The next Windows 10 update will make Cortana more helpful than ever

The next major version of Windows 10 , known internally as Redstone 4 , is likely to ring in major improvements to how Cortana works based on seemingly simple changes. Brought to bear through the most recent ‘Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17127,’ these changes allow you to create a Cortana profile from which the digital assistant can mine information to provide you updates without even asking. Detailed in a new Windows Insider Blog post , this profile is accessible and editable through the No

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Jabra’s new wireless noise-cancelling earphones help drown out the world

Jabra has been a staple in the noise-cancelling headphone game for some time now but the Jabra Elite 65e, a pair of earphones announced today that offers noise-cancellation and an 8-hour battery life, are its pièce de résistance. The headphones will be out in April this year and retail for $199/£169, and while that price tag sounds a bit high for wireless in-ears, the tech Jabra is cramming into each model makes it likely to be worth the high barrier to entry. Namely, that technology includes th

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I flew a drone with my brain – but that’s only the beginning

What if I’ve got the gift?’Well, I can proudly say that I have moved something using my mind. Unfortunately I haven’t developed true telekenetic powers; rather I used an EEG headset that measured my brain waves to activate a drone. Brain trainingThe system works by training the headset to pick up on a sustained thought pattern, then associating those brainwaves with the drone taking off. Any connected object, we can talk to, with the brain, using our interface.”And that last point is pretty sign

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Google goes big on ARCore with a host of new augmented reality apps and games

Get ready for a (virtual) veritable tidal wave of augmented reality (AR) apps coming to your Android phone. Google announced during GDC 2018 that 60-plus ARCore apps are landing on the Google Play Store today, boosting the lineup of already available Android AR apps and games. As a refresh, ARCore is the Google platform that lets developers create augmented reality experiences for Android phones. In addition to ARCore, The Walking Dead AR game utilizes the Google Maps API, which Google opened up

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Sea of Thieves for PC runs on a vast range of machines

Sea of Thieves launches March 20 and, while it’s an Xbox One console exclusive, you can also run it on practically any Windows 10 PC you’d like. Whether you have MacBook Pro or even a simple basic budget laptop for college, you can run the game on just integrated graphics. For Full HD (1080p at 30 fps) gaming, Rare suggests, at the very least, an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 460 on desktops. On the laptops side, you could easily run the game using machines such as the Dell XPS 15 or Lenov

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Baselworld 2018: will we see new smartwatches this week?

Baselworld 2018 is only days away, where some of the world's biggest names in watches and jewelry come together to show off the latest innovations in accessories. Currently we don't know anything for certain about tech announcements at Baselworld 2018. Some of the world's biggest watch brands will be at the show, but whether we'll see new smartwatches from those names, remains to be seen. Perhaps the first Wear OS watch? Be sure to come back here from March 22 for the latest announcements.

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OnePlus 6 may look like this new Oppo smartphone

Leaked OnePlus 6 specs include a notch display, minimal bezel, and a 19:9 aspect ratio screen. And that's exactly what we're seeing from the new phone from Oppo, which also shares an investor, Oppo Electronics, with OnePlus. This gives us our strongest clue yet to the look of the upcoming OnePlus flagship, as OnePlus smartphones have a history of closely resembling Oppo smartphones. The Oppo R15’s notch design resembles that of the iPhone X fairly closely, but unlike the iPhone X’s 19.5:9 aspect

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These wearable sensors could one day make your clothes smarter

Smart clothing is generally fairly niche, in part because it’s often not overly useful, but pack the right tech into a garment and that could change, and some newly developed sensors could help with that. reports that the sensor, developed by Yoshiro Tajitsu of Kansai University in Japan and Teijin Limited, are piezoelectric (that is, able to convert mechanical signals into electrical signals) braided cords that could be used in fashion, sports apparel, interior design and healthcare. T

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The rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 is now available in the US

Samsung’s latest rugged tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2, is coming stateside following its 2017 launch in other regions. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 , reportedly soon to be treated to Android Oreo , the Active 2 shares less in common with the company’s slick smartphone lineup. Our review of the 2015 Samsung Galaxy Tab Active saw that, despite its rugged build, it actually didn’t fare that well after taking several tumbles, so we’ll be sure to put its second iteration to task in the

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Report suggests your Nintendo Switch may soon be out of date

Reports have emerged that Nintendo is working on new and improved Switch hardware. If Nintendo is not planning a hardware upgrade this year, then, it could be looking to introduce one in the future if the information uncovered from these files is accurate. It's important to note they contain neither a timescale nor a definitive statement of intent from Nintendo, though certainly a minor hardware refresh after two years isn’t unheard of. The other option is a muddled line of ‘New’ models as we sa

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