Xbox, Mountain Dew, and Doritos are hosting an Xbox One X console giveaway

The Xbox One X is nearing its November 7th release and now the basically official drink and snack brand of gaming, Mountain Dew and Doritos, are teaming up with Xbox for a massive Xbox One X giveaway. Like many times before, Mountain Dew and Doritos are teaming up with Xbox for a promotion campaign but this one might actually be worth keeping an eye on, especially if those are your go-to brands anyway. Thousands of Xbox One X's will be auctioned during this campaign and the codes will, according

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This pen-sized device can identify cancerous cells in seconds

Spotting the difference between cancerous tissue and normal tissue is a challenge, even for highly-trained surgeons. The standard method, called Frozen Section Analysis, is slow - taking 30 minutes or more to prepare and interpret. It's called the MasSpec Pen. Those included normal and cancerous tissues from the breast, lung, thyroid and ovary. It allows us to be much more precise in what tissue we remove and what we leave behind.”

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Destiny 2 Has a Hidden Quick Map Feature

If you've been playing Destiny 2 and have been forced beyond your will to have to wait for one to two full seconds to open your map, good news, you can do it faster! No longer are you forced to wait, for what may feel like an eternity for your map to grace your display's screen. Note, we have no idea if this method of hackery works on the PS4, as we have not tried it. If you find that it does, please feel free to comment down below and help your Destiny 2 brethren escape the mundane map checking

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New Black Mirror trailer is 50 seconds of dark, dystopian promise

Have we ever needed a new season of Black Mirror more? Prepare to have your brain blown apart and put back together again in the way that only Black Mirror can. You know, the one about the young man being blackmailed that left you feeling slightly queasy by the end. We don't know when the new season will be available, but you'll find all the details we do have below. Will we need to take compassionate leave from work the way we did after last season's San Junipero episode?

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Kel’Thuzad is coming to Heroes of the Storm

After more than two years, Kel'Thuzad—one of the most-requested and highly anticipated characters in Warcraft lore—is finally coming to Heroes of the Storm. Ahead of Blizzard's Gamescom event this week, Kel'Thuzad's role and abilities have been revealed on the Heroes of the Storm website. Finally, his E is Chains of Kel'Thuzad, which launches a chain, dealing 97 damage to the first enemy or structure hit. Like most heroes, Kel'Thuzad has two Heroic abilities to choose from. His second Heroic cho

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Destiny: Templar Raid Boss Killed in 11 Seconds

As a matter of fact, one intrepid group of Guardians recently managed to pull off an incredibly impressive feat by teaming up to successfully kill the Vault of Glass raid Templar boss in a little less than 11 seconds. The strategy involves some planning, clear communication, and prime execution, and it also involves standing directly next to the raid boss. In order for this strategy to be effective, all Guardians save for the relic runner will need to stand in the bubble. With the shield dropped

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Watch 15 seconds of Death Stranding fog because this is what Hideo Kojima does to us

Death Stranding has fog in it. And not just any fog, but height fog. It's short, moody, and pretty; just put a Low Roar song in the background and, baby, you've got a Death Stranding teaser trailer going. Speaking of trailers, you might recognize this ruined city scene from the video that introduced Mads Mikkelsen's creepy skeleton-commanding character. Fifteen seconds of fog rolling in isn't much, but we've been in a Death Stranding news drought for pretty much all of 2017, so I'll still take i

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The first Tesla Model 3s are now on the road

The first set of Tesla Model 3 electric cars have been given to buyers after a launch event at the company's factory in Fremont, California, though most drivers who preordered a car are still going to have to be patient. However Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about "six months of manufacturing hell" during the launch event and wouldn't give a fixed date for when other orders will be fulfilled. Anyone ordering a Model 3 now would probably get their car at the end of 2018, he said. As with the Model S

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Overwatch ‘Doomfist’ Update brings Loot Box duplicate reduction, Hero tweaks, and more; Details here

After this patch, Loot Boxes will see a drastic reduction in the amount of duplicates you receive when opening a loot box. To compensate for the reduction in duplicates, Blizzard has increased the overall amount of credits each loot box hands out. The defender respawn time then increased in a linear fashion up to a maximum when the attackers held an advantage for 90 seconds. The "attacker advantage timer" instead reverses and counts back down to 0. "Example: If attackers have an advantage for 10

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Blizzard Explains Overwatch Respawn Changes

Blizzard dropped the latest patch for Overwatch yesterday that made moderate adjustments to some of the current playable heroes, while adding a brand new one, Doomfist. Most were welcomed changes, but an unexpected tweak to respawn timing ended up throwing players for a loop. The source of the issue stems from the way the change is described in the Overwatch patch notes. The respawn time would increase to maximum when attackers held the advantage for 90 seconds. Changes to respawn timers were bu

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