The Last of Us 2 Workbench and Weapon Upgrades spotted in Naughty Dog dev diary

The screenshot behind Naughty Dog UI designer María Capel's face is almost definitely one a workbench, The Last of Us' stationary recuperation hubs where you could upgrade and modify your arsenal of weapons. You can even see the word "Upgrade" on the top left of the screen, and the highlight is over a revolver pistol. This is, of course, all a work in progress, and The Last of Us 2's finished Workbench UI could look completely different to what we're seeing here, or may be eventually scrapped al

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Anthem Dev Confirms Health Bug is Real Issue, Not UI Problem

Another one that has been plaguing Anthem for some time is the health bug, which results in players loading into a mission with much less health than they are supposed to have. Many believe this is somehow connected to a bug with a component, resulting in many overlapping layers with this particularly nasty Anthem bug. It’s worth mentioning that BioWare has been aware of the issue for some time, but at first believed it to be a UI issue. As this was proven false, lead Anthem producer Ben Irving

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Resident Evil 2 Remake mod restores the classic UI

The Resident Evil 2 Remake gave a facelift to every aspect of the original, including the UI. It's now much sleeker, and easier to navigate—but that hasn't stopped some fans feeling nostalgia for the menus of 1998. If you're one of them, then you should grab a new mod called Classic UI, which reverses many of the changes, giving you a retro health bar, classic save icons with character portraits, and the original Resident Evil 2 logo, alongside other tweaks. You can grab it here, courtesy of mod

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Black Ops 4 Devs Working on New Blackout Looting System

Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a vocal portion of console players have continually suggested that there are some serious problems with looting in Blackout. Taking to Twitter, Vonderhaar has confirmed that Treyarch is currently working on a new Stash UI for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s battle royale game mode. This new UI will allow console players to view groups of items when they are looting crates or the corpses of their opponents. The new looting system will put the console Bl

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Mozilla has big plans for Thunderbird in 2019

While Mozilla’s open source email client Thunderbird is often overshadowed by the company’s more popular web browser, Firefox, it doesn’t mean it’s being neglected, and it looks like Mozilla has big plans in store for Thunderbird in 2019. In a recent blog post, Mozilla has revealed what Thunderbird users can look forward to this year. According to the blog, “[Mozilla] will be looking into leveraging new, faster technologies in rewriting parts of Thunderbird as well as working toward a multi-proc

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New Facebook Messenger ‘dark mode’ currently being tested in select countries

Glancing at Messenger first thing in the morning can feel a little like being woken up with a flashbang, particularly if your smartphone has an especially bright screen. Facebook Messenger is testing Dark Mode in the new UIpreviously: https://t.co/vT6WoKikPm pic.twitter.com/A6ETE45BPNOctober 5, 2018According to Wong, users with access to Messenger's new dark mode can find a toggle for the setting within the app's 'Me' section. Of course, as the new mode is only in its testing phase, it's far fro

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Atlas is off to a disappointing start in Early Access

Atlas's Early Access voyage is off to a rocky start. The UI and mechanics are, at times, unerringly similar—one of the top posts on the Atlas subreddit calls it "Ark with a little bit of pirates". She told me this morning that the UI is "terrible" and that lag had, at times, made it virtually unplayable. She was also unable to connect to a server when she tried to launch the game this morning. Also, the plan is for it to be in Early Access for around two years, giving it plenty of time to evolve

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SteamVR update enables smoother gameplay and custom controller settings

"Today we've updated SteamVR for all users with changes that have been cooking in SteamVR beta for the last month. This includes major features like Motion smoothing and updates to the controller rebinding UI, as well as a host of new features, bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements across SteamVR. The ultimate goal with motion smoothing is to enable "more players on more PCs to play high-fidelity VR games and experiences." start dropping frames), motion smoothing kicks in. The controller binding U

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‘Fix PUBG’ campaign officially over, devs to focus on ‘stability’ over new content

PUBG Corp's 'Fix PUBG' campaign, which aimed to combat the worst bugs and performance problems in the battle royale game, is now officially over. Clearly, the end of the campaign doesn't mean that PUBG is now bug-free, or that PUBG Corp is satisfied with where the game is. For 2019, the developer will therefore prioritise "build stability and quality" over new gameplay features or content. It also detailed some planned changes to matchmaking in PUBG, including a new UI that will better display e

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Samsung Galaxy S10 details leaked, including a ‘punch hole’ camera notch

The Samsung Galaxy S10 could be one of the next major flagships to land, so unsurprisingly leaks are starting to build and today a number of details have emerged, including the possibility that it will have a "punch hole" style selfie camera cut-out. It's a display that has a camera cut-out towards the left edge, but unlike a notch, this doesn't extend from the top – it's surrounded by screen. Blass doesn't say which model he's talking about here, but if there really are three then this is likel

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