19 things we need in Borderlands 3 because there ain’t no rest for the wicked

Prepare yourself, because when it comes to Vault Hunters and Pandora, there’s a lot we’re thirsting for. Warning: there are spoilers below for Borderlands and Borderlands 2, so if you haven’t finished the games read ahead at your own risk! We Vault Hunters can get peculiarly attached to our favourite guns, so just give us a way to display them! Plus I’m imagining a ton of frames too, hopefully with Marcus or Dr Zed’s trademark slogans. Open with another crazy cutscene to (somehow) top the last t

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A new Vault door has appeared in Fallout 76, but it’s missing a number

It's possible some of these areas may accessed through Vaults, and at least one new Vault door has already appeared since the update dropped yesterday. As spotted by intrepid explorer and Reddit poster Bearing51, this new Vault door is located north of Aaronholt Homestead and west of The Crosshair. What's inside Vault Missing Texture? There are already a number of closed Vaults in Fallout 76: there's Vault 94, Vault 96, and of course Vault 63, the spot where one player accidentally glitched insi

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Disney’s new streaming service will include ‘the entire Disney motion picture library’

Disney’s streaming service, called Disney Plus, will be launching later this year. Shortly after it does, CEO Bob Iger says, it will contain “the entire Disney motion picture library.” That means the iconic “Disney Vault” is effectively dead. Once Disney Plus goes online, however, Iger says that marketing trick will simply fade away. And then, of course, we’re producing a number of original movies and original television shows as well that will be Disney-branded. Iger also stressed that newer fi

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Fallout 76 post-launch roadmap: new quests this spring, raids this summer

Fallout 76’s new mode, Survival, arrives in March along with new missions, new items and more features. The Scouts’ missions will deliver “a customizable backpack for increased utility,” Bethesda said. (arriving April 9) and the Pioneer Scouts quests are a series called Ever Upwards (May 7). The scouts missions will offer merit badges for completion. (arriving April 9) and the Pioneer Scouts quests are a series called (May 7).

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Anthem guide: Fort Tarsis and the Launch Bay

Fort Tarsis is your home in the wild and Cataclysm-filled world of Anthem. This guide will introduce you to all of the things you can do in both Fort Tarsis and the Launch Bay. We’re also going to include a map of Fort Tarsis that’s a little more user-friendly than the one the game provides. Launch BayAnthem’s Launch Bay is a social gathering place where you’ll be able to meet other players and teammates. The Launch Bay is a microcosm of the important parts of Fort Tarsis — you’ll find most of t

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Madden 19, Gone Home and 5 Star Wars games added to Origin Access vault

EA has added Madden 19, Gone Home and five Star Wars game to its Origin Access vault, meaning anyone with the basic $30/£20-a-year subscription can play them for an unlimited time. The Star Wars games are The Force Unleashed 1 and 2, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and Star Wars TIE Fighter Special Edition, the 1994 space flight sim that I think everyone should play at least once. Luke enjoyed it for his review, especially the singleplayer story mode, and th

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Fallout 76 glitch traps players in a sealed-off vault full of unreleased content

For the Fallout faithful still exploring the West Virginian wastes of Fallout 76 , a few Vault-Tec Vaults have remained mysteriously off-limits - unless you accidentally get teleported into them. Reddit user McStaken has shared some sights from inside the currently locked Vault 63 after their group inadvertently warped inside with no way out (besides the trusty life-saver that is fast-travel). "We entered the vault accidentally while doing a Rad-Rat Horde event," they wrote. "Glad to hear you go

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Fallout 76 player glitches inside sealed Vault 63, begs Bethesda not to ban them

Bethesda banned players who snuck into Fallout 76's 'dev room' last month—so it's no wonder one player that accidentally accessed the sealed Vault 63 this weekend was worried about the developer taking action against their account. So far they haven't been punished, and they managed to grab plenty of photos from inside the vault before fast travelling out. The player, posting on McStaken on Reddit, said the game warped them into the vault during a Rad-Rat Horde event. Vault 63 is sealed in Fallo

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Fallout 76 player gets inside, shares pictures from, mysterious sealed Vault 63

A Fallut 76 player accidentally clipped into and was stuck inside the supposedly inaccessible Vault 63 — a sealed area players believe may be the scene of some upcoming story extension or DLC. Vault 63 is located in Fallout 76’s Ash Heap region in the southwest of the map. A terminal by the sealed Vault 63 door has a keycard slot that accepts a “Vault 63 access ID card,” implying that there’s some way to get inside — which McStaken has now confirmed. According to Nukapedia, Vault 63 is one of th

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Here’s Why Fallout Uses Blue and Yellow A Lot

report this adAccording to the Fallout series, war never changes, and neither do some of the game’s more iconic color combinations. Now, courtesy of a new interview with two of the original Fallout team members, the reasoning is clear. However, they did also spend a little time discussing the original entries to the Fallout series. As anyone familiar with the Fallout series can likely guess, the team chose to use the colors rather than have them removed. That simple decision will likely continue

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