The floor is literally lava in the beta of Klei’s energetic first-person platformer

In some respects you've already played Klei Entertainment's new first-person parkour platformer. As a kid in Hot Lava, which is now in open beta (it'll enter Early Access later) you're inspired by a superhero cartoon you see on TV. Watching the heroes battle a dastardly lava boss captures your imagination, and that makes just getting upstairs and into bed a daring adventure. The carpet turns to lava and you parkour off furniture and walls and swing from the chandelier. Again, it's in beta, but a

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Anthem is the first time I felt deliriously free in a shooter, all thanks to the ability to fly

Although the world is phenomenally lush and green from ground-level with rampant vegetation crowding every surface, it’s when you leap into the air - and stay there, thanks to your hovering ability - that Anthem really comes alive. Scars are the primary enemies you’ll be facing and are drawn to the rogue, divine Shaper technology scattered throughout the world. Anthem in Bioware’s eyesAnd just when we had got the Swarm Tyrant to half health, the demo ended. I didn’t want my time with Anthem to e

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Fallout 76 nukes explained: why they probably won’t ruin your day but they’ll still be super important

Fallout 76 will be the first game in the post-nuclear role-playing series to let players launch their own full-scale nuclear weapons at will… but what does that mean for when you're actually in the game? Will no player-made settlement be safe from atomic hellfire in the Fallout 76 PvP scene? I mean, about Fallout 76, not about the actual thought of nuclear war, which remains f#@$ing abhorrent and terrifying. Here are the quick bullet points about how Fallout 76 nukes work, with more detail from

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Philip DeFranco says his YouTube show may change in the next 3 years

The Philip DeFranco Show has become a YouTube staple in the past few years, with DeFranco’s charming greeting of “sup, you beautiful bastards” ringing out like a theme song for fans. Not all shows can last forever, though, and DeFranco has already started to look ahead at what the next few years means for The Philip DeFranco Show. “In my head, The Philip DeFranco Show, as a a four times a week news show, I think I’ll be doing it for the next three years,” DeFranco said. “By the time that I am 35

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How family makes Incredibles 2 still feel special in a superhero-saturated world

“We love to think that this movie is primarily about a family, a family that happens to have superpowers, so in that respect it wasn’t more challenging," producer Nicole Grindle said. Maybe that sounds like a trite answer; isn't every kid-friendly movie about family in one way or another? "For the most part the powers that the family have come out of who they are," Grindle explained. And babies have a lot of potential, so Jack-Jack, it turns out, has all sorts of different powers that he’s sorti

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GOG Easter egg lets you play Pong and Snake using the Konami code

GOG has a new (or at least newly uncovered) Easter egg that lets you play Pong and Snake on the site. As the official GOG account explained on Twitter, all you have to do is go to GOG and enter the famous Konami code: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A. Pong and Snake have been available for free online for ages, but GOG's Easter egg stands out for two reasons. Firstly, the Pong AI is really, really good. I'll never give up, not with Tiny Geralt and Poster Geralt cheering me on.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken: 12 game-changing details Bungie told us about at E3, and what they mean for the future

We’ve also had a good old ponder over what all of this stuff really means for the game’s Year Two evolution. When the game comes out you’re going to see how they were involved in this unfortunate act. You’re going to hate them just as much, if not more than, Uldren, and you’ve got to hunt them all down to get to Uldren. At a certain point in the story, you’re going to have a list you’re trying to check off.”Cotton: “You’re working toward the same end goal. We have the Collections, we’re changing

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The NA LCS meta, explained

While that last one is a little more complicated, the meta is explainable, even if it doesn’t seem that way. So let’s take a few minutes and go through a couple important questions about what exactly happened to the NA LCS meta in the 2018 Summer Split. So, teams have all but abandoned the crit marksmen in favor of casters or mages. What was the point of the ADC item rework if it just took them out of the meta completely? While leagues like Korea’s LCK have managed to implement the picks success

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Bus Simulator 18 is a surprisingly stressful public transport sim

The latest weirdly specific simulator to arrive on PC is Bus Simulator 18, which lets you drive a city bus around a fictional city, picking up passengers, printing out tickets, and making stops on time. Bus Simulator 18, on the other hand, is full of interaction. But in Bus Simulator 18 the sensation of being in command of a big, hefty vehicle isn’t quite there. Another key difference between Bus Simulator 18 and other sims is how it never gives you a minute to relax. Bus Simulator 18 could do w

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Dead or Alive 6 aims to be less jiggly than previous games

I've never really known what to make of the Dead or Alive series. The fighting games aren't as blatantly sexualized as the beach blanket 'balling, perhaps, but the lengthy list of DLC available for the free-to-play Dead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core Fighters on Steam includes stuff like, well, this. Developer Team Ninja may be looking to get away from the worst of the games' bouncy excesses in Dead or Alive 6, however. The ultimate goal is to come up with "a very cool, mature look compared to the

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