New System Shock 3 Pre-Alpha teaser sure to make to you intrigued and scared

It has been more than three years since we first heard about a third System Shock being actively in development. And we’re very grateful for that, since System Shock 3 could very well become the sequel the franchise deserves. Cult titles of said genre like Deus Ex, Dishonored and Prey can all be traced back to System Shock, and as such, finally getting a worthy successor to 1999’s System Shock 2 would be an incredible end to a 20-year wait. The System Shock remake is handled by Nightdive Studios

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The future of networks: switching to 100G

The change to 100G is happening at a rapid pace, and soon it will be the go-to speed for networks. Decide what you really needFirst things first – you need to decide what speed you really need for your future network. Normally this will mean that you run 100G connections between your switches, and 25G to your servers. Also, some switches will limit how many 100G ports you can break out into 4x25G or 2x50G connections. Ultimately when you are thinking of changing to 100G make sure you know what y

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iPhone 11 launch liveblog: we’re reporting live from the 2019 Apple Event

John McCannIt's here! That's right, the annual smartphone-focused Apple Event is upon us and our iPhone 11 launch liveblog will keep you up to date with all the news, launches and expert analysis, on what we're expecting to be a busy session. The 2019 Apple Event starts at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST (that's 4am AEDT on September 11 in Australia), and we're reporting live from the firm's Cupertino, California-based headquarters to bring you the very latest as it's announced on stage. As well as

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Microsoft the Musical is a bizarre commercial made by interns in their free time

Today in corporate malaise, Microsoft the Musical is a thing. It's an eight minute song and dance about Bill Gates, operating systems, Xbox, failed phones, and cloud computing created and performed by this summer's eager batch of Microsoft interns. According to the video credits, Microsoft the Musical is "the work of 150 full-time employees and interns at Microsoft who volunteered mornings, weekends, and nights to make it happen." Of all the causes to dedicate music and dance and labor to for fr

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Watch this guy murder tons of Jedi in VR using Star Wars mods

Jedi: Sure, they look cool in the movies, but they're a sanctimonious bunch of fuddy-duddies if you don't buy into all that Lucas propaganda. It's all thanks to a series of Star Wars mods for Blade and Sorcery, an early access VR game about melee combat that leaves you feeling a bit bad about what you've done after you mow down a room's worth of hapless wizards. Redditor Regetik went and installed several Star Wars mods, which can be found here, and replaced the wizards with frightened Jedi trai

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Fortnite mission: Visit an oversized piano and play the sheet music Boogie Down mission guide

Fortnite’s most complicated Boogie Down mission sends players to visit an oversized piano, and in the Prestige version play the sheet music while they’re there. Fortnite piano map locationPrestige guideAll you need to do to complete the basic version of this challenge is land at the piano, but the Prestige version is a little more complicated. Next to the piano is a small sign with a piece of sheet music. This challenge asks you to play the music that’s on the sign. Just play the notes C-E-G-E-C

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Get 12 New Missions Every Day

Ubisoft's next open-world shooter, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is already primed to be a massive game, but the studio plans to keep adding new content to it throughout its lifespan. This doesn't just mean new episodic content post-launch, either, as Breakpoint will be getting 12 new faction missions every day after it launches, keeping players occupied pretty much indefinitely. advertisingRELATED: Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Hands On With the Ghost War PvP ModeUbisoft has already announced that the Te

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Pokemon GO: All Research Tasks And Rewards For September 2019

September 2019 is here, which means Pokemon GO players are eagerly racing around their towns trying to confirm any rumored changes to the available Field Research tasks and rewards. If there are any more significant changes to the available Research Tasks and Encounter Rewards, we'll be sure to update the following list. advertisingThere are also rumors floating around that in addition to the new Research Tasks and Rewards, there are a few new shiny creatures making appearances, as well. Collect

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Wraith is getting her own Apex Legends event starting September 3

The perpetually emo interdimensional fighter Wraith is getting her own Apex Legends themed event. "Wraith Voidwalker" will run for two weeks, starting September 3 and ending September 17. The official EA press release outlines the content that's coming in Wraith Voidwalker. The Wraith event will also bring with it some event-specific challenges and free loot that will include exclusive skins and all things Wraith, like themed music and weapon skins. And as is expected during Apex Legends event,

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AOC launches a 1440p curved 27-inch monitor for $279

(Image credit: AOC)I'm not sure I agree with calling a curved panel "crazy immersive" (actually, I am sure I disagree), but I'll give AOC some marketing leeway on its 27-inch CQ27G1 gaming monitor. It's priced attractively at $279.99, and the company's new "Re-Spawned" monitor program is pretty rad. In this case, the monitor serves up a 2560x1440 resolution and a decently-fast (or "screaming," in AOC's words) 144Hz refresh rate. It also boasts a 1ms response time that is of the MPRT (motion pict

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