eBay just made creating product listings heaps easier

While the eBay apps for Android and iOS have long had the function of barcode scanning, the latest addition moves beyond simple identification of products to a feature that should make the selling of products process a breeze. Instead of manually entering in data, descriptions and images of your item, once you’ve found the appropriate product via the barcode scanner or search, it will autofill all this information. This includes product images, a basic description, and a starting price to help y

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Target CEO Brian Cornell on why border tax could cause prices to jump 20 to 25 percent

Target CEO Brian Cornell spoke with CNBC about his plans to stem the retailer's slump in sales, and how potential tax changes under the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress could impact his company. "I think this is across the entire industry — not just Target — but as this plan is structured we can see consumer prices go up 20 or 25 percent," Cornell said in reference to the border adjustment tax in House Speaker Paul Ryan's reform proposal. "That's not good for anyone in America, a

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