Zelda Player Uses Banana Trick to Get to the Top of Hyrule Castle

Twitter user Zant is the latter, and has found a way to blast off to the top of Hyrule castle using, of all things, bananas. There are lots of wild tricks that can be performed in Breath of the Wild utilizing the Sheikah Slate in clever ways. In this case, the stasis ability is what Zant uses for his trick to work. He uses stasis, launches the slab, then picks up the banana mid-flight which prompts the message that he has received a new item. I used a slab to do a quadruple launch finished with

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My wild night in Atlanta with the voice of Geralt of Rivia

It's midnight on a miserably humid Thursday in downtown Atlanta, and sitting to my right is Geralt of Rivia. Well, I say he's Geralt, but he's actually Doug Cockle, the man who's voiced Geralt for the past 12 years. Without Doug Cockle, Geralt as we know him would not exist. An hour with Doug CockleI don't know it yet, but I'm about to spend way more than an hour with Doug Cockle. Because I'm not Geralt, Geralt is Geralt.

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GamesRadar teams up with Honor for GamesCom After Dark show

Our friends at GamesRadar are teaming up with phone manufacturer Honor to bring a new livestream show to GamesCom. Titled GamesCom After Dark, the show will be streamed directly from GamesCom, and will feature a mixture of live game demos, interviews and developer roundtables. The games shown during the livestream will include BioWare’s Anthem, Forza Horizon 4, and Starlink: Battle for Altis, all of which will be demonstrating their latest builds on After Dark. Unless they're actually at GamesCo

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The Predator director Shane Black reveals how he’s making sure the franchise returns to its R-rated roots

The Predator, right or wrongly, doesn’t have the same fear factor is used to, but director of the upcoming soft reboot, Shane Black, aims to change all that. Subscribe: Sign up for future issues of SFX Magazine to get exclusive news, previews, and interviews about shows and movies including Doctor Who, Disenchantment, and more. So, how will Black go about getting that coveted R rating? The more you see him walking around doing stuff or making himself breakfast, the less it’s going to be effectiv

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Pokemon GO: Celebi Special Research Date And Details

Pokemon GO players have been anxiously awaiting the next special research assignment since Mew arrived in late spring and it seems like the time has finally arrived. After months of teasing, Celebi’s special challenges will finally be released in just a few days. Professor Willow needs the help of the Pokemon GO community yet again and this time players will be rewarded with the Gen 2 Pokemon Celebi. Pokemon GO players will be able to start the new challenges on August 20 and begin working their

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World of Warcraft: Tony Hawk’s Pro Snaker Is A Must Watch

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now, which means players have a ton to do in the MMO’s new content. Despite that, some players are just pretending to be skateboarding while in snake form just for kicks…A quest in World of Warcraft’s new desert zone, Vol’dun, transforms players into a giant snake and has them investigate a small area. Check out the video right here:The World of Warcraft subreddit mods have relaxed their policies this week, which has led to a lot of bizarre post

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Overclocker cranks all 32 cores of AMD’s Threadripper 2990WX to nearly 6GHz

HWBot via IvanCupa. (Image: © HWBot via IvanCupa)It did not take long for AMD's burly Threadripper 2990WX to find its way into the extreme overclocking scene. IvanCupa accomplished overclock using MSI's Meg X399 motherboard and a single 8GB DDR4 module from G.Skill, according to the HWBot entry. For the time being, IvanCupa holds the overclocking record on a Threadripper 2990WX processor. It's early in the game, though, and we suspect someone will hit and surpass 6GHz before long.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 steps up the fan service in a big way

Yakuza Kiwami 2, the upcoming remake of Yakuza 2, promises more of what makes the series so great: creative, over-the-top violence; delicious food options; bizarre substories; and another Majima-centric campaign. Running on the Dragon Engine used in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, Kiwami 2 looks richer, more fluid than any other title in the series so far. In Kiwami 2, certain substories can unlock new heat actions and finishing moves if you’re within a certain distance of a nonplayer character. Kiw

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What’s the future of Diablo?

Diablo 3 feels like the Blizzard game that’s the most stuck in time. The bad news is that the story-based campaign of Diablo would possibly either go away completely or, more likely, just be de-emphasized significantly in a Diablo 4. Blizzard must want to have a way for Diablo players to remain Diablo players for more than a week or two every few years. Diablo is never going to turn into a multiplayer game, where players battle each other — at least, not primarily. Paying a bit more often to get

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Here’s the cheapest way to start playing Warhammer 40,000

Allow me to introduce you to the Genestealer Cult. An early 2018 issue of White Dwarf, the Games Workshop enthusiast magazine, contained rules to play the Genestealer Cult in Necromunda. So, earlier this week, Games Workshop released the rules for playing the Genestealer Cult in Necromunda free online. Finally, with this 10-man team you’ve got the start of your very own Genestealer Cult army for the vanilla 40K tabletop experience. If you’re eager to get away from the screen and start painting o

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