Thought Prey’s intense ending was a bit much? So does the game’s director

"There was definitely too much at the end, it was too intense, not only the security bots but there was some other stuff," he tells Kotaku. "In general, I think it was too intense, we were trying to ask the players to backtrack, and do some stuff. So once it’s there, you cannot tell them at the last minute, 'Oh by the way we’re going to delay the game.' There’s an entire chain, an entire organisation." "I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishono

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Prey and Wolfenstein take two very different approaches in VR spinoffs

Two more virtual reality projects are in the works based on Arkane’s Prey and MachineGames’ Wolfenstein series, both of which offer very different experiences. Arkane’s Prey: Typhon Hunter add-on is the more interesting of the two VR projects. It’s an escape room experience in which players are dropped into Prey protagonist Morgan’s office and must hunt for clues and study objects scattered about the environment to solve a multi-stage puzzle. Ricard Bare, lead designer at Arkane, said Prey: Typh

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Prey: Mooncrash is roguelike DLC that you can start dying in right now

Just over a year after Prey came out, it's getting a second lease on creepy alien life in the form of a game-changing DLC and a few big updates. Prey: Mooncrash lets players try as many times as they like to escape an ever-changing, alien-infested moon base. You don't have to pay anything extra to get some new Prey stuff, though. And coming later this summer is Typhon Hunter, a new multiplayer mode that sets one hunter player against five mimic players. Yeah, it's pretty much Prop Hunt from Call

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Bethesda announces Prey and Wolfenstein VR games at E3 2018

Bethesda has shown that it’s continuing to embrace virtual reality during its E3 2018 presentation by announcing two brand-new VR games for more of its biggest franchises: Wolfenstein and Prey. Prey’s VR release will come later this year and will be called Prey Typhon Hunter. This VR mode will be joined by another - TranStar VR. More VR than everWolfenstein’s VR mode on the other hand will be available as a standalone release sometime in 2019. Called Cyberpilot, this VR game will be set two deca

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Prey: Mooncrash DLC available now, multiplayer mode coming this summer

At Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference, a trailer for Prey DLC Mooncrash came along with the surprise announcement that this big update for Prey is available right now. Instead it's a piece of DLC called Mooncrash, where "enemies, hazards, and loot are all different each time you play." There's also a free update for Prey consisting of three things: Story Mode, New Game+, and Survival Mode. Mooncrash is available on Steam now for $20, or in a deluxe bundle with the base game for $40. Mooncrash a

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Prey 2: Mooncrash DLC And Free Update Announced

During the conference, Bethesda and the team at Arkane Studios announced not only a new free update for the game but also a new DLC called Mooncrash. The free game update adds in a survival mode to the already available Story and New game plus. Best of all, both the DLC and update are available now for Prey fans to enjoy. The new Mooncrash expansion will, as one might have guessed, take place on the moon, confirming recent rumors and some tweets sent out by Arkane Studios earlier in the year. Th

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Prey update and Mooncrash DLC available today

Prey is set to receive a new DLC update, today, called “Mooncrash” as well as an update for the base game, which adds three new modes: Story Mode, New Game +, and Survival Mode. The game update is available for free, while the Mooncrash DLC is available for $20, or in a bundle with the core game for $40. The Mooncrash DLC introduces a new style of gameplay to Prey, focused on infinite replayability. — Prey (@PreyGame) March 2, 2018From the game’s Steam listing:In Prey:

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Prey Typhon Hunter and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot are coming to VR

The first is Prey Typhon Hunter. Players can use their VR headsets to explore the Talos I space station as a Talos employee. The second is Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, a Nazi-hunting simulator in VR. However, Skyrim VR — also by Bethesda — is available on Steam on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality; it’s also available for PlayStation VR. It seems likely that these two VR experiences will appear on the same line-up of headsets.

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10 reasons games disappear from Steam

were recently warned that they're in violation of Steam guidelines and given deadlines to alter or censor their games, or face being taken off Steam. They're scamsIn September of 2017, Valve removed 173 games from Steam, all from the same single developer. "They generate many thousands of [Steam] keys and hand them out to bots running Steam accounts, which then idle away in their games to collect Trading Cards." Issues arose between members of the team, the money ran out, and the developer remov

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