Generation Zero, the latest effort from Avalanche Studios, mere days ago I was a mild-mannered 1980s-era teenager. Generation Zero feels like what would happen if Dear Esther and DayZ had a baby. But rather than dropping me into a post-apocalyptic sandbox, Generation Zero provides an actual narrative, a mystery unfolding all around me. Thankfully, there’s no feeling of scarcity when you spawn into a round of Generation Zero. But in spite of its quirks, Generation Zero feels promisin

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Cobra Kai’s second season trailer shows a karate dojo searching for its soul

In this sequence, early in the second season of YouTube Premium’s Cobra Kai, he is coming to terms with the idea that he is making children into the the thing he has hated so much about himself. Cobra Kai’s second season isn’t a particularly sophisticated look at abusive relationships or adolescent bullying, but it is still earnest and introspective in the right moments. The creed stenciled on the dojo’s wall is the code that Kreese taught Johnny, and that Johnny has now taught — like it or not

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The Division 2 guide: Occupied Dark Zone

The Occupied Dark Zone does not, and that can make it a little more harrowing. To help you survive in The Division 2’s most lawless and desolate area, this guide will teach you the basics about Occupied Dark Zones. How is the Occupied Dark Zone different? The main difference between the Dark Zone and the Occupied Dark Zone is scaling. The easiest way to tell which Dark Zone is Occupied at the moment is to open the map and look for the red knife, which appears over the Occupied Dark Zone.

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Sekiro guide: 11 tips to get you started

In our Sekiro beginner’s guide, we covered some broad ideas to help you start the game. Buy Coin PursesWe mention this in our guide about the handful of best things to buy in Sekiro, and it’s worth repeating here. Limit your Quick Items and ProstheticsNow that you’ve got your Quick Items organized, it’s time to Marie Kondo them. Yes, you have five slots for quick items, but you don’t have to fill them all. The other benefit of limiting your Quick Items is that you are far less likely to burn a v

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What Google’s Stadia could mean for PC gaming

Below, you'll find our reactions to the Stadia announcement, as we discuss what it could mean for PC gaming as a whole. If it doesn't work perfectly for everyone, I don't think it could be called a success. Fraser: "For everyone" sounds nice, except I don't think Stadia really will be for everyone. But if you buy a game on Stadia, I assume you can't also play that game on your actual gaming PC when you get home. The games Google discussed on-stageSamuel: I thought this presentation walked a weir

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Sea of Thieves’ anniversary update includes an ocean of adventures

Quest campaignsTall Tales looks like a new way to play Sea of Thieves. The ArenaRare will bundle The Arena, a previously announced PVP expansion, into the anniversary update. What’s especially exciting is that the anniversary trailer showed off what might be a new ship, as well as new ways to damage ships. Some smaller systems were showcased in the anniversary trailer, including fishing and cooking. The anniversary update, another free addition to the current Sea of Thieves game, will be made av

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‘I want your eye’: The metaphorical horrors of Get Out live on in modern Hollywood

Soon, Jim’s brain will be transplanted into Chris’ body, leaving Chris with bare-minimum consciousness within his own physical being. Chris captures this outlook through his camera, a device that helps him to both tell Black stories and navigate white spaces. While speaking to Chris, Jim calls his work “brutal” and “melancholy,” which feels disconnected from many of Chris’ photos, like his optimistic low-angle shot of a dove soaring between, and despite, confining buildings. Chris’ Blackness isn

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19 things we need in Borderlands 3 because there ain’t no rest for the wicked

Prepare yourself, because when it comes to Vault Hunters and Pandora, there’s a lot we’re thirsting for. Warning: there are spoilers below for Borderlands and Borderlands 2, so if you haven’t finished the games read ahead at your own risk! We Vault Hunters can get peculiarly attached to our favourite guns, so just give us a way to display them! Plus I’m imagining a ton of frames too, hopefully with Marcus or Dr Zed’s trademark slogans. Open with another crazy cutscene to (somehow) top the last t

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