4 underrated PC accessories that are highly useful

Releasable zip tiesFor $11, you can have a pack of 100 reusable zip ties in varying lengths and in both black and white. Zip ties are a common sight in our tool kits, but typical zip ties limit our ability to make changes down the road. Luckily there is a product that offers the best of both worlds, reusable zip ties. Our hardware gets more and more capable and the amount of devices that take up precious USB ports increases. A drive dock might prove useful for bringing them back to life.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming to PC later this year

EA and Criterion announced earlier today that a remastered version of the brilliant 2008 open world racer Burnout Paradise (which actually came to PC in 2009) is in the works, an interesting spot of news that I completely ignored because the announcement said it's coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and that's it—no mention of PC anywhere. Fortunately, Criterion followed up on Twitter to reassure everyone that a PC version is also in the works. PC version expected later this year folks.Februa

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The dumbest armour in PC gaming history

We tried to pick the best of the worst from across PC gaming history, assembling an eclectic mix of armor that's hideous, hilarious, and nonsensical. Some 'fantasy' armor from the middle ages is a lot more fantastic than a lot of the armor that's depicted in these games. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines - Pimp my hideHang on, you’re probably thinking. As a grunt on the ground, you probably don’t want to hear that your primary advantage is ‘numbers’, especially when your boss jealously guards

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This Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition mod turns all NPCs into Cactuars (and ruins their table manners)

Nearly 18 months on from its original release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming to PC via the Windows Edition, which will launch just next month, March 6, alongside the Royale Edition of the game on console. So what good news did Square Enix have to share? There's even a cool new first person camera mode that lets you explore a different perspective for Final Fantasy 15's frenetic battles. Yep, head into any major city in the game and you'll find hundreds of d

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GammaNow Lets Your PC Mine Overwatch Loot Boxes

For those who have yet to jump aboard that train, a company called Aura is helping gamers get in on it with its GammaNow service. GammaNow is an app that uses the idle processing power of a PC in order to power the Gamma blockchain network, which pitches itself as an alternative to the Ethereum network (which itself is a rival to Bitcoin). These points, in turn, can be traded in for Overwatch loot boxes, Hearthstone card packs, and Riot Points (for use in League of Legends) with support for othe

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Rare talks listening to critics and running Sea of Thieves on a potato

A few years ago, we published an article asking developers to stop making horrible PC ports. It's a guide that should have been inscribed on massive stone tablets throughout the land, but it's 2018 now, and rubbish PC ports are still happening. One particular area from our guide that's brought up is social media integration—to whit, there isn't any. Here's Rare's PC design lead Ted Timmins chatting about that, the PC port, and analysing reviews:Rare seems to have put a lot of of effort into maki

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Oxeye Game Studio explains why Cobalt WASD is such a good fit for PC

After much refinement—not least mouse and keyboard support—Oxeye Game Studio's Cobalt returned to PC late last year with Cobalt WASD. In doing so, the original game was almost completely transformed as the developer learned what makes the perfect PC-centric platformer along the way. Following their stage presentation at the PC Gamer Weekender 2018, our livestream host Zoe caught up with Oxeye's Daniel Brynolf and Pontus Hammarberg who talked us through some typical round-based matchups. As you'l

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PQube’s Indie Showcase is a colourful explosion of neat-looking games

We've had some big hitters here on the PC Gamer Weekender 2018 livestream, but we're just as interested in what PC gaming's smaller studios are up to. Gathered within PQube's Indie Showcase, the following videos look at some of the publisher's typically colourful, quirky and outlandish wares. Razed, described as a 3D Sonic-meets-Super Meat Boy by way of a 3D bit trip runner. Stay, a retro-styled indie game about a kidnapee who's locked in a trap room. Here's PQube's Matt Pellet with more informa

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Smell a rat, and a Chaos army, in Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s PC Gamer Weekender livestream panel

With Warhammer: Vermintide 2 fast approaching, developer Fatshark Games recently showcased its Overwatch-like supers and RPG elements. To this end, while the incoming sequel's tone and atmosphere appears to reflect its forerunner, Vermintide 2 looks to be moving in some different and interesting directions. "Being passionate fans of the Warhammer IP, we’ve always wanted to create a Warhammer sequel that both stayed true to the beautifully dark atmosphere of the world but also brought new ideas a

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Frozen Synapse 2 spills murderous techno factions all over the PC Gamer Weekender livestream

2011's Frozen Synapse was a wonderfully streamlined tactical squad combat game, which combined a wide variety of weapons with smart asynchronous multiplayer. Its sequel's been on our radar for quite some time—featuring on our start-of-year strategy games of 2018 list—and promises more of the above within a procedurally generated city made up of embattled corporations. Like its forerunner, planning is everything—and you're only ever one poorly executed strategy away from meeting your maker. Talki

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