Nintendo eShop update gives Monster Hunter fans a chance to try its Switch debut

Nonetheless, Nintendo Switch eShop has a handful of downloads to check out before September, including a preview of the first Switch game from a huge franchise. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a Nintendo Switch version of the expansion to 2016’s Nintendo 3DS entry in the series. That game, Monster Hunter Generations, received praise from what was back then a smaller fanbase — a dedicated niche that already knew the Monster Hunter ropes. Things have changed since then, however, as Monster

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Latest Fortnite: Battle Royale update adds devastating heavy sniper rifle

Epic has made another update to Fortnite, this time introducing the long-awaited Heavy Sniper Rifle. The Heavy Sniper Rifle has been known about for several weeks, as it was stumbled upon by StormShield.One dataminers back in July, but it hasn’t been formally added into the game up until now. Intriguingly, alongside the rifle’s addition, Epic has removed scopes for assault rifles. The update also introduces two new limited-time-modes, including the return of Sniper Shootout, which limits players

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Fortnite Crashing More Often After Latest Update

Fortnite update 5.21 introduces several new features to the game. However, some players aren’t able to enjoy these as intended as the update is also causing Fortnite to crash more often. The Fortnite crashing issue has been addressed on the game’s official Twitter account. Developer Epic Games says that it is “aware of an increase in crashes” in Fortnite Battle Royale following the release of the v5.21 patch. Epic has several more significant Fortnite updates planned for the next few weeks and m

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Microsoft launches Your Phone, letting Android users connect to Windows 10 PCs

After a brief trial for Windows Insiders, Microsoft is rolling out Your Phone to all Windows 10 users running the latest version of the operating system, allowing users to drag and drop pictures between their Windows PC and an Android phone. Your Phone is now ready to download from the Microsoft Store, with a counterpart available on the Google Play Store as part of Microsoft Apps. Once you've installed both, you can log in using your Microsoft account to connect your devices and start transferr

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SEGA re-launches Yakuza 0 patch, after rolling it back

SEGA has re-launched Patch 1 for its PC port of Yakuza 0, after having rolled it back due to complaints from some users about further issues caused. The update, which initially launched last week, primarily targeted a bunch of crash issues in the game, primarily crashes during launch and in several cutscenes. But the patch itself caused problems for players who previously were not experiencing any. In an announcement on Steam titled “THE PATCH IS BACK.” SEGA thanked everyone who provided feedbac

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You’re going to have to wait longer for Group Facetime in iOS 12

Apple's next big software update - iOS 12 - is expected to launch in the next month or so, but the latest beta has confirmed one of the most anticipated features won't be ready to use on day one. Group Facetime, a feature that allows you to video chat with up to 32 people at once, won't be waiting for you to use at launch and is instead delayed until a future update. That comes direct from the iOS 12 developer beta 7 that was spotted by 9To5Mac . While it doesn't elaborate on why the feature is

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Play Rainbow Six Siege for free again this weekend

Ubisoft is offering another free weekend for its wildly successful tactical FPS Rainbow Six Siege. In a slightly unusual interpretation of the word “weekend”, Siege will be freely available to play from Thursday 16th of August, continuing through until Monday 20th. On PC, the free weekend commences from 6pm, while console players will receive access to it earlier in the day. The free weekend coincides with the first ever Rainbow Six Major championship in Paris, where sixteen teams will compete f

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter DLC out on Monday, Black Marsh expansion due later this year

The Elder Scrolls Online's werewolf-themed DLC, called Wolfhunter, is coming out on Monday (August 13), ZeniMax Online Studios has announced. Zenimax Online also teased the game's next expansion, called Murkmire, due out this autumn/fall. You'll travel to the "untamed wilds" of Black Marsh, home of the Argonians. For all the changes coming in update 19, as well as more details on the Wolfhunter DLC, the read this blog post. Wolfhunter will be free for ESO Plus subscribers, and non-members will b

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Android 9 Pie just launched, so Samsung announced 12 of its devices will get Android 8 Oreo

Samsung announced an Android 8.0 Oreo update schedule for its mid-tier phones and tablets, so you may be in luck if you have an older or budget device like the Galaxy J7 or Galaxy A9. Yes, Android 9.0 Pie is already out on the Google Pixel 2 and other Pixel handsets, but some of Samsung’s devices won’t be getting Android 8.0 Oreo until January 2019, reports AndroidPure. Samsung has been notoriously slow at updating its devices to the latest software in the past, especially non-S devices. While i

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds Two More Year 4 Chapters

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been updated yet again, and this week’s update is meatier than most. The new side quest in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has to deal with Rita Skeeter, the controversial Daily Prophet journalist with questionable ethics. Saving gems in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is important because gems are the primary currency in the game and used to purchase the most important things. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but disregarding the Duelling Club, Ha

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