The Outer Worlds has a ‘yes-man’ and her name is ADA

At PAX West last weekend, three writers from Obsidian Entertainment sat down on a panel to discuss how they brought the characters of the upcoming The Outer Worlds to life. In The Outer Worlds, you'll hop around planets on a ship inauspiciously called The Unreliable with the help of an AI called the Autonomous Digital Astrogator, or ADA for short. Over the course of The Outer Worlds, ADA continues with that goal, adjusting elements of her personality while interacting with you, the protagonist.

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The Outer Worlds’ new teaser guarantees* homes and jobs for the off-work colony, Halcyon

Just as PAX West was coming to a close, Obsidian dropped a new propaganda-flavoured teaser for its upcoming RPG, The Outer Worlds . Between the lies and propaganda, however, you can also get a peek at some of The Outer Worlds' colourful environments, the people that , and the wildlife that roams the land, too. Prosperity and adventure awaits on Terra 2, Monarch, and other exciting locations across the Halcyon colony. The character you decide to become will determine how your story on the Halcyon

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Microsoft believes The Outer Worlds will be an enduring franchise, hints at an Xbox exclusive sequel

It looks like The Outer Worlds might be a brand new series for Xbox gamers going forward. Speaking during an interview with Game Informer, head of Xbox Studios Matt Booty revealed that Microsoft believes The Outer Worlds has the potential to be "an enduring franchise", hinting at the possibility of an Xbox exclusive sequel. Booty explained that he believes The Outer Worlds could be a franchise Xbox helps to build on in future because of its big universe and narrative. The Outer Worlds is set to

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Outer Wilds publisher says ‘we’re not going anywhere’ following bankruptcy speculation

Annapurna Interactive has published some great games over the past few years, including What Remains of Edith Finch, Gorogoa, Donut County, and the widely acclaimed Outer Wilds. But its parent, the film company Annapurna Pictures, isn't faring quite as well. According to Hollywood Reporter, the company is exploring bankruptcy options following the poor box office performance of films including The Sisters Brothers (which I thought looked fun) and Destroyer. Following the publication of the Holly

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“Anyone you see, you can kill”: Obsidian confirms every NPC in The Outer Worlds can permanently die

The Outer Worlds, developer Obsidian's spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas, is easily one of the most exciting new games of 2019 on the way, promising to offer the kind of unparalleled RPG/immersive sim freedom that we haven't seen since, well, Fallout 4. Case in point, speaking at a recent preview event with Polygon, Obsidian's Senior Designer Brian Heins confirmed the news we'd all been secretly hoping for; you can kill every single NPC in The Outer Worlds, including those critical to th

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Outer Wilds Planet Guide: Everything You Need To Know

RELATED: Outer Wilds: How To Find And Land On The Quantum MoonTimber HearthThis is the player's starting location. advertisingYoungbark CraterAt the North Pole of Timber Hearth is a large crater. Also at the South Pole are stairs leading to a room with trees and Nomai messages. EskerVisit Esker near the North Pole – you’ll see the smoke from his campfire. Observation DeckAlso at the north pole are some platforms that were used as observation decks.

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Outer Wilds: How To Find And Land On The Quantum Moon

advertisingThe Outer Wilds Quantum Moon is one of the mysteries established very early in the game for many players (depending on who they decide to talk to). The Outer Wild’s Quantum Moon or “Wandering Moon” is a mysterious solar body with the property of shifting locations unless it is being observed. Cruise along until you see a moon that doesn’t belong―that it is the Quantum Moon. advertisingQuantum Moon LocatorOption two is the Quantum Moon Locator, which you can find on a plateau on the So

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The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3, and the unexpected resurgence of the video game space western

Compared to a lot of subgenres within science fiction, the space western is exactly what it sounds like, in that you're either getting one of two things. That's delightful news for fans of the genre such as myself, but is there a reason for this unexpected re-emergence of the space western video game beyond mere coincidence? Office spaceIt's true that not all space western games make use of the genre's proclivity for subtext. (Image credit: Gearbox)The recent proliferation of space western games

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