Share what you’re watching on Netflix with new Instagram Stories feature

Now, the streaming giant has a new weapon in its buzz arsenal, with its iOS app receiving Instagram Stories integration so that influencers (and regular people) can share what they're binge-watching to their followers. To use the feature, simply open the Netflix app, go to a show or movie's info page, tap the share icon and choose Instagram Stories. Netflix Instagram Stories can be created in just three steps. Followers who tap on the Netflix Instagram Story will be taken directly to the content

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Facebook employees are leaving five-star reviews on Portal’s Amazon page

There's a lot of love for Facebook's new Portal smart display on Amazon - from Facebook's own employees, at least. The Portal and Portal+ are Facebook's attempt to enter the smart home market, with a screen-based smart display to offer video chat services. But it seems some of the more glowing praise found online is from Facebook employees - which they're not really meant to be doing. New York Times columnist @kevinroose posted the revelation on Twitter, showing how a number of five-star reviews

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A Marvel card game has spoiled the identity of Jude Law’s secret Captain Marvel character

This Jude Law Captain Marvel character reveal comes from real deal: an official Marvel children’s card game. So, if you’re aching to see who Jude Law (probably) plays in Captain Marvel and what that means for Carol Danvers, then get reading down below. According to images on the Amazon page for ‘Officially licensed’ Marvel card game Captain Marvel: Secret Skulls (H/T HeroicHollywood), Jude Law will be playing none other than the long-rumoured mentor-turned-villain, Yon-Rogg. After all, you don’t

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Riot Games publishes a new set of company values (updated)

Update: Riot has clarified that the bullet points quoted in the original story are a summary of how Riot will make its new values a reality, not the values themselves. The page has been updated, with the values placed more clearly at the top. They're split into five categories and cover things like Riot's relationship with players and how employees work with each other. Original story: In August, after allegations of sexism and toxicity, Riot Games apologised and committed to changing its workpl

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Five new Steam games you probably missed (January 7, 2019)

Launched into Early Access at the end of last year, the game follows boy and dog duo Lore and Baron. Indeed, Heartbound "does not use the traditional systems of Levels, Experience or Consumables", according to the Steam page, and each combat encounter boasts its very own mini-game. In fact, it steers pretty close to the classics, except that it boasts "a modern interface and graphics", according to its Steam page. GBSteam pageRelease: January 4Developer: Sandbank Studios LtdPrice: $16.99 | £13.4

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Catherine PC port rated by ESRB

A rating for a PC version of Catherine, Atlus’ 2011 romance/horror/puzzle game has surfaced on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board website, hinting that the game may soon come to a new platform. The ESRB rating for Catherine follows a strange post from Sega on the Bayonetta product page on Steam. On Thursday, Sega posted an image of a sheep and the word “Baa” to that page, leading to speculation about a PC version of Catherine, as the game prominently features sheep. Also, in December, the

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Google Assistant can now donate to charity for you

Only weeks after the Google Play app store introduced new donation options for Christmas, the Google Assistant AI is spreading the goodwill with a new donation feature – although currently just in the US. You can now make donations through the Google smart assistant on your smartphone, or compatible smart display or smart speaker. Whatever the device you're using, you'll need to give final confirmation on your smartphone either way as a security measure. Give a little moreThe command "Hey Google

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Google is now indexing more mobile pages than it is desktop

When Google indexes a page, it’s essentially deciding how ready it is for public consumption and under which conditions it will appear in search results. As the world continues to shift its browsing habits from desktop to mobile at breakneck speed, Google has reached a significant milestone in adapting its indexing to the trend. This means that the majority of websites ranking in its search will have gotten there based on the page’s mobile content rather than desktop. Google saw it fit to rank i

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Lego: The Hobbit is free on the Humble Store

For the next two days, the Humble Store is giving away Lego: The Hobbit to everyone who signs up for the Humble Bundle newsletter. A link to snag your free Lego: The Hobbit will be emailed to you, or you can use the "preview your email" button on the page that you should now be looking at. Another click, another scroll downward, click to reveal your Steam key, click to redeem it, click to continue, and finally—finally!—you are done. Lego: The Hobbit is yours! The Lego: The Hobbit freebie offer i

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Path of Exile’s free Betrayal expansion lets you play detective today

Path of Exile: Betrayal, the ARPG’s latest expansion, is out today. To stop them, you’ll need to hunt down members from the organisation’s four divisions and ruin their plans. What you do after you defeat them is where the new system becomes really interesting. The good news is all those safehouses contain lots of lovely loot—the real reason you're saving the world. Check out the update page for more details.

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