Watch hooded men with chainsaws get blown into goo in the Dusk launch trailer

After almost a year in Early Access, the high-speed-violence retro-FPS Dusk is now available in full release on Steam. The trailer is Dusk in a nutshell: Loud, fast, and very giblet-y. 16-player deathmatch is also available in the multiplayer Duskworld mode, if that's your thing. I didn't write our upcoming review (and yes, we've got one on the way) but I have been playing Dusk quite a bit, and I really like it. Dusk is available now on Steam, on sale for $16.66 (because that's the kind of game

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The Predator is getting its own holiday special

And now 20th Century Fox is releasing a holiday special to tie into the movie’s Blu-ray and streaming release. If you’ve ever fantasized about what it would look like if the Predator infiltrated a stop-motion Christmas special — and honestly, who hasn’t? “The stop-motion animated Holiday Short featuring The Predator as he tangles with his most formidable foe yet — Santa and his reindeer,” the trailer’s description explains. “Watch The Predator Holiday Short during BoJack Horseman, next Wednesday

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Watch Jason Momoa’s NSFW response when asked if he wants to see the Justice League Snyder cut

We all want to see the Justice League Snyder cut. I want it, you want it, and now, Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa, is desperate to see it. Speaking to MTV (below), Momoa was strangely outspoken: “I’m obsessed with [the Justice League Snyder cut] too, yeah.”Jason Momoa is just as obsessed with the Snyder Cut as the rest of the internet 7, 2018But that’s not all he had to say. After all, who could say no to Jason Momoa dropping the f-bomb at the thought of it? Want

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Watch 25 minutes of Beyond Good and Evil 2

We got a much closer look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 today, with Ubisoft giving us a whirlwind tour of the 24th century, from ancient ruins to a battle in the sky. If, like Beyond Good and Evil 2’s space pirates, you’re too busy to watch a whole stream, it’s conveniently been condensed into a four minute video. The city of Ganesha looks as gorgeous as ever, with streams of flying traffic speeding past ancient temples and massive golden statues. As well as space battles, captains can get in regula

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season continues in January

The next episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be out on January 19, Skybound Games announced at today's Kinda Funny Games Showcase. The developer picked up the rights to the game following the majority studio closure of Telltale Games in September. Skybound Games is part of Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment. Kirkman was the creator of the original Walking Dead comics. A fourth and final episode is due out at a later date.

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Save £110 on this Spider-Man: Homecoming statue and Blu-Ray combo at Amazon

Spider-Man: Homecoming is largely seen as a return to form for the wisecracking superhero, so it’s understandable that you’d want something to commemorate a film we said “breathes new life into the MCU”. Unsurprisingly, Marvel’s way ahead of you; there’s a deal on for their special edition that includes the Blu-Ray, an exclusive comic, and an awesome statue of Spidey having aerial fisticuffs with the Vulture… all for £49.99 at Amazon. The deal won’t be around forever, so we’d advise grabbing it

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8 things to watch out for this week

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is out this week and the web has been abuzz with anticipation. James JarvisWhat: Fortnite season 7Where: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCWhen: NowEverything you need to know about Fortnite season 73. Lauren O’CallaghanWhat: MowgliWhen: December 7Where: On Netflix and in select cinemasThe 25 best movies on Netflix you can watch right now6. Lucas SullivanWhat: Heroes of the Storm 2018 Winter EventWhere: PCWhen: December 11, 2018 - January 7, 2019The 25 best free

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How to watch The Game Awards 2018

Sure, The Game Awards 2018 is about recognizing the best and brightest games of the year, but for most of us it's really about all the game announcements and hoping for another bananas Death Stranding trailer. When can I watch The Game Awards 2018? Here are all the major start times by location:London: 1.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberNew York: 8.30pm on Thursday, 6 DecemberLos Angeles: 5.30pm on Thursday, 6 DecemberJapan: 10.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberAustrailia: 11.30am on Friday, 7 DecemberHow can

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Watch The Game Awards 2018 here

The Game Awards 2018 will be broadcast today, Thursday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST, with a pre-show starting at 8:30/5:30 p.m — and you can watch it live right here. If you want to watch The Game Awards live, you can do so on just about every streaming platform: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Mixer and Facebook Live. What will be revealed at The Game Awards 2018? Finally, Anthony and Joseph Russo, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War and its follow-up, are also appearing at The Game Awards.

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Xiaomi surges past Apple in global wearables shipped as the market grows overall

And that has led to an upset in the rankings: in IDC's Q2 2018 report, Apple held the lead in number of wearables shipped globally, but only just. The global wearables market benefits from geographic differences, according to Ramon T. Llamas , research director for IDC's Wearables team. Samsung rounded out the top five with 1.8 million devices shipped, managing to grow 91% from the 900,000 devices it shipped in Q3 2017. Health: The Next FrontierEven though the Apple Watch 4 didn’t account for a

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