Best Buy knocks $400 of this 65-inch Sony 4K TV ahead of Black Friday

Best Buy isn't hanging around for Black Friday 2019 or Cyber Monday 2019 to start offering some brilliant prices, as this deal on the brilliant Sony XBR65X950G 65-inch 4K TV shows, with $400 knocked off. Sony makes some of the best 4K TVs in the business, so whenever one of its sets gets a big discount, we get excited. The Sony XBR65X950G is definitely worth getting excited about, with a gorgeous 65-inch 4K screen with full-array local dimming for incredible image quality. Make sure you check ou

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Fortnite O Location: Where to Find the O for Season 1

One that's giving players a hard time is the "Search hidden O found in the Open Water Loading Screen" challenge. advertisingRELATED: Guy Fieri Is Ready to Play Fortnite with NinjaGetting the ChallengeRecently, players were charged with finding the letter F in the new Fortnite map, and now they are looking for the letter O. Over the weeks, the letters will eventually spell out Fortnite; players that get all of them will get the Season Skin. Looking for the O is part of the Open Water challenges t

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Samsung Galaxy S10 has a major security flaw – but it’s going to be fixed

As security flaws go, a fingerprint scanner that will unlock a phone for any unregistered print is pretty serious – and that’s exactly what seems to be happening with the Samsung Galaxy S10. The fingerprint scanner can only be fooled once certain screen protectors are applied, and only seems to be fooled by thumb prints – but even so, it’s cause for concern. But it’s still a concern, especially as you wouldn’t even need to be using a screen protector yourself to have compromised security. All it

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Can a console be sexy? Ask this hipster homage to the Nintendo Game Boy

The Game Boy got a glow up and it's called the Analogue Pocket. The Pocket is a reinterpretation of old-school handheld systems that can play thousands of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games, plus titles from other vintage devices. The 3.5" LCD screen offers 1600x440 resolution (according to Analogue, that's ten times the resolution of the original Game Boy). And the Pocket plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges - this isn't an emulator. This thing looks

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Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation) review

The all-new Fire TV Cube is, by far, our favorite Amazon streaming device – better in so many ways than the Amazon Fire TV Cube that was released in 2017. It's not always listening like the Amazon Fire TV Cube, but it still offers 4K HDR streaming with an advanced remote. (Image credit: Amazon)Amazon Fire TV Cube ContentIf you don't mind being inundated with Amazon content, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is great: The home screen has row after row of suggested content - from Amazon Prime TV shows and m

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New Chrome feature describes images on websites for you – here’s how to try it

Google has added a new feature to Chrome that can identify the objects in an image, and describe them for users with sight impairments. Unfortunately alt text isn't always provided, and screen readers will simply say the word 'image', which isn't very helpful. Chrome's new feature, called Image Descriptions, will attempt to identify the contents of the picture and say 'Appears to be...' followed by its best guess. How to activate itThe new Image Descriptions feature is available for anyone who u

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Google Assistant bug stops phone screens powering off – what you need to know

Some Android phone and tablet users are reporting a bug with Google Assistant, which causes their device's screen to stay powered on indefinitely after hearing the wake phrase 'Hey Google'. This is seriously frustrating for people who own other devices (such as Google Home smart speakers) that are activated using the same spoken command. 9, 2019It could also lead to images being burned into the screens of LCD devices, causing permanent damage. It mostly seems to

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: what we want to see

But while we can’t recommend the Galaxy Fold to most, it is an exciting look at one possible future of phones, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is sure to come closer to realizing its potential. That said, the original Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced way back in February, it only hit stores so late due to delays, so it is possible that we’ll see the Galaxy Fold 2 that soon. There’s no word yet on exactly what the Galaxy Fold 2 might cost, but the Galaxy Fold is $1,980 / £1,800 (around AU$3,350),

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The nostalgic joy of ’90s style PC game installers

Back in the multimedia age—or, less fancifully, the ‘90s—developers treated installers as the front door to their game. Age of EmpiresLike the game itself, Age of Empire’s installer strives to create a sense of industry, even as I pick a drive directory. It’s as if a nascent civilisation was travelling through the wires of my machine, clearing space for a truly important game. Would sir care to play an arcade game while his adventure game is copying files? As the files copy, each worm detonates

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5 Reasons To Play The Sims on PC (& 5 To Play On Console)

We're here to give you the lowdown on The Sims 4 on both PC and console. 9 Console: Identical GameplayThe great thing about playing The Sims 4 on console is that the game takes no shortcuts. While the PC version is ahead in expansions, you're guaranteed to get all the content that's being published on PC eventually. 4 PC: Cheaper Price TagAn interesting thing to note about The Sims 4 PC version is that it's significantly cheaper than its console counterpart. advertising2 PC: Custom Content & Mod

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