The Outer Worlds Devs Detail VATS-Like Combat System

So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that The Outer Worlds borrows one major gameplay feature from the aforementioned Bethesda-owned franchise. The feature in question is called tactical time dilation (or TTD for short) and it is The Outer Worlds‘ version of Fallout‘s VATS (Vault-Assisted Targeted System). The Outer Worlds developers also describe it as “a way for you to behave tactically in combat if you’re not the best FPS player.” Like Fallout‘s VATS, The Outer Worlds‘ TTD has a meter that drai

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The Outer Worlds will feature VATS-like slo-mo combat and unique companions

Obsidian's The Outer Worlds is an RPG, and that means you'll be doing lots of talking and exploring and sneaking around in places you shouldn't be. Companions can also be assigned "perks" that will change how those abilities work in different ways. Weapons will come in different types, like energy, kinetic, and melee, as well as different "brands" that will focus on different priorities. I think it really says something that The Outer Worlds appears on our list of most anticipated RPGs of 2019,

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