EA recorded a rocket-powered death-sled for Battlefield 5’s V1 engine sound

It's a bit like a real-life TIE Fighter engine, in that the sound is as important to the overall effect as the look, and so it was important that its unique engine noise be properly rendered in Battlefield 5. One goes to Arsunda, Sweden, as it turns out, for "Speed Weekend 2018," an event that includes runs by a pulsejet-powered snowmobile. Whatever you want to call it, it's basically a V1 engine rigged with skis, a handle, and someone nuts enough to hold onto it. (Although the Svarthålet team a

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Mekamon 2.0 is here to give AR gaming a dose of personality

Reach Robotics has launched the second generation of its augmented reality (AR) fighting robot, Mekamon - and it's weirdly adorable. We returned the day after the team submitted the app for Mekamon 2.0 to Apple for review. "We wanted to change robotics from something boring to something that can evolve," explained Reach Robotics' CEO and co-founder Silas Adekunle. Now the robot has personality Silas Adekunle, CEO Reach RoboticsWhile Mekamon 1.0 required a patterned mat to help it recognize the f

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Fortnite is getting a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher

Fortnite is getting a new vehicle called the Quadcrasher, which looks very much like it sounds: It's a quad equipped with a sort of cow catcher/snowplow blade up front, with an angry (yet oddly cute) face painted on it. The description suggests that the Quadcrasher will bring speed and a hefty punch to the game: "Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!" And that front-end mangler looks intimidating: Riders are even more exposed than they are on the ATK, which at least has a

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Insta360 launches 5.7K 360 action camera

Insta360 has taken the wraps off the One X, an all-new 5.7K, 360-degree action camera. Capable of capturing spherical video at up to 30fps in 5.7K, the One X can also capture footage in 4K at 50fps and 3K movies at 100fps. It also looks like the GoPro Hero7 Black isn't going to be the only action camera to offer gimbal-like levels of image stabilization. The One X also has a new TimeShift feature that lets users adjust the speed of different parts of a clip. The Insta360 One X is available now p

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What did you play last week?

Tom Senior has been playing an Early Access spaceship game called Nimbatus , which involves constructing your own craft out of blocks. On the subject of spaceships and also Toms, freelancer Tom Hatfield has been playing Shortest Trip to Earth , an FTL-ish space game that's about to have its Early Access launch this week. But I did take the time to try out a few new things, including jumping into the pre-order beta for Space Hulk: Tactics. I do miss the option to speed up the walking speed of the

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Mega Man 11 boss guide

For over 30 years, Mega Man games have challenged players with learning the language of the boss order. If you choose someone else, just loop back around the chain, using Blast Man’s weapon on Block Man, in this general order:Block Man Acid Man Impact Man Bounce Man Fuse man Tundra Man Torch Man Blast ManIn Mega Man 11, all bosses sport an ultimate ability that is triggered after they take critical amounts of damage. Once you see or hear the explosion go off, slide into the direction of Impact M

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It’s your last chance to claim a free Amazon Echo with BT fibre broadband deals

For more details about these fantastic BT broadband deals and that Alexa-ready Amazon Echo, just keep scrolling. The Reward Card that BT sends out is a pre-paid credit card that you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard. In short, that's around a million shops, cafes and restaurants around the world, so you shouldn't find it difficult to find places to spend, spend, spend. The Amazon Echo features within the top three of TechRadar's best smart speakers buying guide - so yes, we rate it highly

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Forza Horizon 4 cars guide: The best cars for every season and PvP

In putting together a guide to help you fill your garage most effectively, we pinpointed a few key areas: overall speed and handling, winter suitability, and boosts for credits/level grinding. With all that in mind, let’s hit the road with our fleet of Forza Horizon 4's best cars. Koenigsegg One:1Price: 2,850 CreditsClass/performance rating: S2 993Yep, again. Hoonigan Gymkhana 9 Ford Focus RS RXPrice: 500,000 CreditsClass/performance rating: S1 886Without a doubt the best car for winter. Lamborg

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The Mazda 6 has a heads-up display that will rock your world

Active Driving Display is one of the best HUDs around, and it’s a sign of how car companies will show you more relevant driving info in the near future. Minimizing distractionInterestingly, Active Driving Display only shows driving info like speed the current speed limit (if you go over the speed limit, a red box appears). Additionally, by presenting only driving-related information, Mazda minimized any possibilities for cognitive distraction as all non-driving (entertainment or comfort) informa

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Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 dry ice overclock draws some interesting conclusions

Following last week’s 3DMark record-setting overclock on the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, we’ve seen another overclocking expert push the vanilla GeForce RTX 2080 to extremes, using a different cooling method while making some interesting conclusions. Rather than liquid nitrogen as is commonly used (and was involved in last week’s shenanigans), prolific overclocker Der8auer opted to work with dry ice when juicing up the RTX 2080. This gave Der8auer an almost 21% boost compared to the RTX 2080 running at

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