Seagate aims to launch a 20TB hard drive by 2020, and eventually 100TB

Seagate is doubling down on its promise to launch a 20-terabyte hard drive by 2020, which will be based on heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology. In a blog post outlining a technology roadmap that will carry Seagate to 2025 and beyond, the company explained that it's been using HAMR technology in some form or another since the late 1990s. In the shorter term, Seagate plans to launch capacities around 16TB using HAMR technology in the current 3.5-inch form factor, likely next year or

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Clicker Heroes 2 drops free to play model over developer’s ethical concerns

Clicker Heroes, released in 2015, is a (very) slightly more interactive version of Progress Quest, the faux-RPG that plays itself. Despite this, we found that some number of players spent many thousands of dollars on rubies. "As a result, Clicker Heroes 1 is kind of a frankenstein of a game, our hands always having been tied by the fact that we couldn't easily change things that people paid for." As a premium-priced game, Clicker Heroes 2 can be updated "without too much regard to player process

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Financial analyst says ‘gamers aren’t overcharged, they’re undercharged’

Take the ongoing Star Wars Battlefront 2 clown show, for instance. "We view the negative reaction to Star Wars Battlefront 2 (and industry trading sympathy) as an opportunity to add to Electronic Arts, Take-Two, and Activision Blizzard positions. "Gamers aren't overcharged, they're undercharged (and we're gamers) ... This saga has been a perfect storm for overreaction as it involves EA, Star Wars, Reddit, and certain purist gaming journalists/outlets who dislike MTX." "Quantitative analysis show

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The Humble Store has Brutal Legend free for the next two days

Get ready to rock out with your Jack Black out: For the next two days, Brutal Legend is free in the Humble Store Fall Sale. Go to the game page, add it to your cart, and check yourself out for a free Steam code for Double Fine's heavy metal action-RTS. As always, though, before you head on your way, allow me to suggest a few things you might actually want to spend some money on:There's lots more (ooh, Samorost 3 is $6, that's a deal) so I'd suggest poking around if you haven't already. The Humbl

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Steam sale includes steep discounts on SteamWorld Dig 2 and SteamWorld Heist

SteamWorld encompasses a series of great games from developer Image & Form, the most recent being the charmingly destructible SteamWorld Dig 2. Naturally the series includes the original SteamWorld Dig (which is also quite good), but there's also SteamWorld Heist, an unabashedly XCOM-esque strategy game about steam-powered robots. All of these games are currently quite cheap on Steam as part of the SteamWorld Complete Bundle, which runs through Tuesday, November 28. The $23 bundle represents a 5

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Blizzard just revealed 9 new cards from Hearthstone’s next expansion

With help from Kibler's trusty sidekick, game designer Peter Whalen , we got a look at plenty of interesting new stuff, not least two new legendary cards. The stream, which you can watch in its entirety here , kicked off with what's certain to be the sets new meme card of choice: Feral Gibberer. If there isn't already a soundboard dedicated to its super-annoying attack sound, then the Hearthstone community has let itself down badly. That said it is bound to make for some funny videos, and that's

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How veteran underdogs beat an all-star opponent in last weekend’s CS:GO tourney

In many ways, last night’s CS:GO grand final at IEM Oakland was a battle between two opposing philosophies on how to build a top-tier esports team. On one side of the match you had FaZe Clan, a team created by buying out contracts from other top teams and assembling an all-star roster of talent from across Europe. All of a sudden the score was 15-9 courtesy of a string of inventive rounds from NiP. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the tournament was the performance of 19-year-old REZ, the newest

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s PC mod scene is bizarre and amazing

Breath of the Wild's modding scene is still relatively small. The mod scene is fronted by only a handful of prolific modders, but the number of active contributors grows every week. At the time of writing, there are over 160 mods for Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Gamebanana , which has become the go-to host for BotW modding. WilianZilv shares the same sentiment, but with with ambitious hopes for what modding Breath of the Wild could eventually achieve. I really want Breath of the Wild to be in th

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Rainbow Six Siege Year Three will feature a co-op event called ‘Outbreak’

Rainbow Six Siege year three will kick off a little differently than the previous two. "With that special event, we are taking [the new operators] and a bunch of Rainbow Six in a four-week event that has really a twist on it. "It's a way for us to give a present, a gift, to all the players that have been with us. How do we sort of change the formula, create some surprise effect right at the start of Year Three? Outbreak will be free for all Rainbow Six Siege owners, and will have its own "exclus

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Fanatical’s Black Friday Sale now live with 40 percent off Middle-earth: Shadow of War

As the name suggests, Black Friday doesn't officially kick off till the end of this week, however that hasn't stopped certain sales sites getting in sharp. Fanatical is one such outlet that's ahead of the curve—having launched its Black Friday Sale a full four days early, live now through Tuesday November 28. Batman's latest Arkham outing, Arkham Knight, is subject to a 66 percent sale price, while Disgaea 2 is 40 percent less its RRP. The likes of Dead Cells and Conan Exiles start discount peri

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