System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition devs are focused on multiplayer and mods

Nightdive Studios announced last week that it's working on an enhanced version of System Shock 2, which came as a shock to me because I thought it had been announced months ago. "Our priority with the Enhanced Edition is to be able to deliver an updated co-op multiplayer component. "Our other priority is to ensure that all existing mods and fan missions are compatible with the Enhanced Edition, but much of that will rely on the cooperation of the mod community. System Shock 2 multiplayer is a pa

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts trailer reveals a November release date

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 suffered from some rather serious technical problems when it came out in 2017, which developer CI Games attributed in part to the game being "too ambitious" for its relatively small team. To address that, it said the next release in the series, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, would ditch Ghost Warrior 3's open-world design in favor of "tailor-made contract missions that offer a clear main objective." A year to the day later, CI has dropped a new trailer showcasing Black G

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How one phone call saved a tiny new studio and gave the world System Shock 2

And EA, it just so happened, owned the rights to System Shock, which Looking Glass developed in 1994. Ken LevineIrrational got roughly $650,000 to make System Shock 2, just over $1m in today's money. Despite the rough edges and long hours, System Shock 2's brilliance was slowly beginning to emerge. For him, the brilliance of System Shock 2, and the reason it's still so revered, stems from three things: the blend of shooting and roleplaying, the emphasis on worldbuilding, and the player's relatio

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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey shows off its evolution system

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is a generational survival sim, so while you're making sure your chimps are learning new skills that will help them fend off predators and find food, you'll also be ensuring that the next generation starts off with more advantages. The final video in the 101 series digs into the RPG-like evolutionary system, which starts with individual chimp learning. Ancestors takes place over millions of years, so expect some big leaps in time. I like the sound of the learning

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Bungie admits Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine ‘wasn’t the hero we wanted it to be’

"Trials of the Nine wasn’t the hero we wanted it to be. "Trials of the Nine didn’t work the way we’d hoped," he wrote, "and Trials of the Nine is on hiatus indefinitely." Bungie is "refactoring" displayed damage values to make the system more sustainable, for instance, but actual outgoing damage will not be changed. Bungie also hopes to make Destiny 2 feel more like an "evolving" world where things are changing meaningfully from season to season. But while Bungie obviously has big plans for the

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Google attacks Windows by comparing it to a broken-down car

The fight between the big tech companies can sometimes be vicious, and in a new advert for its Chromebook laptops, Google takes a sly dig at Microsoft’s rival operating system Windows 10, by comparing it to an old car that’s falling apart. While Google doesn’t directly call out Windows, in the background of the advert is a broken-down car – which has seen better days – and with the not-too-subtle licence plate that reads WNDWS. "We've been through a lot together," Nye says as he pats the car, wh

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