Cyberpunk 2077 can be completed without a single kill

Cyberpunk 2077 isn't just about Keanu Reeves , it's also about player choice. "In Cyberpunk you don't have to kill anyone at all," said CD Projekt Red art director Katarzyna Redesiuk. Choice feels central to the entire Cyberpunk 2077 experience, from how you customize the main character V's fashion ensembles to how you upgrade your skills. The no-kill promise is something we've seen before in games like Dishonored, but it will be fascinating to see how Cyberpunk 2077 makes it work. Cyberpunk 207

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How to Get Three Years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cheap

During E3 2019, Xbox revealed two new subscription services in Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines the Game Pass subscription for both Xbox and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold, into one single subscription for half the price – just $14.99 a month. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a decent discount for those who may already have been subscribing to both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft policy going forward is to allow those upgrading either their Xbo

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One of our favorite wireless gaming mice just got a 16K sensor upgrade

It's also now been upgraded with Logitech's flagship Hero 16K sensor. Logitech debuted its proprietary Hero sensor a few years ago, then gave it a 16K upgrade with last year's release of the Logitech G Pro Wireless, the best wireless gaming mouse around. As the name implies, the top range of the Hero 16K sensor is 16,000 dpi. Another benefit of the Hero 16K sensor is that it is more power efficient than the previous version. It has the same shape and button arrangement, and of course the same He

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Final Fantasy 8 is getting remastered and released sometime in 2019

While Square Enix’s E3 2019 presentation had the gorgeous Final Fantasy 7 Remake on center-stage, another of its seminal PS1 games was not far behind: Final Fantasy 8 is indeed getting remastered. On the plus side, Final Fantasy 8 Remastered will take far less time to come out - it’s due sometime in 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Guys, Gals, and Guardian ForcesA quick refresher: Final Fantasy 8 stars Squall Leonhart, a loner training to become a SeeD mercenary as t

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Early entry-level Tesla Model 3 owners will soon get a software downgrade

Several differences between the Standard Range Model 3 and the Standard Range Plus Model 3 – such as Autopilot options and acceleration speeds – are controlled at the software level. Until now, some early adopters have been getting Plus features effectively for free, but that'll change within the next 10 days, as per an email from Tesla. Included in the downgrades is a drop in maximum range from 240 miles to 220 miles – something to bear in mind if you've been using a Standard Range Model 3 with

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order borrows systems from Dark Souls and Metroid Prime

"Ours in Jedi: Fallen Order is nothing like that," game director Stig Asmussen tells GI. "I think [Jedi: Fallen Order’s approach] will feel fresh; it’s not exactly like Metroidvania. Your droid's health canisters behave very much like Dark Souls' Estus Flasks. Save points also respawn minor enemies in the area—again, just like Dark Souls. For more Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order news check out the first gameplay trailer and visit our everything we know about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order page.

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Upgrade your home theater with Samsung’s Q7 QLED TV, now 52% off

If you're finding your TV's colors aren't as vivid as they once were or your blacks aren't as deep as you'd like them to be, it may be time for a new unit – and Samsung's Q7 QLED TV is a steal that can take care of both problems. Walmart's Samsung Q7 QLED TV is currently a whopping 52% off, dropping it from the list price of $3,099.99 to just $1,499.99. That should make it a much more attractive buy if you’re in the market for a considerable upgrade to your home theater situation. It's not too s

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Destiny 2: Season of Opulence guide: Chalice of Opulence guide

This guide will teach you everything about what the Chalice of Opulence is, how to use it, upgrade it, and earn Imperials for it. When you turn it in, you’ll earn a treasure map. When you’ve finished your first Menagerie, you’ll unlock some Triumphs in the Destination section. When Wener tells you to upgrade the Chalice, you’ll only have 1,000 Imperials, meaning you can only afford one of the upgrades. Finally, we recommend picking up the Power and Efficiency II Chalice upgrade as quickly as you

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The top-end Mac Pro could cost $45,000

When Apple announced the new Mac Pro at its WWDC 2019 event, most of us had a feeling that this wouldn’t be a cheap device – the base model costs $5,999 (about £4,730, AU$8,720) after all – but some estimates suggest the cost for the highest-end Mac Pro could top $45,000 (around £35,000, AU$65,000). Well, first it included the price of the base model of the Mac Pro: $6,000. The high-end version of the Mac Pro is able to handle a huge 1.5TB of RAM. While the base Mac Pro comes with a rather disap

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iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S won’t get iOS 13 update

The next generation of software for your iPhone has been announced at WWDC 2019, but those still clutching onto older devices may be out of luck when it comes to snagging an iOS 13 update. That means if you have an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you won't be able to take advantage of iOS 13 and all its new features, including Dark Mode, improved performance and re-vamped Maps app. Is you iPhone compatible with iOS 13? The following iPhones will get the iOS 13 software update later this ye

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