Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive in six different colors

In September, Samsung CEO DJ Koh told the media to expect “very significant” design changes in the Samsung Galaxy S10 , and the latest rumors are doing their best to support his statement. A recent tweet from reliable leaker @OnLeaks has suggested that part of that makeover will be a new array of color options. Specifically, Samsung’s new flagship has been reportedly finalized as arriving with Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green and Yellow variants. According to my sources, Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Gre

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Here are all the major region pro players that will be at the 2018 All-Star Event

Worlds may still have a couple of weekends left before a new champion is crowned, but All-Stars is hot on its heels. In fact, just today, All-Star voting for most major regions closed, and that means we know which two players will be in Las Vegas later this year. As a brief refresher on the format of this year’s games, each team will send two pro players and two streamers to the event, where they will all compete in a variety of competitions. With all the pro players revealed, the only thing we

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Pokemon GO Halloween 2018 Event Dates And Details Released

As predicted this morning, details about the Pokemon GO Halloween event have arrived and players are going to have a ton of exciting content to dig into. Pokemon GO’s 2018 Halloween event is going to use Special Research to guide players through a new chain of story quests while they hunt down some brand new Ghost-types like Drifloon and Stunky. Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, such as Drifloon and Stunky, join in on the fun, which begins on October 23

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Fallout 76 Clarifies Brotherhood of Steel Controversy

report this adBethesda is making big changes to the traditional Fallout franchise next month when Fallout 76 launches. Following the recent preview coverage, fans discovered a potentially major plot hole within the game involving the Brotherhood of Steel faction. In a new Instagram post, Bethesda posted an image of the Appalachian branch of the Brotherhood of Steel as well as the lore as to why and how the group has reached this region in Fallout 76. The Brotherhood of Steel dust-up started afte

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Pokémon Go update bring Pearl and Diamond monsters to your AR adventure

Are you fan of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games? Then you'll be pleased to hear that the monsters from those games' Sinnoh region are now up for grabs in Pokémon Go. The likes of Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup will now pop up in the augmented reality game, ready to be caught in the real world through your mobile phone's screen. The update not only brings new Pokémon, but includes a host of monsters that are region specific, meaning that you're only going to find them in select locations around

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Pokemon GO Gen 4 Region Exclusives Revealed

report this adPokemon GO has officially added the fourth generation of Pokemon, letting Pokemon Trainers collect creatures that hail from the Sinnoh region. However, there is some disappointment as some of the Gen 4 Pokemon are region exclusives. The Pokemon GO fan community has begun to gather data about where the new Gen 4 Pokemon are spawning. Reports published on The Silph Road indicate that Gen 4 includes three region exclusives. Though, it’s important to note that Pokemon GO developer Nian

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Pokemon GO: Gen 4 Wave 1 Launches

After a long week of speculation and teases, the first wave of Gen 4 creatures are now live in Pokemon GO and players are able to head out and find them in the wild. After the drama surrounding yesterday’s update, some players began to worry that Gen 4 may be delayed, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Pokemon GO players around the world have begun spotting new creatures in the wild, so it seems like the first wave of Gen 4 is officially here. This week, keep an eye out for Pokémon originally

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Pokémon Go already has fourth-gen region exclusives

The fourth generation of Pokémon has started to appear in Pokémon Go, which means there’s a reason to go out into the wild again. Just don’t expect to be able to catch everything currently available from the Sinnoh region without some traveling, because there are already new region-exclusive Pokémon in the wild. The Silph Road community is crowdsourcing data on which gen-four Pokémon players have found and where, and three stand out as the rarest thus far. Carnivine has been found in the southea

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Pokemon GO Releases Gen 4 Update

Last week’s Pokemon GO trailer confirmed that Gen 4 is right around the corner and the mobile AR game’s social accounts have been teasing Gen 4 hints ever since. After a week of waiting, it seems like the newest update for the game is arriving today with the promise that Sinnoh region creatures are on the way. Although there haven’t been reports of Gen 4 creatures spotted in the wild just yet, the latest Pokemon GO update notes do clearly state that Gen 4 creatures are arriving in the game. It s

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PUBG hotfix helps correct matchmaking issues, full update coming next week

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds update 22 brought with it some big changes, including (finally) a ranking system, a re-enabled map selection option, and faster queue times. It also introduced a problem with matchmaking that resulted in players being slotted into matches in inappropriate regions. A hotfix that will (hopefully) keep players from connecting to the wrong local region has already been rolled out, and the developers expect to have a fix for the remaining issues ready to go sometime next

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