John Romero’s Sigil, the spiritual successor to Ultimate Doom, is delayed

John Romero teased, and then revealed, a new Doom megawad late last year called Sigil, "an unofficial spiritual successor" to the fourth episode of Ultimate Doom. A megaWAD is simply a bunch of WADs wadded up into one big, game-changing bundle—basically a total conversion, although the official Doom releases were megaWADs too. Doom was designed that way specifically so that players could mod the game as they saw fit, which contributed greatly to its long-term success. I just wanted to let everyo

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Doom megawad Eviternity hits final revision

Eviternity is a massive project put together by the Doom modding community consisting of six five-map episodes which use a new high-quality texture pack. The episodes each explore a different theme, with examples like "Icy castles", "Medieval", and "Industrial/Brutalism". There are a couple of secret maps as well, because what would Doom be without secrets? Though it was initially released in December, Eviternity has just had a final revision, and you can read all about its changes here. Or you

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John Romero has been streaming his forthcoming new Doom episode

Doom co-creator John Romero is set to release a new megawad this February, in the form of a fifth episode of the original game. Thankfully Romero has spent the last week streaming two levels from the megawad, culminating in around four hours of footage. That's a lot of hours for two levels, but Romero demonstrates small iterative changes made to the levels over the course of the week, and also talks through some of the design decisions. He also dies: these levels aren't going to be a walk in the

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Rekkr is a neat looking Viking-themed Doom Megawad

Modders and level creators continue to produce goods for the original Doom. But nowadays they're often designed for modernised versions: source ports like ZDoom or GZDoom. These are cool, but it's neat to find a new Megawad created for the original DOS game, built under the ye olde engine restrictions (no free look, no slopes). That's what Rekkr is, but it's not the only cool thing about it. It's a Viking-themed Megawad complete with 25 new levels, boasting its own textures, music and sound.

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