Nikon’s Z50 is official: the company’s most affordable mirrorless camera yet

Nikon places the Z50 alongside its mid-level DSLRs the D7500 and D500, giving an indication of who it expects to buy the camera. FunctionalityUnsurprisingly, the Z50 inherits a lot of the functionality and features of the Z6 and Z7, and has been styled to look very similar. New LensesAlthough the Z50 uses exactly the same mount as the older Z series snappers, two new lenses have been launched especially for it. Nikon Z50 Price & AvailabilitySales of the camera will start on November 7, just in t

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Ubisoft isn’t planning to go back to smaller games

Even as open worlds become ever more common, Ubisoft remains the publisher most closely related to the genre. Syndicate, the last single-city Assassin's Creed, clocked in at around 30, or half that if you just did the story. Technically, yes, there are story arcs in Odyssey that are roughly the size of other games, but they're not complete, standalone experiences. But it's not just the size of the maps that makes Ubisoft's more recent games such intimidating time sinks—it's their density. If you

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Cyberpunk 2077’s map will be 1.5 times larger than GTA 5’s, according to the latest fan theory

"My hypothesis is that when CDPR said "Night City will be a bit smaller than the world of the Witcher 3" they meant the fake, 136 sq km world of TW3. "I really hope they didn't mean the actual, real-size version of the world haha. CD Projekt Red have yet to comment on the figures, and whether they hold any accuracy, but LordParsifal's findings are already kicking up a storm on the official Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit page, so it's likely that members of the studio are aware of its predictions. Perhaps

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Samsung’s 55-inch QLED 8K TV is its smallest to date

Samsung has announced a new 55-inch QLED 8K TV during its IFA 2019 press conference. It joins Samsung's 8K TV range which it announced in 2018, sliding in below the 65, 75, 82 and 85-inch models, making it the firm's smallest 8K TV to date. It should be the South Korean firm's most affordable QLED 8K TV, but it still won't be cheap. It features the same Quantum AI processor (the more TV you watch, the smarter it gets, the better the image gets, frame by frame) and HDR10+ support as its siblings.

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Star Citizen’s singleplayer beta release date has been pushed back

Those hoping to pal around in space with virtual facsimiles of Mark Hamill and Gillian Anderson (and who among us wouldn't, honestly?) will have to hold on an extra three months, as Star Citizen's singleplayer campaign—Squadron 42—falls foul of a scheduling reshuffle over at Cloud Imperium Games. As announced in a developer blog post yesterday, they were previously aiming for a release in early summer. It's worth noting that while Star Citizen may have a singular and enormous crowdfunded budget,

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Cyberpunk 2077 Map Will Be Smaller Than Witcher 3

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedCyberpunk 2077 will have a smaller map than The Witcher 3, CD Projekt RED producer Richard Borzymowski confirmed at Gamescom 2019. Cyberpunk 2077 is set in a single city, Night City, while The Witcher 3 was spread across multiple regions and several cities. advertisingRELATED: Cyberpunk 2077 Wants to Tell Movie-Like Story for AdultsComparisons between Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 are inevitable since the latter is widely considered the Game of the Year for 2

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Cyberpunk 2077’s map is a ‘little smaller’ than The Witcher 3’s but far denser, says producer

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)Cyberpunk 2077's world looks vast—but it won't be quite as vast as The Witcher 3's in terms of pure square footage. The RPG's map is a "little bit smaller" than CD Projekt's fantasy epic, but it will be far denser, according to producer Richard Borzymowski. It's no real surprise, given that Cyberpunk 2077 is set largely in a city and The Witcher 3 was mostly stretches of countryside, but it's good to know roughly what to expect. " The Witcher we were a

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LG K50S announced with a triple-lens camera and a massive screen

LG just announced two new mid-range handsets, as part of its K range, and each has its share of high-end features. They're dubbed the LG K50S and LG K40S. It’s the K50S that’s the most interesting – that’s in part thanks to its 6.5-inch 19.5:9 screen, with an HD+ resolution. The LG K40S (Image credit: LG)The LG K40S is similar but a slight step down. Additionally, the LG K40S also has one less rear camera, as it lacks the depth sensor from the LG K50S, but it still gets the 13MP main and 5MP wid

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Nintendo Switch Lite confirmed to have smaller battery than original model

Nintendo recently announced a trimmed variation of its flagship gaming console, appropriately dubbed the Switch Lite . Unlike the original Switch console, though, the Lite can only be played in handheld mode and has shed some other features to make it more affordable. The original Switch has ODIN printed near its chipset, while the Switch with improved battery life bears MODIN (possibly to signify a modified version of ODIN), and the Switch Lite features VALI. While this latter element is defini

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Best small keyboards: the best keyboards for smaller hands

If you have a small desk, work at a café or are always on the go, having one of the best small keyboards is extremely advantageous. To keep it light and compact, you’ll be better off with the best small mouse , as well as one of the best small keyboards on this list. These small keyboards are all handpicked by us, not only because of their small size, but also because of their great performance and nifty little extras. True, it isn’t as lightweight as many of the models on our list of the best s

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