Space Engineers finally gets a release date after five years in Early Access

Space Engineers, one of the best space games on PC, is finally leaving Early Access after more than five years and 200 updates. It will be one of the biggest overhauls it's seen and, according to Keen Software's Marek Rosa, Space Engineers will evolve from a sandbox into a game. "We’re going to take Space Engineers to exciting places when it comes to gameplay, immersion, and challenges," says Rosa. It's been quite a long time since I last played Space Engineers, but it's still provided me with l

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Red Dead Online’s next update looks like the biggest yet, here’s what’s inside

Red Dead Online is still technically in beta and Rockstar's making good on that pre-release designation with a big ol' update on February 26. Rockstar's keeping some of the changes a mystery until the update arrives, but here are the biggest tweaks you can look forward to right now. Unless you're a griefer, in which case "dread" will hopefully be a more accurate description of your emotional state. New (non-competitive) Daily Challenges will also reward you with XP and Gold Nuggets for everythin

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Mac Mini 2019: what we want to see

So stunning, in fact, that we’re already excited for a would-be Mac Mini 2019. Check back for more updates as Mac Mini 2019 release date, price and other information begins to leak, if at all. The next Mac Mini computerThe next Mac Mini computer When is it out? With its two configurations, the Mac Mini 2018 has been dubbed the “cheapest” Mac on the market, and we definitely want to see the same prices on the 2019 update. We’d like to see Apple bring back the old generation’s user upgradability i

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Trials Rising stands apart in quiet Nintendo eShop update

I’ll cut to the chase: Nintendo eShop is looking barren this week. — but otherwise, Nintendo’s only big sells are Ubisoft’s Trials Rising and a Pokémon: Let’s Go! Rising is the first Trials game to make it to a Nintendo console, an impressive feat for Ubisoft’s nearly 20-year-old multiplayer racing series. This is also the first new Trials game since 2014’s Trials Fusion, a game Polygon found to be a disappointing step backward. Hopefully, Trials Rising is a more successful return to form for ha

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Apex Legends update drops today, adding a new weapon

Apex Legends is getting an update today that adds a new weapon to the free-to-play battle royale. Developer Respawn Entertainment shared a short video on Twitter teasing the new weapon, which is apparently called Havoc. Image credit: Respawn EntertainmentAccording to a previous datamine of Apex Legends by Twitter user RealApexLeaks (via VG247), Havoc is an assault ammo that uses energy ammo. However, the teaser video also shows the weapon powering up an energy shot of some kind. The new update a

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Red Dead Online Fool’s Gold Mode, New Weapon Update Detailed

According to Rockstar Games, the Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event in Red Dead Online will have players compete to control a suit of Golden Armor. The two new weapons on the way to Red Dead Online are the high grade, high capacity Evans Repeater rifle and the powerful double-barreled Rare Shotgun. The forthcoming Red Dead Online update will also bring three new Showdown Modes called Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder, where players and teams compete to capture and deliver bags and steal loot from

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Rocket League has cross-platform parties now

Rocket League Season 10 has begun. Today's update delivers competitive players their Season 9 rewards—some nice wheels for most—and gives everyone's rank a "soft reset." Win half of your placement matches and you'll be plopped somewhere near your old rank to start the new season. More importantly, Patch 1.58 adds cross-platform parties, completing the final step in bringing PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC players together—we'll no longer just matchmake with Psynetters, we can now play with them on pur

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Fortnite Driftboards and hover-riffic limited-time modes added in update 7.40

After an announcement and subsequent delay last December, Fortnite 's long-awaited Driftboards have finally arrived as part of update v7.40. As Epic announced in a new blog post , Driftboards are now available in Save the World, normal Battle Royale games, and the new limited-time "Driftin'" Battle Royale mode. pic.twitter.com/07QJxIHX0uFebruary 19, 2019The new Driftin' mode, meanwhile, pits two teams of 32 players against one another in a map overflowing with Driftboards. As a reminder, both th

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Red Dead Online gets competitive fishing, gold armor gunfight in next update

The most interesting of these is Fool’s Gold, a mission where players compete to wear a protective set of golden armor. Competitive challenges are also getting fishing challenges. Fishing challenges will be broken up by type, and players will opt in and receive the bait, rod, and lures necessary to properly compete. Players who are participating in fishing challenges are kept safe from griefing, ensuring that players can focus on just catching fish. Races will also get a new variation, Target Ra

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Operation Grand Heist Update Out for PS4

The latest update for Black Ops 4 is called Operation Grand Heist, and it is out now for PS4, with a PC and Xbox One launch on the way. The Operation Grand Heist update for Black Ops 4 makes changes to all three major game modes. Meanwhile, Black Ops 4‘s standard multiplayer mode is also getting some attention in the Operation Grand Heist update. Operation Grand Heist is a sizable update for Black Ops 4, and should give fans of all three game modes something to do. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is o

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