EA recorded a rocket-powered death-sled for Battlefield 5’s V1 engine sound

It's a bit like a real-life TIE Fighter engine, in that the sound is as important to the overall effect as the look, and so it was important that its unique engine noise be properly rendered in Battlefield 5. One goes to Arsunda, Sweden, as it turns out, for "Speed Weekend 2018," an event that includes runs by a pulsejet-powered snowmobile. Whatever you want to call it, it's basically a V1 engine rigged with skis, a handle, and someone nuts enough to hold onto it. (Although the Svarthålet team a

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Destiny 2 Players Clear Last Wish Raid in Under 24 Minutes

It may have taken 18 hours to beat the Last Wish raid for the first time after the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken, but now players are getting the raid down to a science. And a competitive race to hold the world record for the fastest speedrun of Last Wish has led to runs of the massive raid coming in at under 24 minutes. No matter who is holding the fastest run at the moment, the feat of clearing this massive 5-boss raid in under 24 minutes is impressive. But at the end of the day, the friendly

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Windows 10 October 2018 Update runs into problems with some newer Intel CPUs

Microsoft has only just unleashed the October 2018 Update, but the big Windows 10 upgrade has already encountered its first technical hitch, hitting compatibility issues with some Skylake (6th-generation) or newer processors. Whatever you do, don’t click the Confirm button to go ahead with the installation of the Windows update – because it will fail. However, if you have Intel Graphics Driver or better on your PC, this reportedly already contains the fix for the issue (as it runs

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Deadlight is this month’s PC Gamer Club Legendary game

Courtesy of our pals at, where you can find great deals on game keys and bundles, this month's PC Gamer Club Legendary game is side-scrolling zombie apocalypse platformer Deadlight. This is to celebrate Tequila Works' excellent murder mystery game The Sexy Brutale being included in The Slayer Bundle, which also includes the likes of Styx and Songbringer. In addition, Tequila Works games like Rime and The Invisible Hours are also discounted all week. Deadlight mixes 2D sidescrolling

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Hero builds Nintendo Wii into an Altoids tin

A hardware modder, who goes by the handle Shank, claims to have crammed a fully functional Nintendo Wii into an Altoids tin. Called KillMii, photos show a portable device bound in a curiously strong tin can with a rough cut-out for its two-inch screen. It's a fully functional Wii portable inside an actual Altoids tin. It runs hot, has a 10 minute battery life, and awful controls, but it's a real Wii inside (not an emulator.) We’ve been crunching the numbers on the legendary Nintendo Wii console,

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Kuala Lumpur Major to be first Dota Pro Circuit major of 2018-19 season

Kuala Lumpur will finally have its big Dota 2 moment, as the Dota Pro Circuit will be taking its first Major stop here in mid-November. The event runs November 9 to 18, with group stakes taking place on the 9th and 10th and playoffs following thereafter. The public portion of the event runs from November 16th to the 18th — and if you want to attend, tickets go on sale September 17. Immediately after, the Minor qualifiers and the Minor main event will take place. We have no official confirmation

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Overwatch is free to play this weekend (starting from now)

Overwatch is free to play this weekend, and once again "this weekend", from the "Overwatch is free" perspective, begins on Thursday. The free weekend includes the full Overwatch roster and map lineup in modes including Quick Play, Custom Games, and the Overwatch Arcade. Players will level up and earn loot and unlocks in the usual fashion, and if you purchase the game during or after the free weekend, any progress you've earned will carry over. The Overwatch free weekend runs until 11:59 pm PT on

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The Steam Board Games Weekend Sale is live

If you like board games but prefer them without actual boards (or other people in the room), then the Board Games Weekend sale on Steam might be right up your alley. The sale features discounts of up to 90 percent on strategy games, card games, party games, casual games, and even a few adventures. Not sure where to get started? Allow us to help:The Steam Board Games weekend sale is live now and runs until 10 am PT on August 5.

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The Humble Store is having a ‘Pixel Perfect Platformers’ sale

Platformers—do you like them? If your answer is "yes," and you've still got some green left over from Prime Day, then this might be a good time to turn your attention to the Humble Store. It is at this very moment holding a "Pixel Perfect Platformers" sale, with discounts of up to 85 percent. Suggestions? I have a few:The Humble Pixel Perfect Platformers sale is live now and runs until 10 am PT/1 pm ET on July 23.

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Finney is the world’s first $1,000 blockchain phone

Sirin Labs has taken the wraps of its Finney blockchain phone. The $999 device features a dual-screen set-up that devotes a second display entirely to cryptocurrency transactions. Finney blockchain phoneAway from the cryptocurrency deals, the Finney features some decent hardware, with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB RAM powering the device, alongside 128GB storage expandable up to 2TB via microSD and a 3280mAh battery. The Finney, which is available for pre-order now, was first revealed last

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