Microsoft Flight Simulator’s first technical alpha is coming in September

Microsoft Flight Simulator's Insider Program has launched, offering prospective players previews of the roadmap, early builds and updates from the developers. (Image credit: Microsoft)This month, Microsoft will be doing a couple of media updates, so expect screenshots and clips, along with a bunch of internal tests. Insiders will also get an update on the build program, with a technical alpha planned for mid September. (Image credit: Microsoft)(Image credit: Microsoft)In late September, Microsof

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Many Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 models are suddenly being throttled

Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 and Surface Book 2 are running into some crippling issues, as processor (CPU) clock speeds throttle down incredibly low speeds, TechRepublic reports. For reference, the lowest-spec Surface Pro 6 runs an Intel Core i5-8250U processor, which normally clocks at 1.6GHz. One was recently released for the Surface Pro 6. Just recently, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers were hit with issues, and the Windows 10 May 2019 update has caused problems for the Surface Book 2. A Microsoft sp

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No Man’s Sky Beyond: everything to know about the game changing update

This, combined with earlier updates, helped bring No Man's Sky closer to it's creators' original vision. Here's a quick guide to the update, and why now is as good a time as ever to jump into No Man's Sky. No Man Sky’s Beyond update is available for free for anyone that owns No Man's Sky on any platform. No Man's Sky OnlineThe first of these pillars is No Man's Sky Online. (Image credit: Hello Games)No Man's Sky VRThe second pillar of the Beyond update is No Man's Sky VR - which from the name is

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The new GTA Online update has supercars, RC cars, and double rewards in Arena War all week

The latest GTA Online update is bringing you a wide variety of cars, new cash bonuses, and a bunch of new Twitch Prime rewards. But if supercars aren't your bag, try your hand at RC car racing in the new RC Time Trials. During the week of August 15, you can pick up two times the GTA$ and RP when competing in the RC Time Trials. Plus, enjoy a ton of 30% off discounts on Arena War vehicles and the RC Bandito. As usual, the GTA Online updates are offering a bunch of great discounts, Twitch prime re

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Beating this Super Mario Maker 2 level is harder than winning the lottery (Update)

To upload a level to Super Mario Maker 2, one must be able to beat it. Creator PangaeaPanga did just that, but you have a better chance of winning the lottery. Cyber Security 101: Brute Force is a puzzle level whose object is “guess the number I’m thinking of,” and, by the way, that’s a number between zero and 99,999,999. PangaeaPanga says that someone has managed to crack the code, but the level has not yet been beaten. Update: Well, spoiler alert, but we missed the fact that about 30 people ha

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Sea of Thieves’ Dark Relics update is here with new voyages

Sea of Thieves is continuing its new monthly content cycle with a new update, Dark Relics, which brings along new voyages, cosmetics, Commendations, and both limited-time and permanent content. Last month, Sea of Thieves introduced the first in a new cycle of monthly updates with Black Powder Stashes, which has now been replaced with the Dark Relics update. This month's Dark Relics update adds a swath of game-balancing features, bug-fixes, and other updates. Some highlights include Skeleton nerf

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No Man’s Sky Beyond’s first update tackles stability issues

No Man's Sky Beyond launched yesterday, and while some astronauts have been socialising in space and playing in VR for the first time, others have been getting booted out before they get to the good stuff. A new update, released today, aims to tackle some of these stability issues. Most of the bug fixes tackle crashes, including rendering, memory and VR-related issues. One of the main problem areas, the Space Anomaly that houses the Nexus, should also be less likely to cause your game to crash.

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Sea of Thieves’ Dark Relics update finally sticks harpoon guns on rowboats

Sea of Thieves' August update, Dark Relics, introduces new voyages for you to complete and chests for you to hunt down, but forget all of that, because the most important new addition is harpoon guns on rowboats. Harpoon guns are, next to maybe fishing, the best thing Rare has added to its increasingly entertaining piratical romp. The Dark Relics voyages aren't floating my boat quite as much. Skeletons have stolen some relics, so you need to hunt them down across three voyages and get them back.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes: Gameplay, visual, and quality of life upgrades to look out for

The No Man's Sky Beyond update is the stuff of legend, offering new features like all-encompassing VR support, a shiny new social system, and tameable, rideable aliens in what can only be described as " No Man's Sky 2 in all but name ." Three years after the action-adventure survival game released, we can enjoy it an entirely new way, guaranteeing it'll stay in our minds and on our platforms far into the future. The Patch Notes are as vast and awe-inspiring as the Beyond update itself, guarantee

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