Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 teasers are appearing in the real-world with mysterious phone messages

Mysterious teasers have started appearing in real world locations for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 , which is set to start this Thursday on February 20. In the past few hours, several teasers for Season 2 have been found worldwide! During Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 2 event last year, a vault was uncovered under Loot Lake, allowing players to access a variety of different weapons and items. Some have even suggested that the gold bars aren't covering words but are instead simply teasing that gold ba

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Zombie Army 4: Where to Find All Upgrade Kits in Rotten Coast

Zombie Army 4's reviews have been about average for the franchise, guaranteeing that longtime fans should have a good time with it. advertisingZombie Army 4: Dead War uses an upgrade kit system, with said kits being hidden throughout the levels. Additionally, without finding the upgrade kits, that amount could skyrocket. The "Rocket Coast" level has five hidden upgrade kits. The first available house to the left, with an open door, is where the upgrade kit will be found.

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The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Safe Code: How to Open the Safe in the Shallows

Share Tweet Email Copy Link CopiedThe Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, the VR survival-horror from Skybound Entertainment and Skydance Interactive, released to a lukewarm reception this month. advertisingRELATED: The Walking Dead Creator May Have Just Revealed the Origin of the Zombie VirusHouse-BreakingThe Shallows area of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is accessible in the player's skiff, and contains a number of semi-flooded buildings. Depending on their place in The Walking Dead: Sain

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The art of crafting the perfect videogame safe room

In residence(Image credit: From Software)A common element in creating the atmosphere of a safe room is the musical score. A room, a musical theme, and a typewriter—these have become the iconic elements of the Resident Evil safe room. Cloud cover(Image credit: Adult Swim Games)If ever there was a game in need of a safe room, it's Rain World. Inn trouble(Image credit: Fatshark)The term safe room implies a relative smallness, but on the contrary, safe pubs, and even safe castles are just as likely.

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Yale’s trio of smart lockers keep your deliveries, booze and jewelry safe

Today at CES 2020, Yale introduced the Yale Smart Delivery Box that allows you to remotely unlock and lock a secure safe that sits on your doorstep, as well as the indoor Smart Safe and Smart Cabinet Lock that can keep kids out of places they don't belong. That's where the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock and Yale Smart Safe come in. Like the Smart Delivery Box, both indoor safes notify you if they're being opened, but the Smart Safe can also be locked or unlocked remotely – which can be handy if you kee

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Stay safe online for only $19.99 a year with this Norton Antivirus Plus deal

Read more about this amazing antivirus deal:Norton Antivirus Plus |12 months | $59.99 $19.99 | 67% offNot only is this a superb service, it's a pretty incredible discount, too. Plus, the service is also having discounts on the following plans:Should I upgrade my Norton Antivirus Plan? The Norton Antivirus Plus is a great basic plan to secure one laptop or desktop computer, but if you need several devices protected then we would recommend the Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 Select. Both plans com

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How Can Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fix Camping?

Most Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have almost certainly had a run-in with a camper by now, or at the very least heard vociferous complaints about camping over the in-game voice chat. The community seems unanimous in their understanding that camping is one of the biggest issues currently facing Modern Warfare. advertisingRELATED: Modern Warfare is Already the Most-Played Call of Duty of the GenerationWhy is Camping an Issue? However, there are a lot of design choices in Modern Warfare tha

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Everything you need to know about investing in gold and precious metals

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are, in many respects, the original investment. People have been digging up and refining precious metals for more than 6,000 years. 'Gold is a good alternative currency'Some modern-day investors like precious metals for the same reasons their ancestors did: Because they can seem like "the ultimate form of wealth," says Jeff Clark, senior precious metals analyst at, an online precious metals dealer. Katie Brewer Certified financial plannerIn

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PUBG developer reinvents the battle royale circle to stop campers

From Dec. 5 to 8, the PUBG Corporation tested a new mode for the uber popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It's called Bluehole mode, and it's designed to stop players from camping in the middle of the safe zone. In addition to the normal circle closing in, the penultimate safe zone has an additional inner zone in Bluehole mode. Players will need to position themselves in between the inner and outer circles until the penultimate round, where the inner circle will allow playe

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