Remedy pulls Control PC patch after it forced players to use the Epic Games store launcher

Remedy has rolled back a recent PC update after players discovered they could only launch Control via the Epic Games store launcher. A number of players reached out on Reddit to report that after the patch, an error message was directing them to use the Epic Games store launcher, while some reported they were no longer able to play the game offline. Others were unhappy that the update was now preventing them from playing the mind-bending game with a Steam controller. We apologize for the current

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Remedy rolls back Control update that forced players to use the Epic Store launcher

The update that brought Photo Mode to Remedy's outstanding shooter Control today also delivered another, unexpected surprise. Numerous commenters took the change as a stealthy insertion of DRM and while nobody seemed quite sure who to blame—Remedy, or publisher 505 Games, or the Epic Games Store—the situation didn't help alleviate the persistent suspicion that surrounds Epic for some gamers. Remedy issued a statement saying that the intent was to use the Epic Store launcher "to validate future p

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Dota Underlords has new alliances and heroes planned for its next big update

Valve has shared some new details about the next 'Big Update' for Dota Underlords, and they weren't kidding: this one really is big. It's introducing brand new heroes and alliances, and it apparently marks the 'beginning of the end' for the Dota Underlords beta. When the Healer alliance bonus is active, all friendly healing is amplified. Sand King is joined by new heroes Weaver (tier two insect hunter), Nyx Assassin (tier one insect assassin), and Broodmother (tier four insect warlock). Valve sa

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First Destiny 2: Shadowkeep balance changes include Super nerfs and Armor 2.0 improvements

An updating coming on Tuesday, October 29 will address some overpowered Supers and annoying bugs, and Bungie says a future update will refine the new Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system. (Image credit: Bungie)Looking further ahead, Bungie says it wants to improve Armor 2.0 by making the availability and advantages of specific mods clearer. "So, you’ll be able to run two Hand Cannon Loader mods, or two Shotgun Ammo Finder mods, and so forth. The only exceptions to this stacking come from mods that provide

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BattleTech’s next update brings massive new ‘Mechs, bizarre new weapons, and more

Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech, which launched in April 2018, is closing in on the end of its Season Pass downloadable content. The $19.99 update, due out on Nov. 12, promises to add eight massive new machines to the game. Those who pick up the for-pay expansion (or those who already own the Season Pass) will also gain access to seven more classic models. Annihilator, a 100-ton ‘Mech that’s fairly slow for an assault chassis but with plenty of ballistic and energy hardpoints. Rifleman, the icon

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Have your Bose headphones stopped working? Here’s what you should do

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II are among the best noise-canceling headphones on the planet, but a recent firmware update has reportedly left customers with headphones they just don't work as well as they used to. Following the firmware update in June, proud owners of the QC 35 II headphones have been complaining of "noise cancelation degradation" in the Bose forums, according to What Hi-Fi?. (Image credit: TechRadar)Should I buy the Bose QC 35 II? Now that there's a newer model on the block, we're

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My Friend Pedro sells almost 500,000 copies, now has more modes

"Aw, that's cute" is not something I thought I'd say about My Friend Pedro but here we are. The slow-motion murder platformer extravaganza now has a 'tiny player mode' and it's properly adorable. This comes as part of the Code Yellow update, which adds 14 modifiers to the skateboard shoot-a-thon including cinematic camera mode, big head mode, adjustable focus speed, and adjustable player speed. According to publisher Devolver Digital's blog post announcing Code Yellow "nearly half a million folk

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Half of all iPhones are already using iOS 13 while most other flagships are still waiting on Android 10

Some older devices aren't eligible to update to iOS 13, so Apple's ability to still drive 50% adoption for all iPhones is a feat. Ease of adoptionApple's iOS 13 adoption rates are certainly helped by the company's strict control of iOS device architecture and release. Plenty of users are updating despite new iOS 13 problems cropping up. iOS 13 has introduced a dark mode that can benefit users with iPhone X or iPhone XS models with OLED displays, and iOS 13 introduces Apple Arcade. And, of course

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The Division 2 is free to play through this Sunday to celebrate the big Episode 2 update

The Division 2: Episode 2 and Title Update 6 arrived earlier this week , and to celebrate the big release, the full game will be free to all players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC now through Sunday, October 20. You'll need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription if you want to play on Xbox One, but you can play on PS4 without a PlayStation Plus subscription, though some features will be limited. This sale price will be available through Monday, October 28 on PS4 on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Stor

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