Capcom plans to revive ‘dormant IPs’ after massive success with Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter

Capcom has been having a pretty good run lately, what with the success of Monster Hunter: World, the remade Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry 5. In its latest financial report, Capcom hints that this string of successes is fuelling a push to revive dormant—but still valuable—Capcom properties. But Capcom is clearly looking to an international audience now more than ever. Monster Hunter—a series which formerly had about 25 percent of its player base hailing from outside Japan—is now enjoyed by a

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Capcom Has Plans for Dormant Franchises

advertisingIn a recent 2019 investors report, Capcom cited that “awakening dormant intellectual properties” ranked within their top three priorities going forward, as was "developing new brands." The decision supposedly comes after the success of Resident Evil 2, with the report claiming the game’s success was "indisputable." This, of course, opens the doors to a lot of fan-favorite games making their long-awaited comeback. The confirmation of more remakes being on the way certainly makes a pote

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Capcom wants to bring back dead franchises and make new ones

Capcom, currently enjoying the booming success of franchises like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, says they plan on bringing back "dormant" franchises as well as developing new IPs. The new report also notes that Capcom plans on continuing to develop remakes of popular games for modern platforms. While the report doesn't make clear which franchises Capcom plans to bring back from the dead, I can think of a few very exciting possibilities - Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis, Lost Planet, and Final Fi

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Edward Norton elaborates on original plans for Hulk in the MCU: “The script I wrote had a two-part Batman Begins/Dark Knight kind of vision”

"The script I wrote for them had a two-part almost Batman [Begins]/Dark Knight kind of vision." "You can’t do everything, and I wouldn’t have made Birdman and Grand Budapest, and I definitely wouldn’t have made [Motherless Brooklyn] if that [franchise] was filling up my time. Norton went on to discuss Motherless Brooklyn, the upcoming movie he has directed, as well as his time on Fight Club and his cameo in Alita: Battle Angel. You can read the entire interview in the latest issue of Total Film

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Intel denies rumor it’s skipping 10nm desktop CPUs to focus on 7nm (Updated)

However, we heard from a reliable source that Intel's 10nm desktop plans absolutely include standalone CPUs, not just ones bound for NUCs, and "pretty cool ones" at that. Original story:Despite a recent rumor to the contrary, Intel is not skipping the desktop with its 10-nanometer CPU plans, the Santa Clara chip maker has confirmed. "We continue to make great progress on 10nm, and our current roadmap of 10nm products includes desktop," Intel said. On the desktop, Intel will eventually launch it

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New Nest Aware plans make owning multiple cameras more affordable

Nest (which is now owned by Google) has made owning multiples of its smart security camera/doorbell range more affordable with the introduction of two new price plans. During the Google Pixel 4 launch, the search giant revealed its new Nest Aware plans. Cover for all your camsThe new standard Nest Aware price plan offers up to 30 days of events recording and will cost you $6/£5 per month (or £50 per year), covering all Nest devices in your home. For those of you looking for more comprehensive co

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Intel plans to outmuscle AMD with $3 billion worth of CPU price cuts, rumor claims

We should heavily underline that it’s one of the sketchier entries in the rumor category, coming from AdoredTV, who was apparently emailed a leaked slide from a recent Intel sales meeting. (Image credit: AdoredTV)Specifically, the slide claims Intel has a ‘2019 Meet Comp Discount’ (the amount of money it's able to spend to disrupt competition) of $3 billion, which is 10 times the net profit AMD made in 2018. Intel recently revealed massive price cuts to incoming Xeon W CPUs (for servers) and Cas

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Nvidia plans more ray-traced remasters of PC classics, starting with a game ‘you know and love’

(Image credit: Lightspeed Studios)Quake 2 with ray-traced graphics was just the start. Nvidia has kicked off a new "remastering program" that will spruce up the visuals of PC classics, starting "with a title that you know and love" but that remains secret for now. The news comes from a job posting at Nvidia's Lightspeed Studios, spotted by DSOGaming. Lightspeed Studios is responsible for Quake 2 RTX: before that, it largely worked on porting PC games such as Half-Life 2, Doom 3, and Portal to th

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Dyson pulls the plug on its electric car project, but it’s not the end of the road

Dyson has canceled its plans to build an electric car. Sir James Dyson emailed staff yesterday to inform them that while the project has resulted in a "fantastic car", the company "simply can no longer see a way to make it commercially viable". The company had clearly been hoping that its expertise in batteries and motors would help with the electric car project, but it seems that the venture was more complex than anyone envisioned. In particular Dyson is pleased with the development that have b

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Riot reveals plans for League of Legends’ 10th anniversary celebrations

The tenth anniversary of League of Legends is rapidly bearing down on us, and Riot Games isn't going to let it pass uncelebrated. The studio laid out some of its party plans for the big b-day today, which will include "digital events," in-person activities at Riot regional offices, and a special livestreamed tenth anniversary edition of Riot Pls. Many of our regional offices are also planning in-person events and activities," Riot said. "Check your local League of Legends channels on 10/15 to di

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