Ni No Kuni 2 difficulty update fixes its biggest problem

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is still one of my favorite games of 2018. The only thing I didn't really like about it was how easy it is, so I'm extremely pleased to see its latest update add some advanced difficulty modes. The aptly titled "Difficulty Patch" is out now and adds a hard mode and an expert mode above the default normal mode. From the looks of the patch video, hard mode decreases the damage you deal and increases the damage you take by around 30 percent. Expert mode looks to be ar

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AMD makes a ‘heavy metal’ video teasing launch of its 32-core Threadripper CPU

Exactly when is still a mystery, though to drum up some excitement over its release, AMD uploaded a short teaser video to YouTube. Though short, AMD cranked the hype dial to 11. 32 core 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper coming in Q3 2018. According to the leak, the 32-core Threadripper chip will have a 3GHz base clock, 3.4GHz all-core boost clock, and 4GHz Precision boost clock. In the meantime, here's the teaser video:

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PES 2018 has an unofficial player-made World Cup mode

FIFA may hold the official World Cup 2018 license, but that hasn't stopped rival PES getting in on the action. As reported by Eurogamer, the player-made PTE patch introduces a World Cup-themed menu to PES 2018, alongside scoreboards, new logos, country flags, an official intro video and authentic advertising and stadium boards. Despite losing its acclaimed Champions League license this season, we learned last month that PES 2019 will ship with seven new domestic leagues. I guess we'll find out e

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Psychologists urge politicians to consider the role guns play in school shootings

President Donald Trump’s Federal Commission on School Safety heard testimony this week from two psychologists. While they held differing opinions on how violence in entertainment impacts children, both were clear in recommending that the government take the time to consider the role that firearms play in school shootings. With regard to video games, the commission called on Dr. Rowell Huesmann from the University of Michigan and Dr. Christopher Ferguson from Stetson University. Ferguson countere

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Dragon Ball Heroes anime trailer teases Evil Saiyan action

If each iteration of Dragon Ball, the multimedia action franchise that’s been kamehameha-ing since 1984 (! But the wait is almost over for the latest series, Dragon Ball Heroes, a promotional anime based on the card and video game(s) of the same name. Dragon Ball Heroes looks to pull out all the stops. — 부드크퍼 TDC (@DBReduxTDC) June 19, 2018The first episode of Dragon Ball Heroes premieres on July 1. For more news on the promo anime, here’s everything we know about Drag

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Nintendo and Xbox fire shots at Sony with new crossplay video

On the flipside, Xbox and Nintendo fully embrace it and seem to be annoyed at Sony’s lack of interest. Following the Minecraft debate last summer and now the Fortnite dilemma which prevents anyone who has ever linked their Epic Games account with their PlayStation from bringing their items and stats to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Nintendo have made a little message for Sony. In the video below, you’ll see a brief trailer for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch which boasts the ability to play with friend

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What’s your single greatest frag in a multiplayer shooter?

Our legendary shots, whether or not we have them on video, are unforgettable and probably unrepeatable. If you've played shooters, you probably have a shot or grenade toss like that, and we love hearing stories of improbable accuracy, so that's our mid-week PCG Q&A: What's your single greatest frag? 🤣 17, 2018Over the weekend I managed an extremely dumb frag in Rainbow Six Siege. With lots of time left, my opponent and I trade sprays through a fractured wall, missi

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Instagram goes all-in on longer videos in an effort to shut down YouTube

You’ll see videos appear both inside the Instagram app and inside IGTV with the latter focusing on taking screen time away from platforms like YouTube which is currently dominating the ad-driven streaming video space. Like YouTube, IGTV will focus its spotlight on its brightest stars allowing you to uncover new channels and personas that appeal to your specific interests. You’ll be able to pop from regular Instagram to IGTV with the press of a button on the app’s homescreen, and IGTV will retain

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We investigated the physical loot boxes at E3

If there is one thing the Polygon video team is known for, it’s hard-hitting investigations into the seedy underbelly of video games. Or that’s what we’ll be known for after this important video. This past week, Patrick Gill and I purchased an Overwatch mystery box at E3 with the intention of uncovering the shady dealings of IRL (in real life) loot boxes. The advertisement stated that the box contained $100 worth of merchandise for only $40 ($43.70 in total with tax). We wore our wires discretel

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YouTube Premieres hopes to redefine how people watch videos

YouTube Premieres is what happens when creators want to incorporate tools designed for livestreaming and bolstering a community, but don’t want to necessarily livestream. Kurt Wilms, group product manager at YouTube, told Polygon that Premieres is YouTube’s answer to appointment television. All of the livestreaming products that creators like (super chat, cool emojis, etc) are now available for standard videos. Super chat is a way fans to send a paid message, and it stands out from the crowd. Th

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