Waiting for Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Well, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is out now

Waiting with bated breath for the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake next year? Well, don't worry, Square Enix has just the itch for your Final Fantasy scratch. Originally released in 1999, Final Fantasy 8 focuses on the story of Squall Leonhart, a newly-graduated member of the mercenary force SeeD. It's worth noting that Final fantasy 8 Remastered is a remaster and not a remake. Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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How the internet has reacted to World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic has finally launched and Blizzard's servers have been inundated with people looking to relive the days when the classic MMO was slow, boring, and difficult. (Image credit: Reddit)View postEasy mistake to makeOn the official World of Warcraft classic forums, people have been discussing the ways in which they've messed up, because even veteran players can make mistakes. And for some players, that's just part of the classic WoW experience. (Image credit: Reddit)View postSt

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World of Warcraft Classic realms are so overcrowded players are having to wait in line to finish quests

World of Warcraft Classic is officially live and servers are already being tested by the incredibly high number of people joining in to play the vanilla version of the MMO. WoW Players who have managed to get in have been posting shots on Twitter and Reddit showing the long queues currently being formed in-game to finish quests. One example comes from Reddit user greenufo333 who posted this image with the caption "when dozens need to kill one boss." Is WoW classic making you feel all nostalgic?

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World of Warcraft Classic players are standing in long lines to finish quests

Yesterday marked the release of the highly-anticipated World of Warcraft Classic, a recreation of the original iconic MMO. And, once the ball got rolling, many players were surprised to find that doing early quests often meant waiting their turn. In short, the servers are so highly populated right now that completing simple starting quests requires standing in line. Single file line to kill a quest mob in World of Warcraft starting zone. Some tweets say that players tried to “cut others,” while

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming in November

Gameforge announced in July that after a decade of waiting, the MMOARTS Kingdom Under Fire 2 would finally be coming to North America. Kingdom Under Fire 2 features three factions—the Human Alliance, Dark Legion, and Encablossians—vying for control over the realm of Bersia. Gameforge primarily publishes free-to-play games, but Kingdom Under Fire 2 will be released as a premium-priced game in North America. In a separate announcement, the company said the in-game store "will only focus on optiona

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Details revealed for the Borderlands 3 2020 Wall Calendar

Share This:Amazon has put up a listing for the Borderlands 3 2020 Wall Calendar, revealing a few details. According to the product page, the calendar will be released on Aug. 31, 2019, in the U.S. region. If you are interested, you can pre-order with this link from the online retailer; moreover, you can check out the cover, as well as Amazon’s product description, for the wall calendar below:Let’s make some mayhem! The 2020 wall calendar features a lineup of 12 outrageous fan-favorite heroes and

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Doom, Prey, Dishonored, and more are super cheap on Steam

QuakeCon gets underway on July 26 with all kinds of good stuff, including a Doom Eternal keynote, esports stuff, giveaway, and other gun-toting goodness you can read about here. In the runup to the big annual show, Bethesda Softworks is holding a QuakeCon Sale on Steam, and it's actually got some really good prices on really good games. A few choice selections:All sorts of other Bethesda-published games, old and new, are on sale, but the ones above are especially noteworthy because they're all r

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Here’s the Witcher trailer rap you were no doubt waiting for

Netflix have released the first trailer for their show based on The Witcher books and already an enterprising nerdcore MC has put his Geralt-themed verses over the top of it. English rapper Dan Bull combines his track The Bestiary with the footage of Henry Cavill looking grim, rapping through a list of Geralt's monstrous foes like it's time for the Pokemon rap, only with alghouls instead of articuno. Dan Bull is also responsible for a Borderlands 2 track that gave us the phrase "Vault Hunter S.

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Is it worth waiting until Prime Day to buy a games console?

While it might seem like a weird notion to posit at first, we thought it worth asking the question: Is it actually worth waiting for Prime Day to buy a console. From here you'll be able to decide for yourself if Prime Day is actually worth waiting for in order to buy a console, making an informed purchase decision that’ll get you gaming in no time. Worth waiting for Prime Day? Worth waiting for Prime Day? Worth waiting for Prime Day?

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Asus confirms it will have overclocked Radeon RX 5700 cards in September

(Image credit: Asus)The floodgates have somewhat opened on AMD's new Radeon RX 5700 XT and Radeon RX 5700 GPUs, so if you've decided that either model is the best graphics card for your setup, you can purchase one right now. Those will come, eventually—Asus said it will have custom Navi cards in September. It remains to be seen what kind of custom designs Asus will concoct. The image at the top of this article is of an Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 590. Reference specs break down like this:Radeon RX

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