PUBG Mobile Adding The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon As Playable Character

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedPUBG Mobile, the mobile version of multiplayer shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds adds The Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon as a playable character. In a post on Twitter, the PUBG Mobile team posted a new trailer for Daryl Dixon's arrival in the game. Play as Daryl Dixon in PUBG MOBILE! Download now: https://t.co/FhkftuQ78f #TWD pic.twitter.com/4lhkYwRJNJ — PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) October 15, 2019Unfortunately for the PUBG Mobile team, the player response

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The Walking Dead season 10, episode 3 trailer hints at a Carol and Alpha showdown

Carol and Alpha are on a collision course. The endings to both Walking Dead season 10 episodes have relayed as much, with the leader of the Whisperers staring up at an embattled Carol. After the Whisperer flashback detour in The Walking Dead season 10, episode 2, we return to Alexandria for episode 3. Alpha even barks “You have to be punished” at Carol, after finding out she crossed into Whisperer territory back in the season 10 premiere. Catch up on all things walkers and Whisperers with our es

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The Walking Dead season 10, episode 2 review: “A lethargic return to business as usual”

The Walking Dead is no stranger to the sophomore slump. Where the season premieres are often action-packed, the follow-ups are usually a lethargic return to business as usual, and the shift is almost always jarring. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead season 10 does nothing to change that trend. We need to see more of an actual personality if The Walking Dead wants us to invest in the Whisperer's new third-in-command going forward. The Walking Dead airs weekly on AMC in the United States and Fox in

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Starbreeze expect to release Payday 3 in either 2022 or 2023

Swedish developer Starbreeze had to restructure following poor sales of Overkill's The Walking Dead, laying off staff and selling the publishing rights to games like System Shock 2 and Psychonauts 2. They're apparently not dead yet, however, with a blog post saying cash flow is predicted to tick up, in part due to the release of the next game in the popular multiplayer bank-heist series. "The company estimates that these cash flows will be positive, based on expected new publishing agreements in

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Google Maps now offers super-detailed spoken directions – here’s how to use them

Google has rolled out a new feature that provides extra-detailed spoken navigation when you're walking, helping you reach your destination more safely. Detailed Voice Guidance, as it's officially known, was launched to coincide with World Sight Day, and is intended to help people with sight disorders navigate unfamiliar routes with confidence. Check out our complete guide to the best Android appsOn a budget? How to activate itActivating the new mode is simple – just open the 'Settings' menu in G

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Walking Dead star revived his character on a GTA 5 role-playing server

On Grand Theft Auto 5’s private No Pixel role-playing server, streamer Vincent Cyr, known best for his Uchiha Jones character, sometimes plays an environmentalist, vegan tow truck driver named Rick Rhymes. That’s because Rick Rhymes is based off The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes — but instead of fighting the dead, Rhymes is hunting “gas walkers.” Cars. Regardless, Riggs had a harder time staying in character when interacting with Cyr’s Rhymes — clearly amused at Cyr’s Rhymes impression. When he fin

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The Walking Dead showrunner teases the major “implications” of the season 10 premiere satellite

The Walking Dead season 10 was out of this world. The space-set opening was an audacious start for the new season, and that satellite is going to have some "other implications" on the show going forward. Does that mean The Walking Dead could be leaving America? Want more Walking Dead? Check out our list of the best Walking Dead episodes.

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The Walking Dead season 10 episode 2 trailer teases a scary new Whisperer threat

The final moments of The Walking Dead season 10 premiere saw Alpha (Samantha Morton) return after the briefest of hiatuses to stare down Carol (Melissa McBride). The Walking Dead season 10 episode 2 trailer promises a Whisperer-centric episode, introducing both Gamma (played by Thora Birch) and rising tensions within the Whisperer camp. Episode 2, it seems, will tell the story behind their journey back towards the communities of Oceanside and Alexandria. The second episode of season 10 will air

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The Walking Dead season 10 premiere review: “A bold, cinematic re-introduction to the show”

Can The Walking Dead really work on the big screen? That’s the question fans were asking after the show’s creators announced that a trilogy of new Walking Dead movies, centred on former protagonist Rick Grimes. For those Dead-heads still worried, rest assured, The Walking Dead season 10 premiere gives us a definitive answer: absolutely. Read more (Image credit: AMC) The 15 best Walking Dead episodes, ranked as season 10 approachesWe begin with the Hilltop and Alexandria teams. For more, check ou

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10 games that are far better on PC than on consoles

It's the same every console cycle – the new consoles come out and, for a time, there's a glory period where they at least seem more powerful than the average games PC or Mac. Then it all calms down and within a year a new PC is more powerful than them again. But there are some game franchises which, irrespective of the console's accessibility and the PC's grunt power, are just better on PC. They have more content, they have better controls, they have mods, they have user-generated content, hell,

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