Hulu price cut happens just as Netflix gets more expensive

Just after Netflix announced that it will be raising its subscription price in 2019, Hulu fired back today with the news that it’s going to cut the price of its service from $8 per month down to $6. Hulu's new price cut goes into effect on February 26 for new subscribers, while existing subscribers should see the change the next time they’re billed after that date, according to a news release on Hulu’s website,It’s worth noting, though, that the price cut only affects the basic tier of Hulu - i.

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Hulu announces a price drop, just days after Netflix’s price hike

Just days after Netflix raised prices on its monthly subscriptions, rival streaming service Hulu announced a price drop, lowering its basic subscription plan from $7.99 down to $5.99 per month. Unlike Netflix, which raised prices on every plan, Hulu’s price drop only applies to the ad-supported tier of its subscription service. Pricing on the ad-free plan will stay at $11.99 per month. However, Hulu is also raising prices on one plan: the Live TV subscription package, which offers live streaming

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Verizon will finally give its anti-robocall tools to subscribers for free

Perhaps a little tired of looking like the bad guy, Verizon will finally open its robocall screening and blocking features to all wireless service subscribers for free this March. The nation’s largest carrier is actually only the second to make the transition to free anti-robocall measures, having charged $3 per month for them through a 'Call Filter' add-on package. However, AT&T has offered free anti-robocall measures for almost two years (though they're not extremely accurate), meanwhile both

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Move over HBO: Netflix vs. Fortnite is the head-to-head rivalry to watch in 2019

When you ask how many people play Fortnite, the latest figures state that it's over 78 million people every single month. And it's those kind of figures that are attracting the attention of the biggest companies in the world, including Netflix. Now, that might sound a bit strange for a movie and TV streaming service that made $16 billion in revenue in 2018, but it's true. Surprisingly, one that gets marked as something that beats Netflix of those is a certain game you may have heard of. Its plan

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Netflix Says Fortnite is Bigger Competitor than HBO

Despite that fact, it seems that the streaming service actually considers Fortnite one of its biggest competitors for screen time. In a quarterly report released yesterday, Netflix claims that it competes for screen time more against Fortnite than it does with a similar entertainment powerhouse service like HBO. The popularity of Fortnite definitely cuts into a large portion of that mobile screen time for many users. Netflix, on the other hand, is likely to continue seeing strong numbers as long

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Mastercard’s new policy aims to prevent unwanted subscriptions

Mastercard recently announced it would be putting an end to automatic debits from subscriptions that start up once a free trial has ended, but the company has now clarified that the new policy isn’t quite as useful as we’d hoped. The updated blog post now clearly states that “the rule change is [only] applicable to physical products such as skincare, healthcare items etc.”, which doesn’t have quite the same impact as enforcing the same policy on digital and software subscriptions. With lengthy t

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Unity changes terms of service again, says Improbable is no longer in violation

Section 2.4 of Unity's TOS, "Working with Third Party Service Providers," now states:Unity developers are free to use any service offered to Unity developers (each, a “Third Party Service”). Unity does not have any obligation to provide support for any Third Party Service provider or Third Party Service under this Agreement. Terms of service changes will also be hosted on Github, so users will be able to see exactly when and how they change. "We know Improbable was in violation even before the D

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DuckDuckGo’s location searches are now powered by Apple Maps

DuckDuckGo has touted itself as the search engine that puts privacy first, promising to never to track its users. In an effort to improve on this promise, the search engine has now partnered with Apple Maps for its location-based searches or address lookups. Previously, the search engine used data from an open-source mapping service called OpenStreetMap alongside information from MapBox. Now DuckDuckGo has integrated Apple’s MapKit JS framework to power map and address searches on both mobile an

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Steve Carell’s new show Space Force could be Netflix’s replacement for The Office

Netflix announced Wednesday its new show Space Force, a comedy starring Steve Carell about the men and women who will make up ... President Trump’s Space Force, the newest real-world branch of the military. With Space Force, Netflix leverages some of The Office and gets a little more out of the show’s immense popularity. Even the premise for Space Force seems to imply that it might have a bit of The Office’s workplace-comedy charm. The show is based on Trump’s Space Force plan, announced in June

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NBC to launch free streaming service by 2020

As if we don't have enough streaming options already, US broadcaster NBC is looking to take on the likes of Netflix and Amazon with its own service. According to CNBC, the streaming service would reportedly be free to use for anyone with a "traditional pay-TV subscription" in the US. It would be ad-supported, with a paid option (without ads) for around $12 a month – though how it might affect licensing of NBC properties outside of the US is unclear. The service could launch at the start of 2020,

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