Corsair’s newest mechanical keyboards come with a bunch of Cherry MX options

That's the not the case with Corsair's new K70 RGB MK.2, which offers five different Cherry MX key switches to choose from. The K70 RGB MK.2 is one two new keyboard models from Corsair, the other being the Strafe RGB MK.2. The main differences are that it's made of plastic instead of aluminum, and offered in two key switches, Cherry MX Red and Silent. The Strafe RGB MK.2 is available now for $139.99 with Cherry MX Red switches and $149.99 for the Cherry MX Speed model. So is the K70 RGB MK.2, pr

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Pokemon Go finally gets trading – but not for everyone

Pokemon Go is finally allowing a section of players to trade their captured Pokemon with each other, after an online update to Niantic’s free-to-play AR game. The game now supports gifting and trading, meaning that players can send items or Pokemon across their respective versions of the mobile app. It’s also paving the way for a larger trading network with the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go! The new Pokemon games for Switch will integrate a number of features from the mobile game, including its moti

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Nintendo Boss Responds to Animal Crossing Switch Demands

One thing that was sorely missing from the presentation, however, is an announcement of an Animal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch. In a new interview, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime responded to fan demands for Animal Crossing Switch to be released. While Animal Crossing is a hugely popular franchise among Nintendo fans, for those who haven’t owned a Nintendo games console before, they will have had no exposure to the series whatsoever. The same could potentially happen for Animal C

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This Nintendo Switch accessory will let you play classic games in ‘vertical mode’

A new crowdfunded peripheral for the Nintendo Switch is set to expand the ways players can use the best-selling handheld console. Flip Grip is a handheld accessory for ‘vertical-mode gaming’. The shape of the Grip allows you to angle the Switch screen vertically in handheld mode, meaning you can play classic video games such as Galaga or Punch-Out!! While some re-releases of classic games on the Switch do allow for vertical display, there’s currently no intuitive way to play – other than awkward

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Don’t have a Nintendo Switch? You can play Pokemon Quest for free on your phone starting next week

Pokemon Quest was announced for Nintendo Switch last month, but next week the free-to-play action game finally makes it onto mobile devices too. "This new Pokemon title, developed by Game Freak, lets players explore the island of Tumblecube with their team of cute, cube-shaped characters known as Pokexel," said Shigeru Ohmori, director at Game Freak, when the game was announced. With the simple touch-screen controls, Pokemon Quest is a game that Pokemon fans of all ages can pick up and play." Th

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This Minecraft cross-play trailer with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is the greatest

Microsoft and Nintendo have officially opened the doors to cross-play. It started with the announcement of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch last week and now continues with Minecraft thanks to a large update that just became available. Nintendo has released an official trailer commemorating the monumental occasion, and it’s glorious in both its inclusiveness and the way it subtly digs at Sony for not being part of the partnership. The trailer Nintendo released today seems to fly in the face of those

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Why porn is showing up in Super Mario Odyssey

Some Nintendo Switch owners made an unpleasant discovery this week: Pornographic images are appearing in Super Mario Odyssey, the result of a hack that lets Switch owners add (and upload) custom avatars to their profiles. The hack does not appear to be widespread, but a user on Reddit posted photos of that kind of indecent content on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, warning parents to disable online connectivity on the console. For now, the spread of pornographic images appears limited to Super Ma

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Mario Tennis Aces still leaves us wanting Wii Sports on Switch

With the launch of Mario Tennis Aces, people who adore Nintendo’s sports franchise have a lot to be happy about. Specifically Wii Tennis. Much of the enormous success of the Wii is due to Wii Tennis. But Mario Tennis Aces, like most modern tennis games, allows for direct control over the character’s movement. Change it from “Standard” to “Simple — Beginner.”)We’re thrilled that Nintendo just dropped a high-quality Mario Tennis game on Switch.

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Nintendo and Xbox fire shots at Sony with new crossplay video

On the flipside, Xbox and Nintendo fully embrace it and seem to be annoyed at Sony’s lack of interest. Following the Minecraft debate last summer and now the Fortnite dilemma which prevents anyone who has ever linked their Epic Games account with their PlayStation from bringing their items and stats to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Nintendo have made a little message for Sony. In the video below, you’ll see a brief trailer for Minecraft on Nintendo Switch which boasts the ability to play with friend

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