Far Cry New Dawn’s post-apocalypse is a perfect fit for a chaotic shooter

It was my first real look at how Far Cry would work with layers of RPG mechanics added on. Most of the guys I fought in my four hours with Far Cry New Dawn were just level 1 or 2, and shooting them felt the same as in other Far Cry games. My point is that all the stuff that makes Far Cry really fun was—and still is—detached from the RPG-style progression systems that give New Dawn its structure. And I really like Ubisoft's tweaked approach to outposts in Far Cry 5. As a kinda-sorta-RPG, Far Cry

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Can I really ditch my PC for a Samsung Note 9 smartphone?

I decided to find out by going a whole week using just the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as my main computer. Working on the phoneFor my first day of work using solely the Samsung Note 9 I began writing this article. What struck me about using the Samsung Note 9 as a replacement for my PC was how well it emulated a desktop PC. So, after a week of working on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, am I ready to ditch my PC and laptop? So far I’m really impressed with my time using the Note 9 as a PC replacement.

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Why I love duelling with toilets in Half-Life 2: Deathmatch

Me, I was a radiator man. Really, really heavy. The best battles start with the first and degenerate through each stage, and the best of these I ever had was with a fellow radiator man. Half-Life 2 Deathmatch is the only one of the three games you get when you buy Half-Life 2 that doesn’t gleam with polish. If you want to imagine the future of deathmatch, imagine a toilet, hitting a human head, forever.

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Get Starlink Battle for Atlas Starter Edition for only $20 today (save 73%)

An astronomical saving is most appropriate for this wonderful family-friendly space game, and today that’s absolutely the case. Right now you can pick up the Starter Edition of Starlink: Battle for Atlas - which includes a real life toy version of your ship as well as several items to adorn it with - for only $20. This offer applies to both the PS4 version available at Amazon and the Xbox One version available at BestBuy . This starter pack version of the space-exploration game incorporates the

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This new publisher is going all-in on moddable games

Modularity is a publishing label with two focuses: indie games that are heavily moddable, and games made by modders who want to turn pro. "It came about because Meeple Station was happy with the help we provided them and suggested this. We're never going to be a volume publisher—I don't imagine we're just taking on lots of games. In the footer of the website of Meeple Station I had 'no meeples were harmed in the making of this website' and they told me to change it. Meeple definitely will be har

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The Division 2 feels like a great game that’s yet to show me why I should care

However, the rest of it - the main city exploring and online four player co-op part of the game - is harder to call right now. Not because there’s anything obviously wrong with it - the gunplay and cover mechanics feel great for example - but, rather, it was just presented in a slightly empty and hard to get excited about way. Gun gameIt’s mainly because a large part of what I played involved exploring the Dark Zone: the series’ high loot/high risk PvEvP area. My hands on time for The Division 2

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Degrees of Separation trailer showcases hot and cold co-op gameplay

Degrees of Separation is a co-op puzzle platformer, written by famed RPG wordsmith Chris Avellone, that follows the adventures of two very different characters named Ember and Rime. Ahead of its release next month, publisher Modus Games has put out a video that digs into the game's narrative and its hot-and-cold game world. "As Ember and Rime move between different worlds, the barrier between them, they gain various kinds of control over it. So it was definitely a new challenge for him, but I th

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Pandora finally gets voice commands on iOS and Android

Long after Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby and a half-dozen others, Pandora has finally announced a new 'voice assistant' helper called Voice Mode for its iOS and Android apps that will begin rolling out to devices starting today. Voice Mode, which is really a set of specified voice commands rather than a robust assistant in the vein of Siri or Alexa, can be activated by saying “Hey Pandora” while the app is open. Putting the 'personal' back in personal assistantsWhat separates Pandora’s Voice Mode

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We’ve played Crackdown 3’s ridiculous, awe-inspiring Wrecking Zone multiplayer: “the results really are something to behold”

There’s a very real delight to be had in pulling a building down around a group of otherwise aggressive enemies in the Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode. Of the two maps and two game modes that we experienced in our time with Wrecking Zone, it was undeniably exhilarating – but it was also unquestionably content-light. We get the feeling that the more time players spend experimenting with Wrecking Zone, its maps and its destruction, the more intoxicating it will become. The reason for th

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“We didn’t know if we could make it fun” admits Crackdown 3 dev

When we first embarked down this path, the question was whether we could actually, technically do it – cloud-based destruction. We didn’t know; it was a big technological bet. The other thing we didn’t know at the time was, well, is it going to be fun? We always knew that we could make destruction look great – that it was going to always be a good spectacle – but what we didn’t know is whether we could also make it fun. It’s funny, I've never really thought about it in those terms before, but i

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