What is the PS5 really capable of? Developers discuss the potential of the next generation

While Sony isn’t labelling its new system the PS5 just yet – instead simply referring to it as the much-less-catchy "next-gen console" – we now know a number of key details. Whether the next-gen console will extend backwards compatibility beyond what-is-soon-to-be the last generation remains to be confirmed or denied at this point in time. While the demo wasn’t running on any PlayStation hardware, the chances are it was a testbed for the tech we’ll see in the next PlayStation. Subtle details in

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Expect more than just The Last of Us 2 news from PlayStation this month, industry insider reports

Earlier this week, we finally got the good news we've all been waiting for. Naughty Dog and PlayStation are finally ready to reveal more about The Last of Us 2, the sequel to its 2013 masterpiece and one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives of this generation. Ahmad, who has accurately leaked information about PlayStation in the past, teased the existence of a second event on ResetEra, stating that The Last of Us 2 showcase "isn't the only Sony event [taking place] that week." Could this be th

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Takashi Miike’s Audition realized the potential of extreme horror

I experienced my first Takashi Miike film, Ichi the Killer, on September 13, 2001. It was definitely not, however, the ideal time to see my first Takashi Miike movie. It’s fun to imagine someone watching Audition with no expectations whatsoever, but like Ichi the Killer and a lot of Miike’s work, he’s setting his own context for how viewers can see his movie. But from the beginning, Audition feels like an act of generational resentment, with Miike thumbing his nose at his elders. At a minimum, h

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Wichita cops start flagging potential swatting addresses

Residents may request a form if they feel they are or may be a target of a swatting attempt. Swatting is a hoax call meant to draw a large police response to the victim’s address, taking its name from the SWAT team hoaxers hope to bring to the scene. In the Wichita case, police were summoned by Tyler Barriss, 26, of Los Angeles, on a report of a homicide and potential hostage situation. Wichita Police say their alert database will extend to all first responders in the city and surrounding Sedgwi

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Antec’s new mid-tower case flaunts RGB lighting and tempered glass for $65

(Image credit: Antec)Antec is launching a new mid-tower gaming case, the NX400, with a bit of RGB lighting, a tempered glass side panel, and what looks to be a good amount of cooling potential. This is the latest addition to Antec's growing NX family of cases that now spans more than half a dozen models. On paper, the NX400 looks like it has the potential to move a lot of air. The front I/O consists of power and reset buttons, an LED button to change the front panel's RGB lighting effects, separ

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TimeSplitters co-creator joins THQ Nordic to “help plot the future course of the franchise”

A new TimeSplitters game is officially in the works, and THQ Nordic has revealed that one of the original creators Steve Ellis has joined Deep Silver to “help plot the future course of the franchise.” Nordic acquired the rights to create a new TimeSplitters IP back in 2018, with Deep Silver taking on the project. Since then, news about a potential TimeSplitters 4 has gone pretty quiet. The newly formed studio released the first TimeSplitters back in 2000 on the PlayStation 2, with TimeSplitters

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Your smart speaker could be transformed into an acoustic cyber-weapon by hackers

Look around your home – how many smart speakers do you have dotted around? But could our smart speakers one day be used to harm us? He found that the smart speaker, the headphones, and the parametric speaker "were capable of emitting high frequencies that exceeded the average recommended by several academic guidelines". As well as that, his attack on the smart speaker "generated enough heat to start melting its internal components after four or five minutes, permanently damaging the device". The

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Silicon Lottery’s binned Ryzen CPUs show nearly maxed potential

AMD's latest Ryzen 3000-series CPUs may actually be sold at close to their maximum performance potential, as can be seen by the limited overclocking potential found by Silicon Lottery's binning process, Tom's Hardware reports. Silicon Lottery is seeing with the Ryzen 3000 series is that AMD has effectively binned the new CPUs itself. And, not all of the CPUs that Silicon Lottery binned managed to go so high. There isn't information yet on how many of the CPUs binned by Silicon Lottery managed to

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 potential render gives early look at the phone and stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is coming out soon on August 7, but we may be getting an early look thanks to some alleged leaked renders. Your first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Silver and Black colour option images! *Please credit if you use, not using watermarks. Note 10...and Note 10 PlusThat's not all – the same leaker followed up with another set of images for the long-rumored bigger, beefier version of the phone, which he calls the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (previously purported to be the Note

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The best Super Mario Maker 2 levels you can play that really show off the plumber’s creative potential

Super Mario Maker 2 returns with its blocky world and the second instalment is already brimming with custom courses that you can download and play. However, we donned our trusty hard hats and took a look at 10 of the best courses that Super Mario Maker 2 currently has to offer. Super Mario Maker 2 two player | Super Mario Maker 2 Buried Stones | Super Mario Maker 2 unlocksThowmp Wall Jump(Image credit: Nintendo)Course ID: 5Y0-DNT-PDFThowmps have long been one of the Mario series’ most brutal obs

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