Microsoft Solitaire bounces into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

Microsoft Solitaire has been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Microsoft Solitaire has been a part of Windows since way back in the 1990's, when it shipped with Windows 3.0. With its induction into the Hall of Fame, we hope it will continue to be there for bored future generations. The World Video Game Hall of Fame was established in 2015, and includes games like Doom, Pong, The Oregon Trail, The Sims, Tomb Raider, and Grand Theft Auto III. If you think there's a game that should

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Microsoft Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, and Super Mario Kart join the Video Game Hall of Fame

I'd wager I'm not the only one; everyone has played Microsoft Solitaire at some point, either to kill time or just to see the dazzling cascade effect that plays when you win. As The Strong game museum announced today , Microsoft Solitaire has officially been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame. "Microsoft Solitaire meets all the criteria for the World Video Game Hall of Fame: influence, longevity, geographical reach, and icon-status," the game's official entry reads. It was replaced by the

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Wait a minute, the Video Game Hall of Fame inducted … Solitaire?

The World Video Game Hall of Fame today honored four more inductees, three of them landmark works of home computer gaming, and one of them a staple of the office. Super Mario Kart was lauded for popularizing the kart-racing subgenre, as well as starting the longest-running racing franchise in video games history, with aggregate sales north of 100 million units. “Super Mario Kart truly excelled as a social game that appealed to players of all skill levels, especially with its engaging multi-playe

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Microsoft Solitaire Collection adds a feature everyone has been waiting for: Leveling up

Microsoft Solitaire Collection, the version of Solitaire that comes free with Windows 10, is adding a leveling system. This news has been brought to us via the weirdly good video you can see above, which riffs off the famous "in a world" trailer for Comedian. To quote the video: "Solitaire is going to add a player leveling system with experience points and rewards." So I guess Solitaire is an RPG now? Anyway, here's the trailer for Comedian featuring the legendary voice actor Hal Douglas, RIP.

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This week’s highs and lows in PC gaming

Also, they've deployed a fix for Ikora's annoyingly persistent waypoint in the Tower, which at the very least makes the game playable again. As such I'm a wee bit out of sync with the Highs and Lows of PC gaming, so I'll instead talk about part of my trip—visiting an abandoned amusement park—and will tenuously tie it in with videogames. Tyler Wilde: Bees ate my kneesDespite my struggles to maintain a decent framerate, the Hunt: Showdown alpha has been a lot of fun. Jody Macgregor: Forgotten faer

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Shadowhand’s creators discuss their position at the crossroad of ‘core’ and ‘casual’ games

Regency Solitaire was first available on casual game portals like Big Fish Games, and only later launched on Steam. Jake Birkett: Cliff [Harris, of Shadowhand publisher Positech Games ] liked Regency Solitaire, and at the time he was publishing indie games. HC: Casual gamers are often dismissed somewhat, and this fails to recognize the skill that is required to beat many casual games. I think it's possible you would see both core and casual games from us in the future. I think it's possible you

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Which game did you miss in 2017 that you’re saving for the holidays?

This week: which game did you miss in 2017 that you're saving for the holidays? And I liked Faerie Solitaire too, which was a different studio called Subsoap basically reimagining solitaire as a cute Popcap game. Wes Fenlon: Night In The WoodsI've been trying to find the time to play Night in the Woods all year. Weird Autumn edition is out just in time for the holidays, so I've got Night in the Woods pegged for a post-Christmas game. Tim Clark: Assassin's Creed OriginsI've theoretically earmarke

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Still playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp or already moved on? Let us know!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out around the world on November 21, and a whole lot of people started playing it. Despite a few days of frustrating server issues, I saw several of my friends and colleagues gladly submerge themselves in the hot new animal camp management simulator over Thanksgiving break. but longevity is even more important for service-based games like Pocket Camp. Personally, every time I start playing Pocket Camp I wonder why I'm not playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf instea

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I can’t stop playing Pocket Card Jockey, the 3DS Solitaire horse-racing game

Watch on YouTube | Subscribe to Polygon on YouTubePocket Card Jockey is a game about playing Solitaire to make race horses go fast, a cocktail which is absolutely inscrutable, punishing and potentially even more difficult than actual horse racing. Also, I absolutely cannot stop playing it. It's got some sticky hooks — which you'd expect, considering it was made by Pokémon series developer Game Freak — and a surprising amount of skill and strategy to it as well. Also, you can adopt a horse named

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