The best DDR RAM for PC gaming (August 2018)

However, finding the best DDR Ram for PC gaming isn't quite as simple. Here are the five types of DDR ram for PC gaming I'd recommend, along with a description of what they're best at. If you're looking for more advice, check out our best gaming PC guide, or look for our best gaming laptops feature. Also, more RAM can’t hurt for a gaming PC, especially with the amazing games coming in the fall. Another big factor of setting up a great gaming PC, I’ve found, is that people want to show how nice t

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The best free Android games 2018

What’s better than a free game? Fortunately, there are loads of fantastic free games for Android – and we list the very best here. Whether you’re into word games, endless runners, platformers or puzzles, there’s something here for you. Free Android game of the week: Asphalt Xtreme: Rally RacingAsphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing takes Asphalt off-road. The best free racing games for AndroidOur favorite free Android 3D, retro, 2D and on-rails racers.

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Guitar Hero Player Gets Perfect Score on Hardest Song at 150x Speed

Despite the fact that the original Guitar Hero, which was released more than ten years ago in 2005, has been declared as officially dead, there are still players pushing for new records and high scores. Some Guitar Hero novices might even see some strategies that they never thought to consider, like using both hands to hit the notes for the hammer on sections. Despite the fact that very few people still play the original Guitar Hero, especially after a newer Guitar Hero game, Guitar Hero Live, w

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The Humble Sports Bundle delivers speed, strategy, and donnybrooks on ice

First things first: For the entry-level fee of $1, the Humble Bundlers will hook you up with Grid 2, Sega Bass Fishing, and Eastside Hockey Manager, which now includes league and player data from the hockey hotbed United Kingdom. And if you happen to play Star Trek Online, you'll also be awarded a Humble Trekkie Pack, "including Phoenix Lock Boxes, Mercenary Uniform, XP Boost, and Bridge Officer." The default charity for the Humble Sports Bundle is Access Sport, a UK-based charity that works to

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You should play Fortnite’s new Fly Explosives mode, especially if you hate building

Fortnite 's latest Limited-Time Mode combines two beloved LTMs of old into one instant classic: welcome to Fly Explosives. The new LTM turns Fortnite on its head by limiting weapons solely to explosives like RPGs and grenade launchers, and by re-enabling jetpacks. Back from the vault, take to the skies and make it rain rockets in our new Fly Explosives LTM live now! Speaking of staying in the air, Fly Explosives is a very different kind of Fortnite. Just make sure you turn your volume up so you

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New AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970X processor leaks with 24 cores

Another week, another AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2nd Generation leak. A new 24-core Ryzen Threadripper 2970X chip has appeared in the HWBOT benchmark database alongside the previous 32-core Ryzen Threadripper 2990X and 16-core Ryzen Threadripper 2950X leaks. While both the Ryzen Threadripper 2970X and 2990X are both listed with a monstrous 250W TDP, the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X is rated at a surprisingly efficient 125W. Comparatively, the outgoing Ryzen Threadripper 1950X ran with a much more demand

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Why Cyberpunk 2077’s super into mega-corporations and just Japan in general

The setting for Cyberpunk 2077 is Night City, a megalopolis on the coast of California. But the major players in both its political power struggles and criminal underworld come from all over. One of the biggest is the Arasaka Corporation, a Japanese giant that uses Night City as a center for overseas distribution. Why all the love for Japan in Cyberpunk 2077? But long after Japan's bubble burst , its corporate, cultural imprint on cyberpunk remains.

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The 500GB Samsung 960 Evo is just $170 right now

On Prime Day last week, Samsung's series of 960 Evo NVMe SSDs were massively discounted. The 500GB model was just $159.99, a 36% drop from the original MSRP. This is Samsung's last-generation NVMe SSD, with a sequential read speed of 3,200MB/s, and a sequential write speed of 1,800MB/s. Make sure your PC's motherboard supports NVMe before you get it—some motherboards have M.2 slots, but only for SATA drives or Wi-Fi cards. You can buy the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB SSD from Amazon.

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Can you kill someone with an ATK in Fortnite?

The Fortnite ATK locations are scattered around the map but the real question is: once you find them, can you kill someone with a Fortnite ATK? For starters you can carry a full squad of four in there, so it's already better than a cart. The short answer is, 'yes, you can down and kill someone with an ATK.' It might also be the same for Fortnite ATK eliminations, which are even harder but also apparently possible:As you can see, we totally says got an elimination with a vehicle. If you're trying

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Old-school shooter Ion Maiden delayed, adding multiplayer beta

The good news is that players who've bought the Early Access version of Ion Maiden, the retro shooter being made in the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D, will gain access to a forthcoming multiplayer beta. Developers Voidpoint are calling the multiplayer "classic" and "fast-paced" though what specific modes it will have has not been announced. You can try Ion Maiden's single-player in the Early Access version, both Queen of the Hill mode and a shareware-style chunk of its campaign. Alex Wiltshire th

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