Jamie Lee Curtis talks Halloween Easter eggs, the possibility of *another* sequel, and more

Who would have thought that scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis would return to the role that made her famous 40 years later? Certainly not me, but having seen the new Halloween movie and spoken to Curtis herself about why she chose to return to the franchise, I can say that it was well worth the wait. I sat down with leading lady Curtis (watch the full interview above) to talk about Halloween and ask her what fans can expect from the upcoming movie. It has to do with something that was in my bedroom

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Rockstar talks Red Dead Redemption 2 horse permadeath: “It’s your closest, trusted companion”

When we went hands on with Red Dead Redemption 2 one of the things that made the world feel so real, more than just the usual pretty set dressing for a story, was the wildlife that skittered and skulked in every corner. Some animals can co-exist and react together but some of the animals are obviously aggressive to one another. On top of that, there's the ecosystem surrounding scavenging and how that applies to dead animals. Gators can be a menace for the player because they’re hard to spot and

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Friday the 13th Dev Talks About The Future Of The Game

report this adEver since Friday the 13th: The Game became entangled in a legal battle initiated by the original film’s screenwriter, the asymmetrical online multiplayer horror title’s future has been shrouded in doubt and uncertainty. Just as Friday the 13th: The Game was beginning to pick up steam thanks to stability updates, fixes, and new content, the strong arm of the law put its momentum to a screeching halt. Understandably, fans of the game, and especially those who backed the game back in

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Interview: JRock band [ALEXANDROS] talks theme songs and U.S. tour

We recently got a chance to do a Skype interview with the Japanese band [ALEXANDROS] as they prepare to go on their first US tour very soon. When we made the Bleach song and Project Judge, we were in the States so we sent them our demo. Obviously, Project Judge and Bleach are very different, are there specific sounds you guys try to find for those two? When we’re in the studio, I’d always play it.”That’s the sign of a good theme song! We’ll leave the Project Judge and Bleach themes below along w

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Worlds 2018: A Lighting Round interview with RNG’s Mlxg

We pulled jungler Liu “Mlxg” Shi-Yu after his match to do a quick Lightning Round with us. Our Lightning Round questions come from pros we’ve interviewed already, Vox Media employees and my brain. We’re looking to ask those really hard-hitting questions ... like, the ones about Pokémon and stuff. Mlxg: I don’t think I could play another game competitively, because I’m not good at other games. Mlxg: Who talks the most shit on your team?

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James Gunn in talks to write and direct Suicide Squad film for DC Comics

3 having a finished script that’s now stuck in limbo without a director, Gunn is making big moves on his next major project: A take on DC Comics’ Suicide Squad. This DC film franchise looks to do something similar to the Elseworld series of DC Comics which allows writers to bring fresh new takes of characters with radical new stories that aren’t canon to the overall mythology. This is pure speculation on our part but would allow for a new Suicide Squad without recasting the current one. This all

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Destiny 2’s raid team lead talks cheeses, secrets, dungeons and the influence of old school Mario

Even in the darkest times, one thing the Destiny community could always rally around was the brilliance of the raid design. So I was eager to speak with Joe Blackburn , raid team lead at Bungie, and pick his considerable brains about the past, present and future of Destiny raiding. More on that later, but as with any good raid, let's start at the beginning. I think Riven was more of a response from when we made Oryx," says Blackburn. On the next page: Bungie talks Wishing Wall, designing raid ex

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“All forms of entertainment are competition” – FF14 director talks fighting for players’ time

Instead, Final Fantasy 14 must consider movies, music, and other forms of entertainment competition as well. "I think all forms of entertainment could be considered competition," Yoshida told me via translated email. Due to this fact, movies, music, standalone games, and all forms of entertainment become competitors." He also wants to keep communication with FF14 fans open, so that players feel like they have a say in the game's development. "All forms of entertainment are competition, which is

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Watch Michael Abrash and John Carmack talk about the rosy future and practical present of VR

My favorite thing about any Oculus Connect is listening to Michael Abrash talk. Abrash is Oculus's chief science officer, focused on R&D for the VR technology of five, 10, 20 years from now. He helped John Carmack program Quake, and today the two work at Oculus in very different categories, which coincidentally makes their annual keynotes fascinating counterpoints. Abrash talks excitedly about what VR is capable of and how we might overcome the immense technical challenges to get there. Carmack

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