Starpoint Gemini 3 will bring us more singleplayer space combat this year

The sci-fi RPG series Starpoint Gemini will return later this year with Starpoint Gemini 3, a new game featuring 3D interactive NPCs (a first for the series), new systems to explore, "a deep character skill system," and ADAH, a new shipboard "digital consciousness" that will join you on your journey. Ships can be customized via a modular upgrading system, and of course there will be plenty of space combat to keep things hopping. "Starpoint Gemini 3 is something new, and we're excited to offer yo

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This ‘gaming monster’ PC costs $43,000—about the same as a Tesla Model 3

If your financial situation is a bit more fortunate, however, there's another decision to be made—buy a new car on a £32,999.99 budget, or drive home 8Pack's new Orion X2. I don't know if it's the best gaming PC money can buy, but it's certainly one of priciest options. And yes, 8Pack is pitching the Orion X2 as a "gaming monster" and not simply a workstation system, though the latter figures into the equation as well. The Orion X2 features a triple water cooling loop with custom acrylic pass-th

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Die over and over again in the beautiful solar system of Outer Wilds

You’re a Hearthian, a curious, four-eyed amphibious being from a small planet in a weird solar system full of mystery. You travel this strange solar system, exploring its idiosyncratic planets and uncovering its many secrets. Maybe you die because you’re stranded on a planet with no atmosphere, and your oxygen has run out. Or maybe you die because you’re experiencing the moments before your sun goes supernova and you ran out of time. Perhaps if you pick at the right thread for long enough, you’l

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Space Engineers finally gets a release date after five years in Early Access

Space Engineers, one of the best space games on PC, is finally leaving Early Access after more than five years and 200 updates. It will be one of the biggest overhauls it's seen and, according to Keen Software's Marek Rosa, Space Engineers will evolve from a sandbox into a game. "We’re going to take Space Engineers to exciting places when it comes to gameplay, immersion, and challenges," says Rosa. It's been quite a long time since I last played Space Engineers, but it's still provided me with l

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The developer of Furi is making a co-op RPG

Furi, 2016's stylish hack-and-slash-meets-bullet-hell cult hit, was actually too fast for my ageing hands to manage. Now its developer, The Game Bakers, has revealed its next project, which sounds a little gentler on reflexes: it's a romantic co-op RPG about "everyday love" called Haven. Check out the teaser trailer above. It also outlines the premise very briefly: that you play as a pair of lovers who have escaped to a "lost planet". You can play it solo or with a "special someone" in local co-

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Scum development roadmap teases vehicles, base building, and missions

The developers of Scum, the open-world survival game with the dressable, growable, uncontrollable dongs, have shared their development plans for the next three months. If those plans go well, they'll bring new vehicle physics to the game, base building, a complete overhaul of the inventory system, and reworks to the cooking and metabolism systems. The vehicle damage system is also being changed, "which means the car will react differently depending on whether you shot at its tire or the engine."

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Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer shows more realistic ‘Records’ mode

So far we've seen plenty of the Total War: Three Kingdoms Romance mode but little of the more realistic version of the campaign, called 'Records'. Instead of being lone warriors capable of fending off entire units, heroes fight as part of a unit of fighters. According to the Sega press release battles in Records mode tend to go 30 percent longer. Total War: Three Kingdoms was recently delayed until May 23. For more, here's everything we know about Total War: Three Kingdoms.

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YouTube revamps community guidelines strike system

YouTube has always had a “three strikes and you’re out” system, though each strike dealt a different penalty to users. This includes live-streaming, video uploads, and any other YouTube content. Having a warning system in place, YouTube hopes will encourage creators to learn more about the community guidelines. In an effort to increase transparency, YouTube will also delineate exactly why the strike occurred and link to the place in YouTube’s guidelines that discusses the violation. YouTube prev

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Final Fantasy 14’s Naoki Yoshida talks Fat Cat, Blue Mage, and more

The latest patches have brought out new content, including the limited-time Blue Mage job, a new dungeon, and more Fat Cat cosmetics. Most importantly, we asked him how he felt about Fat Cat, the beloved chubby calico cat minion. How was the release of Blue Mage different from what you initially expected it to be? No matter where in the world you go, it always seems that Fat Cat is popular. I absolutely find Fat Cat cute, but it doesn’t have that characteristic Final Fantasy series feel to it, s

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If it weren’t for RAM there would be 70% fewer Windows patches

Are you tired for patching Windows every month, and sometimes even more often than that? As it turns out, the vast majority of Windows patches are to address memory safety bugs, according to Matt Miller, an engineer at Microsoft. He said that over the course of the last 12 years, around 70 percent of Microsoft's patches were aimed at fixing memory issues, Fudzilla reports. The culprit, according to Miller, is that Windows is written almost entirely in C and C++ (along with C# and some hand tuned

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