The new Xbox app and Game Pass tested: Big improvements but a disappointing lack of mod support

The new app has three tabs across the top: Game Pass, Social, and Store, letting you peruse a library of free Game Pass games, message friends, and buy games. Mostly good: Game Pass interface and storeThe Game Pass store is nice to look at, with large 'cards' for each game that turn into autoplaying videos when you hover over them. The text chats are still a little sluggish, which was a big problem with the old Xbox app, but here it's no big deal. No mod support is a big drawbackStarting with th

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GOG’s quest to unite all game launchers just might work, and Microsoft is already on board

Steam, Origin, Uplay, the Epic Games launcher,, the Xbox app—there are too many launchers. GOG Galaxy 2.0 isn't just home to GOG games. It makes use of all that metadata to allow for some of the most granular game library sorting settings I've seen. It's a niche feature, but one that goes far beyond the basic expectations for game library management. GOG Galaxy 2.0 wants to do it all, wants to do it better than the rest, and wants to do it securely.

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Microsoft Apparently Wanted Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4

Apparently, Microsoft’s quest to be everywhere in gaming even saw it at one point try to bring Halo: The Master Chief Collection to the PS4. “I have it on good authority that Master Chief Collection was being talked about on PS4 years ago. However, there once was a time when The Master Chief Collection was never coming to PC either, but those plans changed and now there will be a Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC port. Microsoft has a vested interest in the PC gaming space, though, and there

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Xbox Scarlett Won’t Be Microsoft’s Last Console

Speaking in an interview during E3, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, stated that while the company is gearing up for the release of Project Scarlett next year, there are no intentions for it to be the last Xbox console. As for Microsoft, the upcoming Project Scarlett will offer players multiple gaming options when it launches. During its E3 press conference, Xbox announced its cloud gaming service, Project xCloud, will launch this October, and it will support all digital Xbox One games. Whi

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“It would be nice” if Microsoft bought a Japanese studio, says Xbox boss Phil Spencer

As Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in an E3 2019 interview with GamesIndustry , the company isn't necessarily done shopping around, and it's especially interested in adding a Japanese studio to its roster. "I think it would be nice if we found an Asian studio, in particular a Japanese studio, to add [to our roster]," Spencer said. Depending on the studio(s) acquired, it could also help Xbox add some exclusive JRPGs to its library, which Xbox One is sorely lacking. So with Xbox Game Pass , we think a

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Age of Empires 4 is ‘making good progress’, and Microsoft will talk about it later this year

One subject I just had to ask about, given the opportunity, was the current status of Age of Empires 4. And the other thing I'll say is, we are learning a lot revisiting Age 1, and Age 2. Age of Empires is being treated like a big deal again by Microsoft. Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is coming later this year, and the same treatment is on the horizon for the third entry in the series. Microsoft also announced a 'newly founded' Age of Empires studio on Sunday, too.

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‘You should be able to buy games where you want to buy them’ says Microsoft exec

Old PC franchises are being resurrected, we've got old and new Halos on the way, and there's a new app to replace the terrible Microsoft Store. "In fact, if you want to buy games from us, we want to give you a choice where you buy those games. So the announcement of Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to both Steam and our store was us saying you should be able to buy the games where you want to buy them. Microsoft may release games on the Epic Games Store and other places in the future, too, t

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Fable wasn’t at E3, but Microsoft has ‘a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings’

Rumour's about a new Fable being in development suggested that maybe, just maybe, we'd see something at E3. Head of Microsoft Game Studios Matt Booty teased that there are a lot of games that weren't revealed this year, however, and are waiting in the wings. "We showed up with 60 games on stage, 14 of which were from Xbox Game Studios," Booty said in an interview with Eurogamer. Equally, I'm excited for the things waiting in the wings. "Like I said... a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings fo

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Another new Xbox console, and another shrug of the shoulders from PC gamers

Of course, any games Microsoft does publish will come to PC as well – which is great for PC gamers like me, as it means once again I won’t have to splash out on an Xbox. An image of a naked Project Scarlett. Total output from the complete console could be less than a 4x improvement versus the Xbox One X. How much better would it have been to see a hint of gameplay to suggest what Project Scarlett is capable of? I hope I’m wrong – and Holiday (November/December) 2020 is a long way off – but at th

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Microsoft paints Xbox Project Scarlett in broad strokes, but not ready to talk fine details

After months of rumor and speculation, Microsoft finally confirmed some critical details about its next-generation Xbox - Project Scarlett - during its E3 2019 conference. So we sat down with Microsoft's corporate vice president of gaming engineering, Liz Hamren, after the conference to talk all things Project Scarlett. The same answer applies to essentially all questions regarding further Project Scarlett information: whether a new native controller is on the way, further details on Project Sca

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