Why Overwatch League teams sign players that are too young to play

Since the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, teams have been signing talented players that they can’t put on the field. A player needs to be at least 18 years old in order to play in the Overwatch League, but teams are signing younger, but promising, pros. If you can act fast and find young talent before your rivals, then that’s an edge that you hold over them. Having the foresight and ability to find young talent early and deny your competitors those same opportunities is going to be imp

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Tencent’s new mobile game looks like Overwatch, but even more anime

Now, the largest gaming company in the world, China-based Tencent, is taking its own swing at a mobile version of Overwatch. Ace Force is an original IP, with an anime art style and a cast of characters. In 2017, a mobile game was released with characters like Soldier 9527 and Mechanical Angel: Sofia. Ace Force looks like it has a more varied and unique cast of characters in terms of visual design and variety. Ace Force is in open beta, which kicked off on Aug. 13.

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Overwatch update brings new character Sigma and role queue to all platforms

Blizzard Entertainment rolled out a major update for Overwatch on Tuesday, bringing a new character, Sigma, and a new role queue system to the live version of the game on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. He’s a tank-class character and uses abilities based on gravity that will likely shake up how many players, including Overwatch League pros, play Overwatch. Also new to Overwatch is the role queue system, which asks players to choose which role they want to play: tank, damage, or support

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Overwatch: 10 Tips to Main Pharah Like A Pro

Pharah’s height and fuel level will trend downward, but if you get the rhythm right, Pharah shouldn’t lose too much height before her Jump Jet recharges. Once it does, hit it, and it will get Pharah’s height back and give her fuel a chance to recharge completely. Flanking can turn the tide of battle by forcing the enemy team to move to a new position. Don’t give the enemy team enough time to spot Pharah in the air and get a bead on her. RELATED: Overwatch In-Game Spending Hits $1 Billion1 Watch

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How will Sigma change the way the pros play Overwatch?

Outside of his ultimate, Sigma doesn’t have any movement abilities to help him traverse the battlefield. Sigma’s ultimate, Gravitic Flux, also counters bunched team compositions. Sigma is going to wreak havoc on team compositions that want to stay as close together as possible. It’s also important to note that once a hero is affected by Sigma’s ultimate, very little can interrupt its effects. Sigma’s ability to zone and control areas of the map means he’ll be difficult to flank.

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Overwatch fans need to drop the concept of ‘cringe’

That word is “cringe,” and competitive Overwatch fans need to reevaluate how we use that term. I’m referring to something like the face-melting embarrassment we all felt watching DJ Khaled aggressively footsie himself on the Overwatch League Grand Finals stage. Compared to DJ Khaled, calling what Hangzhou Spark’s introductory montage (or any other slightly awkward pose or interview moment from the Overwatch League, really) “cringe” feels inaccurate. These performances comes with being in an Over

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Overwatch: The Official Cookbook gets release date

Share This:Amazon has put up the product page for Overwatch: The Official Cookbook, revealing a release date. Last but not least, you can take a look at Amazon’s product description for Overwatch: The Official Cookbook below:Cook up more than ninety recipes inspired by the heroes of Blizzard Entertainment’s hit game with Overwatch: The Official Cookbook. Based on Blizzard Entertainment’s global phenomenon Overwatch, this official cookbook is packed with scores of authentic recipes inspired by th

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Overwatch Hero Sigma Sparks Controversy Over Mental Illness Tropes

Now, fans have taken issue with the character and how he portrays mental illness. The introductory story trailer for Sigma shows the character dressed in a lab coat and conducting what looks to be a dangerous experiment. The experiment results in an explosion, and the character ends up handcuffed to a gurney, presumably admitted into a mental hospital. advertisingThe controversy began last week when a concept artist responded to fan questions regarding why the character didn’t wear shoes. Its le

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Lego Overwatch Junkrat/Roadhog and Wrecking Ball Building Kits get release date

Share This:Amazon has put up listings for the Lego Overwatch Junkrat & Roadhog Building Kit as well as the Wrecking Ball Building Kit. LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the perfect gift for fans of the internationally acclaimed team-based action game. This LEGO Overwatch playset features a Hammond hamster figure that can pop up from the cockpit by turning a handle for added fun. Kids and fans will love building this authentic Overwatch model. LEGO Overwatch toy construction sets are the p

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Forced role lock is the dramatic change Overwatch League needed

While the community reception was largely split, there were even more question marks surrounding the idea of forcing 2-2-2 on professional Overwatch players. After the first week of stage four, it's safe to say that 2-2-2 has blown life into the stale lungs of Overwatch League. The pacing and general tension that you'd want from an Overwatch League match has been mostly lacking this season up to now. The introduction of Mei to the meta could prove to be one of the more interesting developments f

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