Legendary Half-Life mod Sven Co-op turns 20 years old

Half-Life, released at the end of 1998, did not have cooperative gameplay. That was unacceptable to Sven Viking, who on January 19th, 1999 released beta 0.8 of his mod Sven Co-op, a proof of concept multiplayer modification consisting of a single level of the campaign. Today, 20 years later, Build 3482406 of Sven Co-op is available. The patch drops support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, operating systems which weren’t even in development when Half-Life and Sven Co-op were first released. You

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EA Apparently Not Letting BioWare Make Knights of the Old Republic 3

One of BioWare’s most beloved and critically-acclaimed games remains Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which was followed by a well-received sequel and an MMO that was also met with a mostly positive response. Since EA acquired the rights to the Star Wars license from Disney, fans have been hoping for a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 from the studio, but it’s been years with no announcement. Some hope was similarly ignited when a Knights of the Old Republic remaster was released

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GOG’s 10 year journey to bring old games back to life

It was Good Old Games, a new digital store aimed at selling only old games. This is the story of how Good Old Games began, and how GOG today tracks down classic games and makes them work again, in the words of some of GOG's key players. You won’t make any money out of it.’ Others asked us how we’d make the games work, because they didn’t have masters for them. But not everyone sees the appeal of bringing old games back from limbo. Getting old games working on modern Windows systems is often diff

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Old School RuneScape gets a new frontier in the latest update

Expect a new town needing help, monsters needing slayed and a new dungeon waiting to be delved into. Unlike the now defunct RuneScape Classic and World of Warcraft Classic, Old School isn’t a snapshot of the game that once was. I visited Jagex and went on an Old School RuneScape tour last year, and despite being a bit of an eyesore, it’s easy to see the appeal. Unlike modern MMOs, Old School expects you to do quite a bit of legwork and doesn’t have that developer-guided critical path. You can pl

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The old Fallout games are now free for Fallout 76 players

Bethesda is preparing two new patches for Fallout 76 this month, with the first due to arrive on January 14. Although details are a bit sparse on what these patches will contain (mostly bug fixes and squashed exploits, according to this week's Inside The Vault post), there is some Fallout goodness you can access right now. If you played Fallout 76 in 2018 (the full release, that is, not just the beta), you can fire up the Bethesda launcher today and get Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics: B

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly is sublime action anime, even for old fans

This long-held through-line is as essential to the Dragon Ball formula as all the Super Saiyan, alien planet nonsense. note: There are spoilers below for Dragon Ball Super: Broly.] This is a smart move, since it’s not only the first Super movie, but the first Dragon Ball movie in three years. The gap expands when counting the years between the end of Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Ball Super anime’s premiere: almost 19 years. There are no grand statements to be made in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, an

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A new Overwatch short story reveals that Soldier: 76 is gay

Bastet is a new Overwatch short story, written by Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu, about Ana and Jack, old friends, new enemies, and memories that never fade. It also establishes in the Overwatch canon that John Francis "Jack" Morrison, the all-American boy who joined the military at age 18 to fight in the Omnic Crisis and ultimately became Soldier: 76, is gay. But she's distracted by the appearance of Soldier: 76, who she immediately recognizes as her old compatriot Morrison, despite his new

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Overwatch introduces a new Ana short story, skin, and mission

We’re pretty sure that cool surprise just hit: There’s a new Ana short story, “Bastet,” that is accompanied by a skin and a new mission. “Bastet,” written by Michael Chu, takes place after the Old Soldiers comic where Soldier: 76 and Ana meet in Egypt while pursuing Gabriel Reyes, AKA Reaper. Old Soldiers was one of the meatier lore comics we’ve gotten since Overwatch’s launch, and it’s very interesting to see Blizzard follow up with this particular plot thread. Then again, Jack shows a flair fo

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7 top tips to supercharge your old smartphone’s performance

Keeping their apps up to date enables app developers to fine-tune the performance of their software for different smartphones. This is especially important for users of Android phones, as Android apps have to work with handsets from many different manufacturers, and with different screen sizes and resolutions, meaning there’s potentially greater scope for incompatibility. Some app updates are also significantly bigger than the app they’re updating, and with updates ranging from a few megabytes t

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How to play the best retro games

So, let’s delve into the modern world of retro gaming, so that you can experience the best of pixelated history. Retro gaming prices are usually based on rarity and condition, so be sure to manage your expectations. When it comes to emulating retro games, most devices such as PCs and android devices can run emulation software with ease. Traditionally, emulators would be used on your existing PC as a hassle free way to play games you already own. Due to the consoles questionable price of $99, it

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