The Crusader Kings board game brings the medieval soap opera to your tabletop

Crusader Kings, everyone’s favorite medieval dating, plague, and war simulator, is coming to the tabletop. Like the video game, much of Crusader Kings was about diplomacy, bartering, and alliances. It’s very much the kind of story engine that fans of Crusader Kings on PC will enjoy. That said, it’s very much the kind of story engine that fans of Crusader Kings on PC will enjoy. In just a handful of plays of the game I’d seen the kinds of stories that you play dozens of hours of the PC game for.

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How the Xbox Adaptive Controller will change the lives of millions of players with disabilities on PC

But if you can’t use a keyboard and you can barely use a mouse, how do you play games on PC? Microsoft is changing that by creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC). They're industry standard, so players will be able to purchase a variety of switches to fit their needs. Because the XAC emulates a standard Xbox controller, Windows will automatically recognize it. For $99, players with disabilities will be able to purchase the base model of the new Xbox controller.

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Toshiba’s AR smart glasses that rival HoloLens are now on sale

Toshiba has announced that its new dynaEdge AR smart glasses solution, which is coupled with a mini PC running Windows 10 Pro, is now available in the US at a starting price of $1,900 (£1,420, AU$2,520). The package is a full hands-free solution consisting of the dynaEdge AR100 smart glasses (developed in conjunction with Vuzix), along with the dynaEdge DE-100 Mobile Mini PC, and accessories (including a carrying case, USB-C lead and cable clip). Pricing will start at $2,400 (£1,800, AU$3,180) f

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H1Z1: Battle Royale open beta is now live on PS4: Here’s everything you need to know

H1Z1, which originally began life as a zombie survival game on PC, has arrived to Sony's console in open beta form, with the new moniker of H1Z1: Battle Royale. You can play H1Z1: Battle Royale even if you're not a PS Plus member, but those who are subscribed to Sony's online service will receive "two exclusive Nemesis Crate items –the tactical body armor and explorer backpack" for free. I can't really recommend H1Z1: Battle Royale enough to fans of the genre, especially as there's nothing to lo

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Classic Flash adventure The Room Tribute is still one of the best movie games on PC

I’ve watched The Room, Tommy Wiseau’s infamously terrible love triangle melodrama, more times than I can remember, such is its peculiar magic. The Disaster Artist, by the way, is an essential read—even if you’re only vaguely familiar with the movie. It’s clear from the offset that the game’s creators are genuine fans of the movie, with self-aware references and self-deprecating humour scattered throughout. As a big fan of the film I love digging around for hidden references and in-jokes, of whic

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Get a Ryzen 5 1500X and B350 motherboard for $25 off

The second-gen Ryzen processors are now available, which means more promotions and deals for the older chips. Today, Newegg is selling the Ryzen 5 1500X and an MSI B350 motherboard in a bundle, with a total savings of $25 over both items sold separately. The Ryzen 5 1500X is still plenty powerful in its own right, but we prefer the Ryzen 5 2400G these days, as it includes integrated graphics. However, if you're building a PC with a dedicated graphics card (perhaps even from our Best GPU Deals gu

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Great moments in PC gaming: Photocopying manuals

Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. We called it copy protection, and it was everywhere. Photocopying manuals and such was almost part of the fun of ‘borrowing’ disks. Aside from anything else, it was often fun to see what happened when you failed to pass a copy protection test. You shouldn't pirate games, and you shouldn't copy that floppy.

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The Framed Collection’s noir puzzles are even better on PC

When Loveshack Entertainment announced the PC versions of Framed and Framed 2, noir puzzle games originally released on mobile, I speculated that the series' drag-and-drop interface would be a perfect fit for mouse controls. After playing the newly released Framed Collection for myself, I'm pleased to report that both games feel better than ever on PC, and just as importantly, they haven't aged a day. The Framed games are action puzzlers about guiding spies through 2D levels laid out in comic bo

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Get 25 percent off HP Omen PC gaming accessories with our exclusive code

Over the past few years, however, it has moved into the gaming space, with their Omen brand of gaming PCs and accessories. Old-school PC users may recognize Omen’s tribal mask logo from the VoodooPC company, which HP acquired back in 2006. Since 2014, HP has been steadily adding new computers and accessories to the Omen lineup. In addition to gaming hardware, HP makes several Omen-branded accessories, including a line in partnership with the accessories brand SteelSeries. Polygon readers can now

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Great moments in PC gaming: Firing the BFG for the first time

Great moments in PC gaming are short, bite-sized celebrations of some of our favorite gaming memories. The book about John Carmack and John Romero creating it, Masters of Doom, is a must-read. Plasma gun and… BFG? A weapon so mighty, so powerful, so mysterious, not even the mighty IDKFA code could summon it. That was nothing compared to the hulking lump of hardware that finally rose up once the BFG was acquired.

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