Opus Magnum developer is releasing a visual novel

Zachtronics is easily best known for puzzle games like Opus Magnum, which we were quite impressed with back in 2017. Eliza, named for the in-game AI, is a visual novel about an artificial intelligence counselling program. It looks as if the Eliza program will show a deep amount of data on its subjects as you talk with them—heart rate, respiration, vocal distress, and more. An AI-directed counseling program may not be so far off in our future. Would AI counseling be an equalizer that helps those

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Nintendo Switch box art revealed for Opus Collection

Nintendo Switch box art revealed for Opus Collection Cached Page below :Company: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2019-02-11  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, gameidealist, companies, nintendo, revealed, art, box, collection, switch, opusCompany: gameidealist, Activity: gameidealist, Date: 2019-02-11  Authors: oscar leeKeywords: news, gameidealist, companies, nintendo, revealed, art, box, collection, switch, opus

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Here are 5 Independent Games Festival finalists you really need to play

As always, the Independent Games Festival is filled with cool games this year. The finalists are a goldmine if you're looking for weird, experimental, and great games to play, and there are some all timers on the docket, too. Return of the Obra DinnNominated for: Excellence in Visual Art, Excellence in Audio, Excellence in Design, Excellence in Narrative, and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Opus Magnum takes everything that made them great, gives it an alchemical twist, and refines it without sa

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Why I love Opus Magnum’s alchemical gifs

It's the gifs which made me fall in love with Opus Magnum. With them it's a puzzle game which has the capacity to take hours of concentrated, messy tinkering and present it back to you as an elegant, perfectly looping mechanical process. For example, face powder is one hex tile of Elemental Earth joined by an alchemical bond to an adjoining hex tile of Neutral Salt. Getting the Elemental Earth is quite easy because it's the basic reagent the level starts you off with. With programming puzzle gam

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Tropico 5, Opus Magnum and six others coming to Origin Access this month

EA has announced the games coming to its Origin Access subscription service this month—the two standouts are wacky city builder Tropico 5 and head-scratching puzzle game Opus Magnum. As Alex wrote in his review, Opus Magnum is one of the most satisfying puzzle games ever made, and you're given plenty of freedom to solve its alchemical, machine-based puzzles the way you want. As a reminder, EA's basic Origin Access costs $5/£4 per month or $30/£20 per year, and gives you access to free games and

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Get SOMA, Opus Magnum, Nuclear Throne, and more in a cheap bundle

The folks at Humble Bundle have a couple of new things underway, including a Female Protagonist Sale with games discounted by up to 90 percent, and a new Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle, a badly-named collection of very good games. First up, the bundle, which features Wuppo, Simulacra, and Subsurface Ciricular for a minimum price of $1. Beat the average, which is slowly climbing toward a still-very-reasonable $5, and you'll also get Nuclear Throne, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight and

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Opus Magnum studio Zachtronics unveils its new hacking game Exapunks

Zachtronics, the maker of Spacechem, Ironclad Tactics, Shenzhen I/O, and most recently the outstanding Opus Magnum, is working on a new game called Exapunks. Your Exapunk hacking skills come to you by way of Trash World News, an underground computer mag that carries tips, tutorials, secret information, and "searing commentary." The game will include two printable issues of Trash World News, which Zachtronics said will be "essential to playing the game." They'll basically serve as Exapunk's instr

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Fanatical’s Nemesis Bundle 7 boasts DreadOut, Super Cloudbuilt, Opus: The Day We Found Earth

Fanatical's latest bundle bonanza rounds up 14 indie games, and offers a saving of up to 98 percent. The Nemesis Bundle 7 is go. The first of these is a contemplative exploration space game, while the second is a scare-the-pants-off-you survival horror 'em up. Going all in with the Nemesis Bundle 7 nets you all of the above, plus Craft The World and Super Cloudbuilt for $9.99/£8.49. Check out the Nemesis Bundle 7 in full over here.

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Why exquisite puzzler Opus Magnum was barred from GOG

Opus Magnum, the latest puzzle game from Zach 'Zachtronics' Barth, received one of our highest review scores in 2017. In a recent tweet, Barth shared a statement sent by GOG, which explains that Opus Magnum hasn't appeared on the storefront because it "did not pass [GOG's] internal curation system." I reached out to GOG for clarification, and the company confirmed the statement Barth posted is legitimate, adding that they "don't want to comment further on it." Opus Magnum's rejection sparked a d

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Acclaimed puzzle game rejected by GOG.com for reasons unknown

Its sixth, Opus Magnum, is not among them, and for reasons that are literally inexplicable. I've had a bunch of people ask me if Opus Magnum will ever be available on GOG. pic.twitter.com/Nwb7JzLVI1 — Zachtronics (@zachtronics) January 5, 2018Opus Magnum, a puzzle game, has won strong praise in the month since its launch. To Barth, GOG.com said only “it did not pass our internal curation system. — Zachtronics (@zachtronics) December 8, 2017Still, it’s touched off a controversy in gaming forums a

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