Devil May Cry 5’s coming in spring 2019 and it stars Nero, Dante, and a wise-talking mechanic

Devil May Cry 5 is real, it stars Nero, and it's coming in spring 2019. Don't worry, the teaser ended with a quick appearance from original Devil May Cry protagonist Dante as well. But still, nice of Microsoft to give Nero and friends a great big stage to do their debut on, right? Oh, and one last thing: despite the fact that Microsoft now owns Ninja Theory, which developed DmC: Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 5 is being built internally at Capcom. We'll just have to wait and see what Ninja Theory

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Fortnite: Where to Find All Season 7 Hidden Battle Stars and Banners

These hidden battle stars are worth an entire battle pass tier, so they’re definitely worth seeking out. Meanwhile, Epic has also added hidden banners for players to collect as well, with hidden battle stars and banners alternating every other week. Here is where to find all of the hidden battle stars and banners in Fortnite Season 7. Week 1 – Battle StarAfter completing all of the Week 1 challenges in Fortnite Season 7, players can find the hidden battle star on top of the submarine near Frosty

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Detroit: Become Human stars one of the best characters of 2018

Saddled with a director notorious for sifting through complex issues with the delicacy of a jet engine, Detroit: Become Human never managed to ground its political, historical, and cultural themes. Had Connor’s been the sole storyline in Detroit, I have a feeling the game could have found a much fonder audience. At one point, Connor saves Hank from a suicide attempt (at least when playing him as a positive, selfless figure). Detroit is a game about making choices, so it’s easy to bypass the good

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Marvel Strike Force’s latest update is pay-to-win mobile gaming at its worst

The latest “Red Star” update changes the game for a lot of players and deepens the cracks in Marvel Strike Force’s design. Here’s where Marvel Strike Force’s progression model shifts from opaque and labyrinthine to frustrating and exploitative. Red Stars is a new system that introduces yet another orb with yet another progression system, upgrading gold stars to Red Stars. It’s a conversation that goes beyond just Marvel Strike Force and expands into the entire mobile ecosystem. From the looks of

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Elon Musk is sending art into space

On December 1, science and art are to come together yet again as Elon Musk, the founder of space exploration company SpaceX, prepares to send a sculpture by American artist Trevor Paglen into space. Named 'Orbital Reflector', the artwork is to be launched on the SpaceX Falcon 9 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara county, California. The fields of art and science have enjoyed a closely intertwined relationship for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, from the detailed skeletal il

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Get a PS4 Slim with God of War, GT Sport, and Uncharted 4 for $384.99 and settle down with Sony’s greatest hits over Christmas

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to get into PS4 gaming, with all these Cyber Monday game deals floating around, now is the time. This terrific bundle from Amazon comes with PS4 Slim, God of War, GT Sport, and Uncharted 4 with 3 months of Playstation Plus for $385 from Amazon , saving you about $45 while also ensuring that you have enough games to warrant never braving the outside world again. In case you need convincing that this bundle is worth your time, I’ve got some cold, hard facts for you:

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Pokemon Let’s Go: How to Check IV

Gamers who are serious about collecting the absolute best Pokemon in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee will want to check their Pokemon’s IV. Usually there’s a lot of math involved to figure the exact IV of a Pokemon, but Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee offers a simpler solution that lets players know which Pokemon to train and which to transfer. To get a general sense of a Pokemon’s IV in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, players first need to unlock to the Judg

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Update Adds Year 5 Chapter 9

report this adLast week saw developer Jam City add the Weird Sisters side quest to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery instead of a new story chapter. The latest update for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is out now, and gives players the chance to learn how to use the Floo Network in the game. Besides the main story quests, Hogwarts Mystery players also have a pair of new classes to go through as well. Hogwarts Mystery players who want to unlock everything the game has to offer will want to jump at t

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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is free in the Humble Store Fall Sale

Do you want to sit at the head of a galaxy-spanning empire that claims a thousand, thousand stars within its indisputable domain? To get the freebie, you'll need to sign up for the Humble Bundle newsletter, if you haven't already. Once that's done, click the "get it now" button, and, yeah, that's pretty much it. A Steam key will be added to your account, which you will redeem in the usual way (click the "redeem" button on the Humble page), and blammo, free game for you! All of this, by the way,

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Hideo Kojima pays tribute to Stan Lee, and remembers when Lee dressed as Revolver Ocelot to present an award

The sad news that Stan Lee is dead has garnered countless tributes from fans and stars alike. His contribution to the world through his characters, and the message that being different was a strength not a weakness, shaped culture for decades. It's not the only time the comic legend has spoken to Kojima, with Lee giving a special messages at Metal Gear's 2007 20th Anniversary celebration. While those two appearances led some fans to wonder if Lee was actually a Metal Gear fan, it's more likely K

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