Only Nintendo could kill the Game Boy

With its early competitors all but vanquished, Nintendo solidified its grip on the market in 1996 with the release of the Game Boy Pocket. The GBA followed the same playbook as previous Game Boy consoles: it was cheap, it had a good battery life, and it maintained backwards compatibility with the entire Game Boy library. The most powerful Game Boy yet was still a Game Boy through and through, which meant that it could have been a lot more capable. That’s why the Game Boy Micro was the last Game

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SimpliSafe home security sale: save 15% and get a free camera

The home security company is offering 15% off several of its best pre-packaged or build-your-own security systems and includes a free SimpliCam. The security camera provides live 24/7 HD video that you can monitor from your smartphone or tablet. SimpliSafe Home Security Sale:15% off SimpliSafe Security Systems + Free CameraFor a limited-time you can save 15% on a SimpliSafe pre-configured or build-your-own security system. You'll also receive a free SimpliCam security camera that normally retail

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Apple HomePod 2 could provide stereo sound anywhere in the room

Apple's long-awaited HomePod 2 smart speaker could sound even better than the original, if new patents granted to the tech company are anything to go by. Apple's patent for a 'Multi-listener stereo image array' describes a system where "multiple people can experience a stereo audio effect, regardless of where they are seated," according to Apple Insider. Now, you might wonder how the HomePod will know where you're standing in the room. If you're coming from the world of two-channel sound, this m

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Capcom Home Arcade Console Announced with 16 Bundled Games

The Capcom Home Arcade console not only comes bundled with 16 classic arcade games, but also is an arcade deck with two joystick setups, with the console itself being the controllers. For 229.99€, buyers will get 16 classic Capcom games pre-loaded on the Capcom Home Arcade console, including rare or otherwise unavailable games such as Alien vs. Here’s all 16 Capcom games planned to be included on the platform:1944: The Loop MasterAlien vs. Expect more information on the Capcom Home Arcade consol

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