Pathway, the pulpy tomb-raiding tactics game, is out in just 4 days

Mash together XCOM, Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones and Wargroove and you'd probably get something that looks like Pathway, a pixel art turn-based tactics game about pinching treasure from Nazis. Publisher Chucklefish—which developed Wargroove—has announced a release date, and it's sooner than I expected. You'll have tough choices to make, loot to grab, and enemies to battle in turn-based combat. When you fail, you'll carry progress over to your next run, so your squad will always be improving. If yo

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Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a story-driven tactics game with choices and consequences

The next Divinity game, though it features a lot of returning Original Sin 2 characters, isn't a freewheeling, sandboxy RPG. Divinity: Fallen Heroes is a tactics game, but it retains a lot of RPG sensibilities, including being driven by a story with plenty of choices and consequences. It's going to be just as important here as it was in Original Sin 2. "And from this, Fallen Heroes was born." If you don't know anything about the Original Sin series or Divinity and just want to play a new tactics

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Get Tyranny, Shadow Tactics, Pillars of the Earth, and more in the new Humble Bundle

The Humble Caffeine Bundle is not about coffee (or whatever stimulant delivery vehicle you prefer), but the "social broadcasting platform" that debuted early last year. Pay $12 or more and you'll also get the Obsdiain RPG Tyranny, and the extremely good stealth assassination game Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun. The Headlander and This War of Mine soundtracks are also included at their respective levels. The default charity in the Humble Caffeine Bundle is Take This, "a mental health nonprof

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The Fallout Classic Collection is now free to Fallout 76 players

Bethesda's latest Fallout 76 blog post is a fairly routine recap of incoming patches, but it also follows up on the studio's promise of giving the old Fallout games to early Fallout 76 players. As of today, if you played Fallout 76 on any platform in 2018, you can claim Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel for free on PC. Early adopters of Fallout 76 will find the Classic Collection automatically added to their accounts on Bethesda.net. And being a strategic, squad-based

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The old Fallout games are now free for Fallout 76 players

Bethesda is preparing two new patches for Fallout 76 this month, with the first due to arrive on January 14. Although details are a bit sparse on what these patches will contain (mostly bug fixes and squashed exploits, according to this week's Inside The Vault post), there is some Fallout goodness you can access right now. If you played Fallout 76 in 2018 (the full release, that is, not just the beta), you can fire up the Bethesda launcher today and get Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: B

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How Thronebreaker got a card-hater to stop worrying and embrace the tactics rectangle

Proof of my past relationship with card games, courtesy @TheScarfington. Finally, a card game for the haters. A card game. It's surprisingly seamless for how disparate a tabletop card game and a gritty, character-based RPG sound on paper (cardstock). That Thronebreaker got me playing and enjoying a card game is nothing short of miraculous.

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Fallout 76 players will get Fallouts 1, 2 and Tactics for free next month

Anyone that has logged into Fallout 76 in 2018 will get the original Fallout, Fallout 2 and the combat-focused Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel for free next month, Bethesda has announced. Players will get the games as part of the Fallout Classic Collection, and should be able to claim them in early January. The collection was initially available as a pre-order bonus for Fallout 76. #HappyHolidays!ANYONE who logged into the full release of #Fallout76 in 2018 will receive an entitlement for

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Fallout 76 Players to Receive Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics Free

report this adDespite having been named one of the best-selling titles for November 2018, there’s no doubt that Fallout 76 has had an incredibly rough launch. Nevertheless, it looks as if Bethesda’s apology tour continues, as the company recently revealed players will get the Fallout Classic Collection on PC for free. According to Bethesda, anyone who logged into the full release of Fallout 76 during the course of 2018–be they console or PC players–will be eligible to receive the aforementioned

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Mutant Year Zero nails the real-time stealth, fumbles as tactics

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, the new post-apocalyptic adventure game, launches today on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. In motion it’s a clever hybrid of modern, XCOM-like tactical gameplay and real-time stealth. Mutant Year Zero shows real genius in its real-time stealth elements, which give players extraordinary freedom to maneuver and plan their attacks. So long as you don’t mind save-scumming, there’s an excellent storyline here tied to a fun real-time stealth game. Mutant Year Ze

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Battlefield V tips and tricks

The Battlefield franchise is back, and following the success of dialling the clock back to WW1 for Battlefield 1, the latest instalment keeps the historical setting going by leaping into the chaos of WW2. As a result, you’ve got that classic, hectic multiplayer gameplay you know and love, mixed in with some new and improved features. Working as a squad, utilizing class strengths and making the most of your weapon’s specializations are more important than ever, so to help you get a slight edge in

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