The best Google Chrome extensions 2018: enjoy a better online experience

Just install the extension, and whenever you log into an online account, it will ask whether to save it. Save to Pocket lets you save web pages, links, images, files and more to a central list, then automatically syncs the results across all your devices. Grab a whole web page with a single click and download it as a JPGFirefox Quantum includes a built-in full-page screen grab tool, and Full Page Screen Capture can add the same thing to Chrome. Give unattractive web pages a new look with custom

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The best free SEO tools of 2018

The web is awash with SEO tools and resources, but it pays to do your homework first and pick your kit carefully. Just like the practitioners within the search marketing industry itself, there's the good the bad and, well, the ugly. Here is our list of five of the best free tools around today. The toolbar includes buttons for a site's Google index update, backlinks, SEMRush ranking, Facebook likes, Bing index, Alexa ranks, web archive age and a link to the Whois page. Optimise is not for the fai

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You can finally play Battlefield 1943 on PC thanks to this mod

Battlefield 1943 was one that got away from PC gamers. The console-exclusive shooter released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009 to strong reviews, and developer DICE was planning a PC port. The Battlefield 1943 mod for Battlefield 2 aims to recreate the original as closely as possible, with the same vehicles, weapons and maps. The early reviews of the mod are positive, and you can download it from its Mod DB page. If you have any trouble getting it to work, check the comments section of the mod page.

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Game of Thrones fans beware: season 8 spoilers may have already leaked

There are probably members of the British royal family that are guarded less closely than the Game of Thrones scripts, but a new alleged leak is turning the internet into a minefield for fans. Game of Thrones season 8 leak: Script pages have appeared on Reddit and you can read them here (if you want to.) The leak appears to offer up a page of Episode 3, two from Episode 5, and a page of Episode 6. The script pages do contain major plot points though, and are certainly enough to substantially spo

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7 sneaky VPN sales tricks to avoid

To help out, we've listed seven particularly sneaky tricks you can look out for, and how you can avoid them. Misleading ‘no logging’ claimsPrivacy is a top concern for many VPN users, so it's no surprise that providers attempt to reassure them with blanket ‘no logging’ claims. But beware: VPN providers know how important these can be, and the less honest will use a range of tricks to boost their scores. Not-so-special dealsHead off to most VPN pricing pages and you'll find plenty of ‘special dea

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Windows 10 free upgrade is still alive and kicking in 2018

Microsoft’s offer to upgrade Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free for users who need assistive technologies was supposed to run out at the end of 2017, but according to reports the method is still valid right now. The assistive technologies upgrade page is indeed still live, and allows you to download the Windows 10 upgrade executable, despite the page stating that the offer expires on December 31, 2017. The caveat is that you may run into an error message during the upgrade process, bu

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