These PlayStation games are up to 75% off – but not for long

Put some joy back into your life with a discounted PlayStation game. The PlayStation Store took to its blog to announce a flash sale on a host of discounted games. It's a global sale, and here are our pick of the best titles. A different set of discounts will kick off in the US on January 18, and run through til January 21, 8am PT / 11am ET. XCOM 2Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (50% off RRP)Life is Strange Complete Season (70% off RRP)Hollow Knight (33% off RRP)L.A. Noire (50% off RRP)Murdered:

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019: what to watch on the fourth day

The fourth day of Awesome Games Done Quick (noon today until noon Thursday) includes 23 events, 13 of them featuring a speedrunner currently ranked No. This is the day when the “Weird Block” of games runs, featuring wacky, unknown or little-played games. Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 kicked off on Sunday and runs through Saturday from Rockville, Maryland. 10:03 p.m. Mega Man X, Mega Man X 2 and Mega Man X 3. According to GDQ VODs, this will be the first Games Done Quick run on a Lynx.

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is now live

The 2019 edition of the week-long Awesome Games Done Quick, the world's largest speedrunning event, is now live. The first day includes runs of Hollow Knight, Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter and a Portal race. You can watch all of them on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel (or in the player above)—after a short pre-show, it'll launch straight into speedruns. Videos of all the runs will be available individually in this thread on the speedrun subreddit, as well as on the Games Done Quic

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Cyberpunk sidescroller The Last Night runs into ‘massive legal and funding issues’

Open-world cyberpunk platformer The Last Night has run into "massive business, legal and funding issues" and is looking to raise more money, its creator Tim Soret has said. He said he "can't talk about" the issues that his studio Odd Tales ran into, and asked potential investors to get in touch. Since then, it has been wishlisted 186,000 times on Steam. As the Steam page will tell you, it follows the story of Charlie, "a second-class citizen living in a city brimming with augmentation and citize

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Lego: The Lord of the Rings for Free on the Humble Store till tomorrow

Humble comes to the rescue with another free game promotion. This time, the excellent video game adaptation of the epic fantasy trilogy, Lego: The Lord of the Rings is free for you to claim and keep. Just make sure to head on over to the Lego: Lord of the Rings webpage on the Humble Store right now and claim your free Steam key immediately. The deal only runs until tomorrow 10AM PST, so make haste and get in on the free deal before it’s too late. Besides getting a useful newsletter, you will kee

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Windows 10 October 2018 Update runs into more trouble with Intel drivers

Despite the rollout of Windows 10’s October 2018 Update resuming last week – following the resolution of some major problems – it seems that Intel drivers are still causing issues with the upgrade, with Microsoft now blocking the update from some PCs thanks to a fresh bugbear. Microsoft has previously fixed problems with bugs in Intel drivers (indeed one remedy was issued last month), but it seems that the gremlins persist, as a new post on the company’s support forum makes clear. The moderator

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Rainbow Six Siege goes free to play for the weekend

Another free weekend of Rainbow Six Siege, which was somehow beat out by Fortnite for a "Best Esports" nomination at the Game Awards, will get underway tomorrow, giving the curious but not-yet-committed full access to all maps, modes and the original 20 operators. As always, any progress you make in the game during the free weekend will carry over into the full game, should you choose to purchase it. Ubisoft said that the various editions of Rainbow Six Siege will go sale during the free weekend

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Sea of Thieves’ cargo runs are shockingly relaxing

And there’s one new element that weirdly adds an incredibly tranquil, relaxing gameplay loop to the game: the Merchant Alliance’s cargo runs. Cargo runs, on the other hand, are reliable and simple: You head to a contact, pick up valuable cargo, and then deliver it to another contact somewhere else. There’ll always be an element of risk to cargo runs, especially with the upcoming Shrouded Spoils expansion adding new environmental hazards like fog. Cargo runs are enough to even get me to log on al

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Ashe’s origin animation explains where she fits in the world of Overwatch

Today we met our next hero, Ashe, and she’s a firecracker of a lady. Ashe runs the Deadlock Gang, which is an important presence in the Overwatch universe that we haven’t really explored yet. They’re also where McCree comes from; the Deadlock Gang took him in until he was apprehended and inducted into Blackwatch. Now, the Deadlock Gang has a face. Once she met McCree, the two of them went on a crime spree.

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Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store all kicked off their Halloween sales yesterday, and they all have really good deals on really good games. But if you're in the mood for something a little off the beaten path, you might also want to take a minute or two to check out the "Halloween Sale Picks" over at leans more toward fringier, "super-indie" games than the other platforms, so there's not a lot to see in the way of big-budget stuff. But there's still plenty of goodness to be had,

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