“Wastelanders wasn’t even on our radar”: the Fallout 76 community is the reason we’re getting human NPCs

The news that Fallout 76 is getting human NPCs in its Wastelanders update made me whoop with joy, and I just know that I wasn't alone in that elation. With the absence of human NPCs being the main criticism of Fallout 76 for so many people, this could be the first sign that Fallout 76 is gradually becoming the MMO we thought it would be. But according to Marc Tardif (co-studio director at Bethesda Game Studios), that Wastelanders update and the NPCs in it wasn't on Bethesda's radar until the com

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Fallout 76’s project lead on learning how to ‘feed the beast’ of a live service game

From March to May, Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia update delivered a steady stream of quests, items, events, and new features on a near-weekly basis. Jeff Gardiner, Project LeadGardiner brings up Fallout 76's bobby pins, which players collect and use to pick locks. Good feedback is great. "I can't tell you, the fans of this game have been incredible, the fact that they stuck with us and they send us this feedback, good and bad, right? Good feedback is great.

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Steam In-Home Streaming is now available outside the home

Steam In-Home Streaming, which lets you stream Steam games between devices that share a network, has "experimentally" been unshackled and is now available outside the home, too. Given the change, it's got a new name, Steam Remote Play, and you can try it out now. As long as both devices you're running Steam on have a good connection and are close to a Steam datacentre, you should be able to stream games between each other wherever they are. Valve is overhauling the Steam Library, with a public b

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Bluetooth device suddenly not working with Windows 10? This might be why

But, not all Bluetooth devices are created equal, and a new security update from Microsoft may break Bluetooth connection for some devices on Windows 10. The security update and Bluetooth changes will effect Machines running even Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 12, as discovered by Windows Latest . The Windows Bluetooth stack does not allow debug connection while it is not in the debug mode." If your device is not connecting because of this error, you can either try to update the Bluetooth device

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Fallout 76 dialogue options are “going back to a Fallout 3 style”

Fallout 76 is getting humans NPCs at last in its upcoming Wastelanders update, and whether you find yourself chatting to settlers or raiders, there's a good chance you'll get some Fallout 3 deja vu. I spoke to Jeff Gardiner, project lead on Fallout 76, who said that when it comes to Fallout 76 dialogue options, the entire dialogue tree "is going back to a Fallout 3 style" when it comes to deciding what you can say and how your perks affect the dialogue options you're given. "The team was doublin

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Update your website regularly: Here’s why

And the same is true of a website, because once we’ve visited somewhere on the web, there needs to be a good reason to return. But the attention span of the average human isn’t the only reason for regular content updates. One of the important elements in how page rankings are determined is exactly how new the content on the linked page (or pages) is. A forum: Having a website forum does take some user management, but regular visitors will create their own content and a community that encourages

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Steam Library overhaul is just weeks away

The Steam Library is getting an overhaul, with a public beta only weeks away. We've been anticipating it since the update was announced in March, and a leak last week gave us our first look at it. This page will be customisable, so you can display your entire library or use filters to tweak what's visible. Big changes are also coming to the detail page (what you see when you highlight a game in your library). I've got almost 1,000 things in my library, so the improved detail page and update remi

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Terraria unveils the huge Journey’s End update

The PC Gaming Show brought us some big news about 2D dig ‘em up Terraria today. You might have looked at the game and thought “that doesn’t seem right” but I assure you it’s true. Along the way you spend time upgrading your weapons by mining precious minerals from the very ground you stand upon. Perhaps the two biggest new features are the ability to play golf and another even harder difficulty mode called Master Mode. That’s pretty much everything from the update, it looks to be a pretty exciti

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Fallout 76 is getting human NPCs and companions this fall

Human NPCs are coming to Fallout 76, complete with full dialogue trees and a new quest line. The news was announced at Bethesda's E3 showcase, as part of the Wastelanders update which will be free for all players. Year one of Fallout 76 was players settling the Wasteland, but Year 2 "is about people coming back to reclaim it," said co-studio director Tom Mustane. Wastelanders will fundamentally change the way you experience Fallout 76, and it’s set to arrive in fall of 2019." In the meantime, Fa

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