Best PDF to Word convertor of 2018

The conversion features enable converting PDFs to and from Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and we tried out the PDF to Word option. SimplyPDFExpert-level PDF conversions for freeOCR supportLow-level control over conversionHandles Excel and PowerPoint filesA good first step in evaluating any PDF conversion service is to check who is providing the underlying technology. FormSwiftAccurate conversions and a PDF editor, tooAccurate document conversionsIntegrated PDF editorNo-strings freeFormSwi

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The big YouTube Music rollout begins: have you got access yet?

YouTube Music, the big Spotify rival that lumps millions of music tracks together with music videos, playlists and other such audio goodness, is now available in some countries. But don’t get too comfortable with that name, as YouTube Premium is the new moniker for YouTube Red... but it is is still called YouTube Red for now. When YouTube Red does eventually become YouTube Premium, current users will continue to pay what they currently do, $9.99. For now, Google Play Music and YouTube Music will

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YouTube Music: 5 things you need to know before signing up

Still, we've heard plenty about the incoming service, so here are five key things you need to know before signing up for YouTube Music. 4) YouTube Premium costs extraWhile this might seem confusing at a glance, YouTube Music Premium is not the same as YouTube Premium. That said, YouTube Premium encompasses everything that's in YouTube Music Premium, but then adds more content. As a result, YouTube Premium will cost $11.99 per month - that's $2 more than YouTube Music Premium, and $2 more than Yo

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PlayStation 4 is coming to the end of its life, says Sony

Five years after it launched, the PlayStation 4 is now entering the end of its lifecycle. That's according to PlayStation head honcho John Kodera, speaking during Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting, which was aiming to set out Sony's stall to investors for the coming years. Sliding elsewhereHowever, it's not quite as rosy an outlook for PlayStation VR and PlayStation Vue. But these may be of little concern to Sony, which seems to have bigger things on the horizon. We already know not to expect ne

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Amazon in talks for The Expanse season 4, but writers tell fans to ‘keep up the fight’

Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter said that Amazon is in talks to bring the show over to its streaming service. But the deal’s not done, and the show’s writers are encouraging fans to keep the pressure on. The first season was well received by fans and critics alike, but viewership flagged in its second and third seasons. The first flew a banner that read “# Save The Expanse” over Amazon Studios headquarters. If Amazon or another streaming service wants to pick the show up, Alcon already has all

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YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: how Google is taking on Spotify and Netflix

But with Apple and Spotify dominating music streaming, is YouTube Music too little, too late? What’s the difference between YouTube Music and Google Play Music? It’s being rebranded as YouTube Premium and will now include YouTube Music as well as Google Play Music. Is YouTube Music a Google Play Music killer? YouTube RedTo be fair, the lack of interest in YouTube Red is partly because YouTube Red was only available in a handful of territories.

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YouTube Music is official: packed with playlists, radio and music videos

YouTube has finally revealed its grand plan for music streaming and it comes in the form of YouTube Music. YouTube was made for video, not just music," explained Elias Roman, Product Manager, YouTube Music, in a blog post. "[We're] introducing YouTube Music, a new music streaming service made for music with the magic of YouTube: making the world of music easier to explore and more personalized than ever. In fact, if you are a subscriber to Google Play Music you get a YouTube Music Premium member

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Music-streaming service Tidal under fire over late royalty payments

In December of last year, it was reported that the much-hyped streaming service Tidal may only have enough money for 6 more months of operation. With that timeframe having just passed us, a new story from Dagens Næringsliv, the Norwegian newspaper that originally broke that news, is now reporting that Tidal is several months behind on its royalty payments to a number of record labels. According to the publication, the claim that the streaming service is “behind with payments directly to the thre

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Philo: Everything you need to know about the live TV streaming service

Thanks to streaming services like Sling TV and YouTube TV and their over-the-top channel bundles, it's possible to cut the cord and still get live television channels wherever you please. Here's a look at what you'll find on Philo, how you can watch it, and what to expect from the service. Currently, Philo isn't available natively on Android (you can watch via Chrome), plus it's not on Apple TV, Android TV, or Amazon Fire boxes. Curiously enough, there isn't a native iPad app either, despite the

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Tyranny, Abzû, and seven others coming to Origin Access tomorrow

EA has been quietly packing its paid subscription service, Origin Access, with a long list of excellent games over the past few months. This month, it's the turn of relaxing underwater explorer Abzû and old-school RPG Tyranny, as well as seven others. Origin Access is a bit like Netflix for PC gaming: you pay $5/£4 a month, or $30/£20 for the whole year, and get unlimited access to the 100 or so games inside the "vault". Out of the nine new ones, I'm most looking forward to Tyranny, which has be

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