Best Resident Evil 2 Remake mods: Terrifying Tofu, camera angles, beach ready Mr. X and more

While Capcom has expressed interest in remastering other Resident Evil titles, it will likely be awhile before we get our hands on anything tangible since Resident Evil 2 Remake only just arrived. However, the wait needn’t be dull as there are tons of Resident Evil 2 mods that aim to shake up and change our experience. This mod transforms Resident Evil 2’s shambling corpses into nutritious hordes of delicious tofu. Beach ready Mr. XDownload the mod from Nexus ModsNo respectable Resident Evil 2 m

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Devil May Cry 5 is Capcom’s second biggest PC launch ever

Its Resident Evil 2 remake was three times more popular on Steam than 2017's Resident Evil 7, and now its latest game, hack-and-slash Devil May Cry 5, has surpassed both of them, making it Capcom's second biggest PC launch ever. As of writing, the game has a concurrent player peak of around 89,000, and is in the top 10 on Steam in terms of current players. That could improve over the weekend, too, but it's unlikely to catch up with Monster Hunter: World, Capcom's biggest-ever Steam launch, which

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Capcom has quietly entered a new golden age

As for Capcom's in-house teams, there was a feeling that Resident Evil had lost its form with its sixth entry. I'd personally define Capcom's previous 'golden age' as the PS2 days, peaking with Resident Evil 4. You also don't have to go back that far to find a misstep in the Resident Evil series: Umbrella Corps was another much-derided shooter spin-off, and that came out less than three years ago. Okami, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, the GameCube Resi games, Dead Rising, and now Phoenix Wright ar

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There’s no escaping Resident Evil 2’s Mr X, even in PUBG Mobile

Someone had the bright idea to mix the battle royale adrenaline of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Resident Evil 2, and it turns out people really like it. PUBG Mobile got a new, special Survive Till Dawn mode at the end of last month, and PUBG Mobile studio Tencent says the collaboration has been a huge success. Hard to believe Resident Evil 2's smelly shufflers wouldn't bring even more players to the mobile spin-off. It is immensely enjoyable and very well-done," said Resident Evil 2's prod

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This Resident Evil 2 Remake mod turns every zombie in the game into tofu

It's a time of plenty for novelty Resident Evil 2 Remake mods: we've had DMX playing whenever Mr X arrives, Mr X in his underwear, Thomas the Tank Engine replacing Mr X, and now, every zombie in the game replaced with the human-sized STARS beret-wearing tofu from the Tofu Survivor mode. This one is the creation of Snipz (get it via Nexus), and while the concept is very simple, it leads to amusing instances of silly animation like this:The creator says it's an homage to the tofu mode in 2009's Wi

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You’ve not known fear until you’ve seen Mr X replaced by Thomas the Tank Engine in this Resident Evil 2 Remake mod

What’s scarier: a grey-skinned, seemingly indestructible man with a torso big enough to make body builders whimper, or the smiling, also seemingly indestructible grinning Thomas the Tank Engine swaying menacingly towards you? Because someone has modded Thomas the Tank Engine into the Resident Evil 2 remake , and there’s something about his smiling, brightly coloured-face that makes my brain freak the hell out. I’m going to be having questionable nightmares for a while now, so thanks, ZombieAli a

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Resident Evil 2 mod turns Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine

If transforming Skyrim's dragons into trains from Thomas the Tank Engine wasn't enough for you, now you can also alter Mr. X's visage into that of a smiling demented Thomas. Following on from popular mods that made DMX play when Mr. X approached and the unforgettable one that showed us what he's wearing beneath that signature trenchcoat, the latest mod from the meme factory not only turns Mr. X into Thomas, it adds his theme music too. There's now a Mr. X mod in Resident Evil 2 Remake that repla

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Yep, someone modded Thomas the Tank Engine into Resident Evil 2 Remake

There’s a theory of anthropology that suggests that when a new medium is introduced (cave walls, sculpture, illuminated manuscript) humans’ first instinct is to use it to depict Thomas the Tank Engine. But if the earliest cave painters were basically modders, then it follows that Thomas shows up in Resident Evil 2 Remake as Mr. X, following modded appearances elsewhere. This is the work of ZombieAli (modeling here) building off the sound effects of DJ Pop, who needed less than a month post launc

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Resident Evil 2 director talks Mr. X’s AI, scary footsteps, and the DMX mod

Mr. X's hunkiness aside, I wanted to know how Capcom designed RE2's most persistent foe. PC Gamer: I find Mr. X's footsteps terrifying. Does Mr. X's AI always operate in real time and space? In the new RE2, how does Mr. X's AI differ from how he worked in the original game? Have you seen the mod that plays the DMX song X Gon' Give It To Ya whenever Mr. X is nearby?

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Resident Evil 2 Mod Shows The Grumpy Side of Claire Redfield

Now, a new mod surfaces online, which shows the angry side of the game’s female heroine, Claire Redfield. In Resident Evil 2, zombies are infamous for their resiliency to firepower even when the player empties a full clip on the creature’s head. Luckily, Capcom released the first significant update to Resident Evil 2 in the form of Ghost Survivors. Now that Resident Evil 2 has been out for quite some time now, some fans are already patiently waiting for what Capcom plans to do next with the fran

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