Meet all 24 Legends of Runeterra champions

With 24 Legends of Runeterra champions in the mix, I'm here to introduce you to each one and walk you through how to best use their abilities and upgrades. Lucian, despite his Quick and Double Attack abilities, excels in avenging allies, and he must watch them die before levelling up. AsheCost: 4 [+1 post-level up]4 [+1 post-level up] Power: 5 [+1 post-level up]5 [+1 post-level up] Health: 33 Abilities: Attack: Frostbite the strongest enemy. (Image credit: Riot Games)NoxusThese Legends of Runete

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Nexus Mods reports security breach, ‘small number’ of user records accessed

The popular mod repository Nexus Mods revealed today that it suffered a data breach in November, during which a "potentially malicious third-party actor" was able to access a small number of user records, including email addresses and password salts and hashes. "We immediately worked to rectify the situation and, as part of the process, brought forward our release schedule for our long-planned new user service to ensure no other potential exploits on the old user service could be used to obtain

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Magic: The Gathering Bans Two More Cards in Pioneer

With Pioneer, Magic: The Gathering's newest constructed format, Wizards of the Coast is taking an extremely aggressive approach to bans. However, it seems that WotC has even more cards in its sights, and yet another two have just been hit with bans. Specifically, Wizards of the Coast has announced that Oko, Thief of Crowns and Nexus of Fate are both banned in Magic: The Gathering's Pioneer format. These two bans will go into effect on Magic: The Gathering Online and in tabletop play on Tuesday,

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Inside Google’s ongoing struggle to crack the hardware market

Google's hardware business is really confusing. Then there's Nest, the umbrella brand for Nest Home Hub and Nest WiFi, and Google's own name, which shows up on Google Home and Google Glass. Only a few of these products have proven successful, and Google's parent company, Alphabet, doesn't make much money from hardware despite its roughly $900 billion market capitalization. But when it comes to surrounding those popular services with its own hardware, Google has faced a persistent challenge. To l

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No Man’s Sky Beyond’s first update tackles stability issues

No Man's Sky Beyond launched yesterday, and while some astronauts have been socialising in space and playing in VR for the first time, others have been getting booted out before they get to the good stuff. A new update, released today, aims to tackle some of these stability issues. Most of the bug fixes tackle crashes, including rendering, memory and VR-related issues. One of the main problem areas, the Space Anomaly that houses the Nexus, should also be less likely to cause your game to crash.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond has launched, but it’s also been crashing

No Man's Sky Beyond launched today, bringing with it VR support, 32-player multiplayer on PC, and lots of other new features I've gotten tired of summarizing at the beginning of these articles. It's hardly a surprise that not everything is working immaculately with an update this big, but some of the issues are pretty serious. My next visit to The Nexus, however, resulted in screen freeze and a crash to desktop while flying into the entrance. A number of crashing issues have been reported both w

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No Man’s Sky Beyond introduces a Destiny 2-like social space and fireteams

No Man's Sky Beyond is coming next week, and it's not just bringing VR support with it. "There is this social space, which is the Nexus, which is actually this huge space. That's the kind of magic I can really get behind, after all No Man's Sky's world is reaaaaally, really big. The ability just to warp to each other with the use of this Nexus space is a great idea. So that makes this really kind of impactful I think.

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No Man’s Sky new social hub, Nexus, vastly changes multiplayer

The biggest piece of No Man’s Sky’s summer 2019 update (called Beyond) is the Nexus. In the game’s fiction, Nexus is a kind of moon that exists outside of time and space. These changes are designed to create what Murray calls “pinch points” that create a social universe within the vastness of No Man’s Sky’s universe. The size of the game’s universe currently makes human interactions a rarity. Murray said the team’s research suggested that as many as one in four No Man’s Sky players own a virtual

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No Man’s Sky Beyond will let you ride giant crabs

No Man's Sky Beyond's launch trailer gives us our first look at the space sim's overhauled online universe, and it is extremely weird to see the normally quiet sandbox filled with players. Hello Games can probably move onto their next game now. Even with this important revelation, Hello Games isn't giving too much away. "Progression in No Man’s Sky is so much more meaningful when you can share it with other explorers and so much more engaging when any creations or missions become shareable. No M

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