This esports platform uses blockchain to let Dota 2 players bet on matches and prevent cheaters

It was the middle of a Monday afternoon when Marco Cuesta, co-founder of the blockchain esports platform FirstBlood , gave me a call. But whether or not blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will really help usher in this new era is not so clear. They risk tokens (FirstBlood cryptocurrency) on themselves, play the match, and the winner walks away with the tokens. If successful, it could be a very big step for the integration of blockchain technology into the esports industry. The burden on bl

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Gran Turismo Sport Online Requirement Causing Problems

Gran Turismo Sport is earning criticism for its frustrating online requirements, which have grown increasingly problematic since the game’s launch this past week. Just several days past launch, Gran Turismo Sport has encountered multiple server downtimes, both scheduled and unscheduled. That Gran Turismo Sport requires an online connection for single player content by itself would certainly have frustrated players on its own. Even by the standards of games that require a permanent online connect

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Destiny 2’s Bright Engrams Will Add New Items in Season 2

Well, continue to grind for them because when the game’s Season 2 begins, the majority of those items will be gone, replaced by brand new ones. Part of that content that will be added to the game is a brand new stock of items to Bright Engrams, which are earned by gaining XP or purchased outright using Silver. While it’s great to hear that more ships, shaders, emotes, and Sparrows will be added to Bright Engrams, the flip side of that news is that Bungie will retire the majority of items from th

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For 20 years, these obscure wrestling sims have been taking players behind the scenes

The Extreme Warfare games felt purpose-made for the more discerning fan, and the fact they were free allowed them to spread far and wide. One series has, over the last 20 years and over half-a-dozen iterations, become the de-facto wrestling management sim: Total Extreme Wrestling. Created by Adam Ryland, it's a wrestling game that places players in control of their own federation. Entirely menu-based, Total Extreme Wrestling involves managing every aspect of a wrestling company, from writing and

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Destiny 2: Pleasure Gardens Map for Prestige Leviathan Raid

As most Destiny 2 players know by now, the Prestige Leviathan Raid has only a few changes compared to the Normal version. But while most of the Prestige Raid changes are easy enough to articulate, the Pleasure Gardens has always been an encounter best explained through visuals. And luckily, the Destiny 2 community has come together to create some great maps of the new war beast/ dog paths for Leviathan on Prestige. The most important change to be aware of with Pleasure Gardens on Prestige is tha

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Pokemon GO Halloween Event Does Include Witch Hat Pichu

One part of the special event is the ability to catch a Pikachu wearing a witch’s hat. By hatching 2 KM eggs during the event, players have a chance to hatch a Pichu wearing the same witch hat as its evolved counterpart. It’s interesting to note that Pichu got similar treatment for a previous special event. The Pokemon GO Halloween event adds double Candy rewards for catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon. Whether more will be added to the future is unclear at this time, but just like Witc

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South Park: The Fractured But Whole – Every Easter Egg in the Game

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is stuffed with easter eggs and clever references to some of the show’s classic episodes, but some of these are hidden rather well. Without further ado, here are the best easter eggs in South Park: The Fractured But Whole and where to find them. Unfortunately, Canada is not accessible in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and it’s because of the massive wall Canadians have built to keep out Americans. Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman has made a number of appeara

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Destiny 2’s ‘seasons’ have been explained, sort of

We're gearing up for Destiny 2's PC release on next week. Seasons enable clans to unlock shared perks for completing weekly objectives, such as completing the raid or going flawless in Trials of the Nine, alongside their clanmates. Bungie also showed off some armor 'ornaments', essentially fancy new looks, which players will be able to earn in season two. Paradis showed new ghosts, shaders and an exotic-tier ship that will only be available during The Dawning event. I'm also not clear how many w

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Final Fantasy XV ‘Comrades’ multiplayer expansion delayed

Square Enix has been teasing the upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion for some time now, but it looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer to play with friends. The 'Comrades' expansion was intended to release this month, however, the expansion will now release in early November. Square Enix detailed that the delay has been issued due to "final adjustments" and to "Create the best possible experience." — Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) October 20, 2017If you're unfamiliar with the Comr

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Starbreeze is hosting a free week of PAYDAY 2 on Steam

Well, PC players can do it for free for nine whole in PAYDAY 2 on Steam! Overkill Software and mother company Starbreeze Studios decided to give PC players something fun to do over the upcoming days, completely free of charge! Similarly to how Fatshark deiced to launch a rather long free period of Vermintide last Tuesday, Overkill and Starbreeze have now made PAYDAY 2 free, and likewise to Vermintide, once those days are up the game will be removed from your library and you'll have to purchase.

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