Ubisoft’s sci-fi adventure Starlink: Battle for Atlas comes to PC next week

Remember E3 2018, when Ubisoft showed off Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a sci-fi action adventure game that looked like a cross between No Man's Sky and The Last Starfighter? Starlink takes place in the Atlas star system, where players will encounter different alien races, form alliances with them, and assemble a crew of pilots with unique skills and abilities. The system contains seven planets, each with distinct environments, hazards, and story, and players can do battle on the ground and in spa

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Taking a spin at the RAF’s cutting-edge high-G training facility

That’s why the Royal Air Force (RAF) has invested in a new high-G training facility, with a virtual cockpit that can go from 1G to 9G in one second – and can reach 12G for unmanned trials. Handling high GsHigh-G training saves lives by helping pilots learn how to avoid G-force induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC). Image credit: TechRadarDavid Bolsolver, former wing commander of the Red Arrows (the RAF’s aerobatics team), is the facility’s training manager. It worked well, but was a much simpler

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Project Wingman looks like Ace Combat 7 but with full VR support

I wouldn't want to take Project Wingman for a spin after a heavy lunch, or simply with a normal stomach that isn't made of iron. It's an arcade dogfighter, not unlike the recently released Ace Combat 7, with jet fuel pumping through its arteries. Project Wingman is an in-development Unreal Engine 4 dogfighter set in an alternate timeline where a multinational order, the Federation, controls one of the most valuable resources on the planet. VR support is planned across Story and Conquest mode, an

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Over 10K Elite Dangerous pilots embarked on Distant Worlds 2, though a few faceplanted into a 3.3G planet

Distant Worlds 2 is Elite: Dangerous' second organized journey across the Milky Way to the remote Beagle Point, and it's the space sim's largest group expedition yet. Last weekend, over 10,000 players launched from Pallaeni as the expedition kicked off, a number confirmed by Frontier CEO David Braben. One consequence of gathering so many players in each instance was an invasion of NPC ships. In memory of The View's multiple casualties, Commander Flimsie offered a poem on Reddit:There once was a

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Over 8,000 Elite Dangerous pilots are embarking on an incredible 18-week journey

Thousands of Elite Dangerous players—over 8,000, according to the sign-up sheet—are preparing to embark on another incredible voyage across the Milky Way. The destination is Beagle Point, some 65,279 light years from Earth, past the galactic core, at the very edge of the galaxy. The first Distant Worlds expedition also targeted Beagle Point, retreading the journey taken by Commander Erimus and the DSS Beagle—hence the name of the destination. Though the target remains Beagle, the hope is that Di

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War Thunder goes faster with its massive Supersonic update

War Thunder has introduced its first supersonic jet, letting pilots hurtle through the skies until they throw up their breakfast. It’s part of the MMO’s largest expansion of the year, Supersonic, which chucks 50 new vehicles into the eternal war, including ground and naval vehicles. For pilots, there’s a new tier of aircraft containing all the near- and supersonic jets with guided air-to-air missiles. A new Italian tech tree adds 30 vehicles to ground battles, from World War 2 and the Cold War.

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Watch a smooth, cool Star Citizen pilot catch his friend as he free-falls from orbit

(Content warning: The video above contains bits of the NSFW language you'd expect from someone who just fell out of a spaceship.) What was apparently a planned ship-to-ship transfer in Star Citizen went very wrong when the pilots involved learned the hard way that they were still within the grip of a planetary gravity well. He pointed his ship straight down, got on the gas, and after roughly 20 kilometers of hard descent and gentle maneuvering, was able to make a perfect catch. Star Citizen's tr

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The latest Star Citizen update lets you explore the sim’s first world

Image via publicFunction on TwitterAhead of Star Citizen’s free week, the space sim’s very first planet has gone live, along with VOIP and the fancy face-tracking integration. Hurston is much larger than the moons that players have previously been able to explore and contains multiple biomes, mining centres and a single city. If you’re stuck waiting until Friday, you can still watch Chris Roberts’ guided tour of Lorville and Hurston from CitizenCon. New missions are also available, letting pilot

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“The characters are pilots and mechanics” – Star Wars Resistance is leaving the Jedi behind for more down to Earth heroes

It's sometimes easy to forget just how pure the appeal of Star Wars was back in 1977. The latest Star Wars animated series, Star Wars Resistance, turns its attention to the men, women and aliens of the galaxy who aren’t blessed with Force powers. But what Kaz really wants is to be a pilot, to do good things. But older fans shouldn’t be worried – this is still Star Wars and it’s still for them. History is repeating itself and it’s getting bigger and crazier out there...”Star Wars Resistance begin

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Star Wars Resistance’s latest sneak peek shows off high-flying ace pilots

Disney has released an extended sneak peek for its new animated series, Star Wars Resistance, showing off the antics of the series’ ace pilots and a glimpse into the high-stakes spy mission at hand. Star Wars Resistance follows pilot Kazuda Xiono, who is recruited into the Resistance and tasked with spying on the First Order. The sneak peek shows Kazuda’s first meeting with Resistance pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), who spots something special in the young pilot and assigns him to a dangerous m

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